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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by DSOSuperfan, May 27, 2014.

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  1. DSOSuperfan

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    Since we've all been awaiting the next ancient knowledge tree skills for quite some time, I figured I'd give something back to this beloved company and throw a few of my suggestions out there in hopes that these help to make this game even better than it already is!

    First off, since we all know how it feels to be one-shot by mages and rangers in pvp, why not make a skill that all classes could use which would essentially lower the damage of the target by half. Not only would this be useful in the arena, but also against some of those nasty bosses that pack quite a punch. It'll make for some better balance between classes since we won't just get blasted right out of the gate for once and will open up some new strategies when fighting players or monsters. Dk's have been upset about their healing being taken away, maybe this would help them to be the tanks they should be again.

    On to the next idea, this ones for the little guys! The dwarf is a tough class, seriously underpowered and not very tough. A lot of people didn't enjoy the dwarf for these reasons. What if the skill Iron Dwarf was moved from the top tier, to down about level 30 on the experience tree? This is right about the time we really start going against some tough monsters, so the extra grunt would help tremendously, especially if the skill could last the duration of the level, rather than such a limited time. this would also encourage more SM's to get to a higher level instead of just low level pvp.

    When in this iron dwarf mode, each hit should build steam fast, and we really need some ranged attacks while in iron dwarf mode. Maybe a whole other skill set for Iron Dwarf should be available, allowing the player to be able to send out homing drones which can chase targets and hit for massive damage, while leaving a slowing cloud for other enemies nearby, and some meteor-like skills that do a big aoe damage, like the shrapnel shot already does. Make it a nuke! Something that can go off for a ridiculous amount of damage.

    To bring further balance, while in this mode, if the iron dwarf dies, it should explode (like the pvp skills), causing 1000% base damage to enemies and team mates, cause.. BOOM!
    I get all fired up just thinking about this, and this is getting a little long, so I'll leave it at this for now! Thanks for reading!
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