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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by shadow-whisper, Jun 29, 2015.

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  1. shadow-whisper

    shadow-whisper Forum Mogul

    In the Fridays twitch session it was said that the 5th class is still open to discussion, so I would like to write here my suggestion/idea what could the new class be.
    Currently we have 3 range characters and only 1 melee, so it´s obvious the next class should be another melee fighter. I would like to see a dual wielding Assassin/Rogue, which unlike the Dragon knight would have a very low survivability, but rely on high speed instead. It´s a classical character in many similiar games like DSO and quite popular one to play so I believe it would fit in Drakensang as well.

    Overall description :
    Once servants of the occultists, Assassins are fast and agile melee fighters using dualwielding weapons, such as daggers or claws and are the masters of dealing with single enemies. If outnumbered by a group of enemies at once, they use unfair tricks to gain advantage, such as smoke bombs or even dark magic. Eventhough they prefer to work alone and killing enemies one by one while staying unseen, they have to cooperate with other classes to make the best out of their skills.
    Assassins can disturb enemies so they are easier to deal with for the whole group and they strike harder if their targets are focusing on other allies.

    Strenghts :
    - big damage against single enemies
    - high attack and movement speed
    - high critical damage
    - crowd control abilities
    - play style of this character can be called „high risk-high reward“

    Weaknesses :
    - very weak defense
    - weak against big groups of enemies
    - no abilities for range attack, no healing, no summoning

    Weapons :
    1st option – light weapons – dual daggers. Fastest weapons in the game, with basic speed let´s say 1,30 and average damage. Along with daggers, Assassin can use flask of posion, to envenom his weapons to deal bigger damage (offhand adding critical value) or small shield (offhand adding block chance). Both of those items are placed on the characters back (as is the case with Ranger)
    2nd option – heavy weapons – claws. Fast weapons with basic speed let´s say 1,00 and very high damage. Considered as twohandie for balancing reasons. Using claws requiers bigger focus, therefore the character can not use offhand items effectively and is unable to equip them.

    Claws :

    Both of these options are considered as one item – for balancing reasons. This way playing with the character does not require finding the same weapon two times and has no advantage in double damage gems slots. So, you always use only one weapon, but character uses the same weapon in both hands.

    Some pictures to give you the idea how do I imagine the character to look :

    Energy :

    To preform attacks, the Assassin needs Shadows/Shadow energy, fastly restoring power with regeneration let´s say 10 shadows/sec (Ranger has 8concentration/s and mage has 15mana/s if I remember well, so it´s something in between)

    My ideas for skills (I don´t know how the new skillsystem will work and I wrote those ideas on our cz/sk forums a year ago, so all of those skills and tallents are based on the current skillsystem. All of the numbers written below are only for inspiration, so don´t take them seriously)

    Skills :
    Level 1 – Calculated strike

    Fast strike at near enemy dealing 80% physical damage. Each 3rd strike deales double damage (160%)
    Energy cost : - , cooldown : -

    Level 2 – Double strike

    Stab the enemy with both weapons at the same time and deal him 2x 200% physical damage.
    Energy cost : 25, cooldown : -

    Level 3 – Sweep

    Sweep with your weapons and deal 75% physical damage to all enemies in arc of 120° in front of you
    Energy cost : - , cooldown : -

    Level 6 – Poisonous gas

    Throw a poisonous bomb on the targeted area. It explodes on impact and poisons all enemies in the area for 5s. Poisoned enemies are slowed by 25% and get 20% poison damage per second.
    Energy cost : - , cooldown : 20s

    Level 9 – Secret passage

    Disapear into the shadows and appear on the target location instantly. (classical jump skill)
    Energy cost : 15, cooldown : 9s

    Level 12 – Miasmatic flask

    Throw an explosive flask on the targeted area and stun all enemies in the area for 3s (PvP 1,5 s)
    Energy cost : - , cooldown : 15s

    Level 15 - Mark of Death

    Mark a targeted enemy and reveal his weaknesses. You and all your allies deal 50% increased damage by all attacks to the enemy. Lasts 6s.
    Energy cost : - , cooldown : 20s

