Bug 1 and half month farming and can't complete quest

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by XAkenoX, Sep 29, 2020.

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  1. XAkenoX

    XAkenoX Forum Greenhorn

    Hii guys i need help, as the title says, I have been farming in Nahuatlán for 1 month and more just to find ONE single object dropped by the zombies/mummy. It's impossible. I already asked some playes and friends and some told me:
    - They got the object quick
    - Others took time but they could complete it

    But already 2 months playing almost every day for like 3 hours farming there and nothing? What it happening? Pls i need help, i cant continue playing and go level up if I can't complete it...
  2. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Forum Connoisseur

    say some more informations
    which quest or ss of it

    FAALHAAS Forum Pro

    I remember the quest.

    Took me forever aswell. If youre on Heredur server, i can try help ya bit.
  4. XAkenoX

    XAkenoX Forum Greenhorn

    Sorry my game is in spanish so idk if this is the name, it is The Temple of the dead 2/6. Someone in The cradle of death asked me to find that object in Nahuatlan

    --- MERGED ---

    Yes Heredur! Add me in game name Jaeil ! or disc, Jaeil#8522. Thank you !
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    FAALHAAS Forum Pro

    Well that went fast :)
  6. XAkenoX

    XAkenoX Forum Greenhorn

    Thank youu finally have it done ^^
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