Anniversary Arena chip drop massively reduced

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Czzaccz, Aug 12, 2020.

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  1. Czzaccz

    Czzaccz Someday Author

    Since tommorrow i noticed im getting alot less amouth of chips then before. I usually got like 10 chips per 200 openers but now i used 1000 openers and got 28 chips. Why the hell do they do this?????????
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  2. -Costa-

    -Costa- Forum Apprentice

    Why do you complain so often? It's a random drop. If the boss kills you in blow, go to a lower difficult. When u getting less chips, keep playing and after u getting more, but cry less. ;)
  3. Czzaccz

    Czzaccz Someday Author

    lmao, not all people have time to play all day and with the oneshot boss opinion i disagree, if a boss oneshots you and you didnt even have a way to counter the oneshot such as dodging then its a bad boss ability design, i do the arena on the same diff i do all the other things too so sorry but you are completely wrong
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  4. Javah

    Javah Board Analyst

    It's a "normal" behaviour here, in this game this happened often, and it happened this time too. Good luck now if you are low of realm frags.

    Lol, bizarre reasoning but certainly Bp will like it. if they wait for me to play more, they wait a loooong while ... unless they start to do better events.
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  5. Czzaccz

    Czzaccz Someday Author

    i have no realm frags, but i bought event attire so that i can complete the event because it was pretty cheap this time and im also hoping that the new CE will change the game in some way

    also im pretty close to finishing the event i just need like 100 arena chips considering ill have bad RNG for the fortfeit chests and then ill just use the chips from progress bars to finish each region
  6. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum Demigod

    Shills don't usually use logic, so why bother trying to use logic with them?
    I don't know, maybe because BP stealth nerfed the drop for no reason at all, thus screwing over the players?

    Is too much to ask not to shill so shamelessy?
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    FAALHAAS Forum Inhabitant

    Its your money and your choice, but now you know why they reduce droprate of certain items....
  8. Czzaccz

    Czzaccz Someday Author

    i mean attire was pretty cheap this time, i got it right from the beginning because i dont have much time to play

    FAALHAAS Forum Inhabitant

    Well, just dont ask yourself why BP reduce droprate of realms and other event tickets, if you give BP exactly what they want and why they do it.

    Again...its your choice :)

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