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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by ipaTcH, Oct 1, 2018.

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  1. ipaTcH

    ipaTcH Forum Apprentice

    1, After jumping-teleporting sometimes you are not able to move
    2, The all mighty jump bug : ofc everybody likes when he jumps away and still gets killed but the character shows already in the jumped area
    3, Splitting items crash : lets say i have 99 stone and i wanna split them, the input pops up and if i write more the 99 the game crashes
    4, World travel item(can be bought for andermant) : click on it, the map shows up, you are on your mount and ready to travel the character still shoots when a teleported area is clicked and yaay you are removed from the mount pretty annoying when fast farming
    5, After the cursor update the game shows it's biggest weakness which is the hidpi resolution, the cursor on any hdpi screen is huge (bigger than the character) and unusable, we would like to get a cursor sizer in the setting
    6, Mini map : idk who had the idea to create a mini map bigger than half of the screen but okey... time for a redesign for that... make it more transparent and allow us to resize it
    7, Singurality mage spell : combined with the mind control its possible that the singularity just disappears. + putting the singularity close to a wall or hole eliminates it
    8, Chat bug : when entering a new map the chat is disabled for a short time (its okey) but the chat creates huge memory leaks which destroys the fps by a LOT. Using the group or clan tab is fine because there is not that much going on but when the default(white tab) or public is selected the fps drops a lot. Just imagine a player who has no group,clan tab and he is using the first 2 the game experience will be trash. Idk how many people are affected but most of my friends agree with this even those who have a damn nasa-generator-highend-5000 machine...
    9, Bossfights : who plays the game ? Everybody died from a stucked animation or bouncing mortis or invisble bees,walls,meteor... If the boss or mob is out from the screen he will do these things... specially Breach.. oh how much i love the bees...
    10, PvP : nothing special... just needs a full rework

    .... i can write 10 or 20 or 30 more but this letter will never be seen by a developer or project manager... im writing the smallest and biggest bugs in other forums too for 2 years and nothing changed so thats it :D

    Balance :
    You guys really did a great job with the latest updates but the dmg difference between the characters are still huge. I tested the dmg output with my friends and i had to laugh when i saw that a ranger with 24k dmg deals more dmg than a mage with 38k. Yup same crit.critdmg. It's just insaaaaane how strong an explosive shot with q7 is. The new crit dwarf is hell crazy too but the ranger is still blows my mind. Tbh everybody knows that the ranger was and is still the strongest... this would be fine but the gap is just too high.

    Many people will attack me for this but i would like to see the q7 set to be reworked or removed. Q7 gives a dmg boost what is too much for every class. I see only mages use different weapon like q4 or bloodmage but every other class is using only q7... And if we see a ranger with dragan or a dk with q4 he is instantly called a noob. This really needs to change, the game forces you to use the q7 set and not what you would like to use...
  2. Hetsunien

    Hetsunien Padavan

    Another thread about Q7? No thanks! Let's keep the bugs' part.
  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    It is not a bug. That is how animations are working.
    You can't enter higher value than the number of items you have.
    In your case when you enter a value higher than 99 ... the number automatically sets itself to the number of items you have (99)
    It never happens to me.
    The only teleport item that gets you off mount is the Anniversary Chip.
    I don't know what the mini map looks like on your screen but on mine it is pretty much small.
    The game is not optimized for higher resolutions than 1080p.
    Full HD is still the standard resolution ... around 70% of people are using Full HD.
    It never happened to me.
    They announced few months ago that they will rework the PvP and the PvP will suck balls.
    They left it unbalanced and full with bugs and exploits ... intentionally.
    The next step will be total destruction of the arena and making it MOBA crap.
    That is how much BP is appreciating player's support throughout the years ... in the end they will make crappy MOBA arena and players couldn't be using their hard earned gear.
    The funniest thing is ... they actually think the players will like it.
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  4. _G_R_A_M_P_S_

    _G_R_A_M_P_S_ Old Hand

    I can confirm these two.

    About the travel item, it s usually the skill on my right mouse button that is activated.

    About the minimaps, that depends on the map you are in. Some of the bigger maps have a too big minimap.
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