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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Reikanin, Sep 2, 2019.

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  1. Reikanin

    Reikanin Forum Apprentice

    Hi dear community
    First I would like to say that I more like drakensang now than before, mostly because events are much more rewarding and the increasing of the difficult makes game more challenging.
    In my opinion due to the extreme difficulties we have to face to craft an item with 4 platinum, it would be better if bigpoint gives us the chance to shift 4 platinum from an unique item to a different one of the same type (for instance 4 platinum from q7 weapon to q4 weapon). There are many reasons for that:
    First of all due to the high cost of gold I will never craft a second 4 platinum weapon again (mine costed me months and around 700k gold)
    Secondly so far I have not crafted my 4 platinum items because I'm waiting new contents such as gorga, desert essence, new year event to be sure that I will not burn my items.
    My idea is a new recipe that let you shift your crafting from an item to whatever of the same type (between 2 amulets, 2 helmets and so on) maybe with an extra payement in andermants.
    That will be a great opportunity to swap gear and build all the time you want for a more funny playing
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  2. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Overlooker


    What about people who can't craft a single item, because prng hates them?
    What about people who deem platinum crafting too costly and accept only the best lines (99-100) for crafting, and they can't find enough of them?
    There are already people who are full 4/4 with the best lines. What can we say?

    The crafting should return all 4 items on revert... then the chances would be bigger, and if it was failing too much despite bigger chances, we'd know at last that something is wrong for sure... and I bet it wouldn't work that way.

    All the three groups would be satisfied:
    People you're mentioning could crafting 2nd, 3rd and so on items to try out/move to different items.
    People who lack luck on workbench would be able to craft their items.
    People who can't find the best lines would be able to afford going for lower ones.

    Line drop is another thing, but that's yet to be covered...
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  3. Reikanin

    Reikanin Forum Apprentice

    My vision is different:
    Everyone now is able to craft 4 oranges in an item… if you are lucky you can even drop a weapon with already 4 orange weapon damage on the item as I did and with max roll (76% 76% 76% 76%) . I mean it's really easy, I can craft a 4 orange item in 1 hour.
    You don't need platinum items to play easely in this game. I have 60k damage and I don't even have 1 platinum in my gear. I can do all content and I absolutely don't feel a lack of damage.
    Platinum is just a plus, for people that really spend much time here. So I agree that is rare to get.
    And finally you can wear all platinum you want, but if you have ruby +15 damage each and simple onix gems, you will have much less damage than a full orange guy.
  4. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    well, that's pretty much what the crafting system was
    You could get back all the 4 items you use to try to craft

    Then some snowflake ran crying to bp because they cherrypicked that axe baragain crafted, pretending it was an easy feat to achieve and Bp changed the crafting system
  5. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Yeah, right :)
  6. Arr

    Arr Forum Expert

    crafting results should be stored as imprints so you can apply them on your new items, in case you want to use more than 1 weapon or set, in case there were more than 1 weapon and set to use
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  7. Javah

    Javah Forum Commissioner

    Just for the sake of precision. The increase in A. I. would make the game more challenging. the increase in HP and resistance of the mobs makes it only longer and - according to someone - more tedious.

    Then someone else may enjoy it, but it would be good to start calling things by their name.
  8. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    indeed, there was no increase in difficulty, but only in the time needed to kill a boss
    Result? the game isn't more challenging, it's just more boring and the economy has been screwed up

    The increase in difficulty is fake news
  9. Reikanin

    Reikanin Forum Apprentice

    I didn't say "funny", indeed game is still boring. It's the same q farm, new/full moon event. I just play 3 hours max per day and out.
    But in my opinion, game is more challenging now than last year when you could do solo any boss in inf4 in 3 seconds.
  10. vegetadavid

    vegetadavid Forum Mogul

    On aniversary event, golem used a special skill to dodge for stay alive, there was also the heroes of helios arena.

    Concerning the proposition, i understand that make an other 4 x platinium line is boring and take a lot of time but on other side, it's the principe of the game.

    Comparate to old times, the problem is that we can't play a new set instantly, i think particulary to the set comming with sewers event (or in few month maybe the desert event)

    I have maybe an idea for helping us, will post it later. Hoping it will be more commented than the previous one ...
  11. Javah

    Javah Forum Commissioner

    Yeah, a minuscule step ahead. Happy for it indeed.

    Be careful: I don't complain at all if I have to plat craft another set, I have enough material to do it without any particular effort. But the set must be worthy, that means significantly better than those in circulation now.

    Instead in recent days I have seen (theoretical) calculations published in one of the sections in the non-English language, from which it would seem that the Sewer set is rather worse than the other setups commonly available in the game. What is it to you?

    It is just a question, having no time no willing no access to TS in order to make my own idea. Thanks.

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