Amphora Keys save up for 5's or open 1's

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by Mielisback, Oct 17, 2020.

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  1. Mielisback

    Mielisback Forum Greenhorn

    I am sorry if this question excists somewhere, but I can't find it and I am tired of searching.

    So I was wondering what the best strat is to use these things, cuz they seem pretty rare. Idk what the dropchance is of them in Neat amphoras but I only found 1 of them and I am rank 49 atm. Either event quests or event bar rewards seem to be reliable.

    Also, is it worth it to spend draken for these things? cuz I opened a 5 key amphora yesterday and they seem to drop a lot of progress and light ess (Ghost event atm).
  2. RivenAndIreliaWaifus

    RivenAndIreliaWaifus Active Author

    let's say a couple of things.
    Amphora keys are rare to find from normal amphoras, but u usually have to farm 'em from Dragan event (which activates twice per year, or like this year, 3 times). I would wait until getting lvl 60 at this point, before using them, because if you drop something unique from the events, they would be low lvl, and it's not worth. Amphoras in events gives some progress, but on ghost festival it's not really worth opening 'em, if ur already at the third progress bar, since it would bring u nowhere far enough, and they do not drop interesting stuff, for the event, just the light essences. I would reccomend u to keep all the amphora keys u can, in order to use them to open golden amphoras (5x keys) and bronze amphoras (1x key) in blackborg map (new moon event), to eventually find a lot of fairy wood and a chance to drop the witch seeker belt, or maybe the event mounts (you can find those even when the event is not up).
    You can use some on dragan event aswell, to open amphoras and eventually finding black knight unique set, empowered pearls (red ones), elemental stones from foxarrific burrow of intelligence chests and administrator chests (which drops dragan 2h weapon recipe items).
    -Dragan event to farm keys
    To use for amphoras in:
    - Dragan event maps.
    - New moon event first map (Blackborg, even if the event is off).
    If the Easter event approaches, u can actually try to use some keys on the easter island aswell, because there's a chance to drop the easter's unique set (I dropped the ring once from them).
    For example, the other events' amphoras are almost all useless to open, if not just to get some progress, just like varholm map, which they actually give nothing.
    While to answer your question about ''it's worth spending drakens to get those keys?''
    I'd say actually not that much. If u can, keep the drakens for runes mostly. It's not that much worth to spend drakens for keys, but in some particular situations where u know u absolutely need some at the moment, then yes. Hope I've given u some answers to what u actually needed to know. Good day!
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