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Dear forum reader,

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  1. Hokori

    Hokori Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Heroes of Dracania!

    Our CM Bella has another message for you!

    Today we want to address the most mentioned issues and bugs from the survey. It is gonna be a long post, so, firstly,

    bonus code: ILOVEDSOJUN (x100 infernal passages) Code is valid till 18th July 2024.
    Yes, we've reached 2k responses. Thank you all for participating the survey.

    There are 3 categories of issues, which are Server Instability, Game Issues and Community.

    Server Instability
    • Lag & Latency: High ping and character rubber-banding
    • Loading Times: long loading screens and pesky error codes (36, 37, 42)
    • Crashes & Disconnections: Frequent crashes, especially during events
    Since our Dev and IT teams are based in Asia, we rely on your assistance to report server errors, especially as they primarily occur in Western countries. The more detailed information you can provide, the quicker we can troubleshoot the issues for you.

    Please fill up the form here:

    • Error 36 and 37 are related to server CPU, which the IT team is optimising it. Error 42 is due to game coding itself, the Dev team need more time to look into the coding.
    Game Issues
    • Map, Pathing & Hitboxes Bugs: Invisible walls in Maze of Blaze and Curse of Immortals. Navigational hiccups and weird hitboxes.
    These maps definitely needs to rework, the Dev will look into it after the development of upcoming content completed.
    • PvP Rework: 36% of players think that the classes are imbalanced!! Lots of you are asking for a gearless PvP mode.
    PvP balance issues are on our radar – we want fair fights for all! We are planning to launch another PvP & Class related survey after we addressed the server issue. The main problem of balancing classes is that it takes time to measure how a change can affect the whole game environment.
    • Rollback old maps and sets: you guys miss the old maps like original Grimmag, Darbmoor, Ocean of Bones... and you want old Q1, Q6 and Q7 sets back.
    The Dev team has been developing new content, items and equipment. Currently, they are not planning to bring back old maps/sets anytime soon.
    • Enhance Social Features: more group gameplay content, guild activities, merge the servers.
    We will consider adding group gameplay content, however, merging the server will affect the game structure tremendously and the consequences are not measurable. Maybe we can work on transferring accounts from server A to server B.
    • RNG & Item Drops: Some of you are questioning why you can never get the jewels...
    The Dev is considering a compensation system for those who devoted lots of time but still not getting desired rewards.
    • New item and equipment: Lots of you are requesting for "useful" new items to elevate your characters.
    The Dev team is already working on it. It takes time as they need to test and measure the impact of launching new equipments. We don't want anything that breaks the game.
    • Trading system: some of you requested for trading system
    The game is designed in a way that players are not able to trade items, so it won't be considered.
    • Inventory Management: Store colours in a special bag and allow right-click to add gems to the gem smelter. Stack essences to higher limits or provide a special inventory for them.
    We will be working on better inventory management. We can increase essences stacking limits for you.
    • Graphical and Aesthetic Improvements: Enhance graphics to match modern standards and glitch-free.
    The Dev team has been creating new maps and items. In fact, you will see the brand new mounts soon.

    Community Issues
    • No communication between the Community and the Dev
    Okay, now Bella is here to do her job:p She is making sure the patch notes, monthly calendar are up on time. Also, she shares your feedback to Dev team on a weekly basis. Hopefully, the DSO team will be able to share a Roadmap in the near future. Thank you for your patience and understanding!
    • Can you do DSO streaming again? Where's the bonus code?
    We are working on resuming Twitch streaming in the coming months, and more community engagement events(with bonus codes) will be planned!

    Thank you for reading! The DSO team appreciates your feedback, we’re tackling these challenges head-on.

    Stay awesome and keep adventuring,

    Your Drakensang Online Team.
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