0 Points Boss Kills on q2 or q5 at gold league???

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by kanlıhançerr, Mar 20, 2020.

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  1. kanlıhançerr

    kanlıhançerr Forum Greenhorn

    Hey all, quick question, how an earth a player could do q5 (ruins of forest) only first map and go out? It is illogical + it gives nothing. The most interesting thing is these are the same players, which means they are the guys who complete these leaderboard maps with no boss kill, only mobs. It is very suspicious, especially a map in which the boss are easy to kill and not far away as in q9 map.

    Are botters started again? I am not saying these are bot users because only a screenshot of leaderboards does not prove it. It just makes no sense to clear the first maps and leave at q2 or q5 because their bosses are easy and it is more efficient to kill the boss rather than leaving half of the Q.

    I mean everyone can whatever they want in the game and don't go to the boss maps if they don't want to. And, of course, I can understand clearing the q8 first map and leaving but why would a player clear only the first maps of q2 or q5? Perhaps the ones who can not enter the second maps(!)

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  2. wolfie54

    wolfie54 Active Author

    These may be players who have decided to run map1 on inf4 and fill the kill bar resulting in 13200 points per run as they farm t7 and t8 equipment drops for crafting.
  3. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Forum Duke

    There are a lot of those under Spell Weaver like that. I used to do that for part of the leader-boards before r220.
    At other times I have few to no mobs cause I'm running the boss on painful for the cores (wish I could do that now but the Player's Misfortune.. aka "Looter's Fortune" ... didn't provide the hyped promised realm frag drops that we still need).

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