    Level 18 – Stealth

    Unite with the shadows and disappear from the sight of your enemies. Any action except moving will cancel the effect. Lasts 3s.
    Energy cost : 10 for each second invisible, cooldown : 30s

    Level 22 – Backflip

    Jump back and avoid an attack.
    Energy cost : - , cooldown : 12s

    Level 26 – Lethal strike

    Target an enemy. If you are 5m or closer, instantly teleport to him and deal him 600% physical damage. (slow attack animation)
    Energy cost : 50, cooldown : 30s

    Level 30 – Shadow link

    Let the darkness fully control your mind and body. You focus on nothing but destruction. Your energy regeneration is doubled and your attack speed is increased by 50% of your speed value. You don´t care about your defense therefore your armor and resistances are decreased to 0. Lasts 5s.
    Energy cost : - , cooldown : 60s

    Level 35 – Blade fury

    Target an enemy and stab him repeatedly. Each strike causes 250% physical damage. Lasts until the enmy dies, until he or you move or if your energy drops below 10.
    Energy cost : 10 for each hit, cooldown 60s

    Level 42 – Smoke bomb

    Throw a smoke bomb on target area. It explodes on impact and covers the area with fog. Enemies standing in the fog have decreased visibility and their damage is reduced by 50%. If you move into the area, you will be in Stealth for 3s. The fog lasts 6s.
    Energy cost : 30 + 10 per each second in invisibilty, cooldown : 60s

    Talents :

    Level 5 – Discover weakness X Mighty sweep

    Discover weakness
    – As an experienced assassin you quickly discover enemy weaknesses. With your skill Calculated strike, each 2nd hit now deals double damage.
    Mighty sweep – Sweep with more power and hit all enemis in the arc of 180° with your Sweep skill.

    Level 10 – Unmerciful strike X Lacerate

    Unmerciful strike
    – Deal 20% increased damage to enemies under 25% of their maximum health.
    Lacerate – All your critical strikes have now 10% chance to cause bleeding effect on the enemy. The bleeding deals 10% physical damage per second and slows them down by 15%.

    Level 15 – Dark assassin X Unforgiving chain

    Dark assassin - Everytime you preform a critical hit, increase your energy regeneration by 1. Can stack 10x and lasts 5s.
    Unforgiving chain – Each hit with skills Calculated strike, Double strike and Blade fury increases your attack speed and critical damage by 2%. Can stack 10x.

    Level 20 – Long lasting mark X Chain of death

    Long lasting mark – Increase the duration of Mark of Death to 10s.
    Chain of death – If an enemy dies under the effect of Mark of Death, the effect moves to an adjacent enemy. This can repeat unlimited times.

    Level 25 – Battle movement X Tactical retreat

    Battle movement – The skills Secret passage and Backflip increase your movement speed by 25% for 4s.
    Tactical retreat – After using the Backflip skill, drop a grenade that will stun enemies in the area for 2s (PvP 1s)

    Level 30 – Blindside X Silent run

    Blindside – You can strike on distracted enemies with higher precision. Your critical damage against stunned and immobilized enemies is increased by 25%.
    Silent run – If under the Stealth effect, increase your run speed by 30%.

    Level 35 – Corrosive poison X Dark invigoration

    Corrosive poison – Your poison is as powerful as acid and destroys enemy armor. Armor and resistance of all enemies hit by Poisonous gas is decreased by 85% for the same duration as poison effect.
    Dark invigoration – After using the Shadow link skill, dark energy will cover your weapons and all your attacks will ignore enemy armor.

    Level 40 – Relentless fury X Twist knife

    Relentess fury – If you are attacking stunned or immobilized enemy with the Blade fury skill, all your hits are critical.
    Twist knife – If you preform a critical hit with the Lethal strike skill, increase your critical damage by additional 100% for this attack.

