2h or 1h in 2023 for Steam Mechanicus?

Discussion in 'Steam Mechanicus' started by Drabis777, Jun 6, 2023.

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  1. Drabis777

    Drabis777 Forum Apprentice

    Hello everyone,
    I started playing the dwarf as second toon (first is Ranger) and I do like the skill tree setup of both. For the ranger I only use 2H weapons for obvious reasons (for a lot of solo runs) and max damage output. However for the dwarf I still use 1H weapon cuz I can add more gems to the second weapon slot. I do see that the damage is a bit lower compared to the 2H weapon. I think that when I reach level 100 I will switch over to the 2H weapon. Is there any pro dwarf player that can do any recommendations for the 2H weapon build? Thanks in advance....
  2. Darkness90

    Darkness90 Junior Expert

    Mortis ring + Destruktor torso full of speed attack gems but don't switch 2H to have 4 att. speed, it's worst cleaning. So much op dwarves use djing unique in 1h build for fun (if you haven't anniversary weapon) and even you can use 2 balor ring at the begin. Specify build suggestion will depend on your tier gems and stats. It's my opinion.
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  3. StayinFrosty

    StayinFrosty Someday Author

    You're gonna have a tough time playing 2h at the early stage and the amount of effort needed to pull it off isn't worth it. While at the lower levels you can definitely use 2 handed and I would encourage you to do so. However when you reach lvl100 and actually have to start clearing higher difficulties by yourself it would be wise to stay 1 handed for a while until you get your overall stats up (gems, wisdom, and of course gear). Also, crit will be a much bigger concern before you have to start worrying about the damage stat ^^

    To summarize, 2 hand is viable at lower levels and very much so. At early stages of lvl100 use 1 handed for more attack speed and survivability. Later when you have sufficient stats its up to you: you could go 2 handed or stay 1 handed, there are some 1h builds that actually have great dmg output as Darkness90 mentioned so mostly up to personal preference.

    And finally, good luck on your adventure! ;)
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  4. Drabis777

    Drabis777 Forum Apprentice

    Thank you both for the reply, I took a break for almost a year but am back. Just want to ask if it is possible to transfer stats from a 2H weapon to 1H weapon? I never tried it, well not yet. lol
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  5. T3SS

    T3SS Forum Apprentice

    You can not transfer base values or unique values. Only enchantments can be transfered, but you can transfer from any item of any level and rarity to any item. If that was your question, then yes, you can transfer enchants from 2h to 1h.
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  6. ABC

    ABC Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello :) You can consider perusing through some of the sample build images in the class-specific sections of our forums and on discord as well, for some visual representations of what you may seeking ^^ Anniversary weapon is currently the most preferred weapon for 2h builds but there are a variety of options and combinations to choose from in terms of your overall build items.
  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Variety of options when everyone is using one particular weapon? XD
    Joke of the year :)
  8. T3SS

    T3SS Forum Apprentice

    First choice for everybody is anniversary weapon. People who don’t manage to drop it usually use Q4. And Those who can’t even get Q4, stick to Avenger. Thats pretty much all the variety you get :D
  9. Drabis777

    Drabis777 Forum Apprentice

    Well I already switched from 2H to 1H and it's the Avenger. I got a rare legendary 2H drop with one of the enhancements with platinum color saying 120% attack !!! So I saved it in my locker and will transfer it soon over to the Avenger weapon.

    Last night doing some PW Q1 runs got me 3 Legendary Frygon Rings. Are those any good?
  10. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    The various PW Q rings are used to craft boss unique items ... but a given Q-ring is only useable in crafting a boss unique item from the same Q.

    In your case, Fyrgon's Ring of Fire drops in both Q1 and Q7, so can be used to craft Grimmag's Flaming Wrath (adorment), Fiery Tracks of Grimmag (boots), The Herald's Burning Thunder (2-handed weapon), or The Heralds's Blazing Onslaught (gloves). To my knowledge, none of those are recommended for any builds for beginners through end-game players. You might decide to experiment with one or more of those items for the short term, but you'll definitely replace them with other more powerful items as you develop your toon.

    The ring in itself isn't particularly interesting. Balor's Ring of Chaos from Q5 is the most frequently used Q-ring, because it has an extra +damage unique value.

    Bottom line, you'll probably just want to sell or melt those three rings.
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