    Level 45 – Fatiguing fog X Ambush

    Fatiguing fog – Attack and movement speed of all enemies in the fog area of the Smoke bomb skill is decreased by 50%.
    Ambush – While in Stealth, your first attack deals 30% increased damage.

    PvP Talents :

    Level 10 – Better Hand-to-Hand combat X Better specialized combat

    Better Hand-to-Hand combat – The damage inflicted by your Calculated strike and Sweep skills has been increased by 33%.
    Better specialized combat – The damage inflicted by your Double strike and Lethal strike is increased by 10%.

    Level 30 – Fast preperation X Persistent shroud

    Fast preparation – Cooldown of your Poisonous gas, Miazmatic flask and Smoke bomb skills is decreased by 33%.
    Persistent shroud – Duration of your stealth effects is increased by 33%.

    Level 35 – Liberation X Shadow form

    Liberation – You can use your Secret passage and Backflip skills to reverse a buff that stuns you or has any other negative effect.
    Shadow form – While invisible you have 50% chance to avoid projectiles.

    Level 40 – Dark detonation X Cloak of darkness

    Dark detonation – When you die, dark energy in your body will detonate and all enemies nearby will be damaged for 600% physical damage
    Cloak of darknesss – If your health drops below 33%, activate the Stealth effect for 3s.

    That´s all, I hope you didn´t get too much bored while reading this big text :D. Any thoughts ?

    Advantages for BP :

    + players will buy more andermant on the new class, more classes can attract more players or even attract the old players to come back

    Advantages for players :

    + more classes = more diversity, maybe an event especially for the new class, more team play, more fun

    Disadvantages for BP :

    - a lot of work with the new class

    Dissadvantages for players :

    - more bugs can come

    Game impact : Huge

    Edit: edited some grammar mistakes.
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2015
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  2. vojza

    vojza Board Analyst

    Once again, YES for this great idea :)

    PS: Is it updated version or it's same version like you posted some time ago ?
    PS2: Maybe you can add Lv.50 skill....
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2015
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  3. shadow-whisper

    shadow-whisper Forum Mogul

    Some changes were made, yes. :)
    I can´t add level 50 skills because we don´t know how strong are they going to be. The ones they showed us on the twitch are not final I guess. :oops:
  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Are you not informed? :eek::eek:
    The fifth archetype is in the process of developing ... so no need for suggestions anymore. :D
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  5. shadow-whisper

    shadow-whisper Forum Mogul

    Is it ? :confused:I believe Greg said in the twitch that they still didn´t decided what will the new class be.
    But even if, they can make this as the 6th class later. :D
  6. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    The moderators fairly well shut down additional player input some time ago, after months of discussion on the forums, facebook, and twitch. Our part is closed. Now it's up to BigPoint to deliver a decision, and let us all move on.
  7. shadow-whisper

    shadow-whisper Forum Mogul

    Hmm.. I thought there was only discussions regarding the upcoming 50 lvl expansions - maps/skills but nothing about about new class. :confused:
    But as I said they can use it later for 6th class. :D

    Anyway, how do you like it ? Would you want something similiar or you would you prefer something different ? Or nobody bothers to read the whole text ? :D
  8. eetussa

    eetussa Someday Author

    i think that, corrosive poison talent, is too overpowered, i think armor value decrease will be max 60%
  9. Mario_Boss

    Mario_Boss Regular

    I think it is op... great idea,love it, but cut dmg on half
  10. shadow-whisper

    shadow-whisper Forum Mogul

    Thanks. The values are there just to show which skill should be the strongest one etc. It would have to be tested thats for sure. But keep in mind most of the skills target only one creature so I don´t really think it would turn out to be that op on normal maps. It would be big damage against bosses, but that´s the point. You can´t balance everything. :rolleyes:

    And he would have very low defense so in PvP it´s either kill fast or die fast. I think it would be interesting for a melee character. :D

    I put there 85% because other classes reduce armor by this value as well.
  11. eetussa

    eetussa Someday Author

    oops :D :D i remember now, the dk's head skill has 85% reduced armor value, but very good idea to 5th architype
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