Anniversary Arena - final boss Yah

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Czzaccz, Aug 8, 2020.

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  1. Czzaccz

    Czzaccz Someday Author

    Nerf this boss, its insane how many times i get him and i have to waste andermant for respawn just because he oneshots me with a homing projectile that cant be dodged nor outrun. This is ridiculous.
  2. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Overlooker

    Play in a group. If you play solo, you have to accept that you will be dying here and there and you'll have to raise yourself for andermants or spirit guards (as long as you have those).

    Many other sentinels are problematic, it also depends on their special enchantments. I see complaining about this specific one rather pointless, especially that I never noticed any problems with this one.

    Also, isn't it named Yeh rather than Yah?
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2020
  3. Czzaccz

    Czzaccz Someday Author

    idk the exact name but i actually solved the problem partially by using hp scroll and he doesnt oneshot me like 80% of the times
  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Depending on the class you are playing you can use your skills and survive the attack.
    If you are playing:
    1. Dragonknight - just use the Dragon Hide inside the banner.
    2. Ranger - I could outrun the missile by using the adrenaline. if you can't outrun it ... just spawn the tree/wolves and let them take the shot
    3. SW - Just hide infinitely behind the guardian ... he will take all the blows for you
    4. Midget - just let one of the turrets take the shot for you.
  5. Czzaccz

    Czzaccz Someday Author

    thanks for the tips, i currently play on my new mage char and i do the tech with guardian but he takes like 2 hits from the boss and then dies, so i always hope to do enough crits to kill the boss before he uses that homing dark spike ability again
  6. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Forum Connoisseur

    use guardian with singu~
    use hp buffs from kings = if u will have more hp = ur guardian will have more hp
    if u use singu~ and stay intro it u will have new guardian in 8sec = its 3-4 shoots from most of the bosses
    if u have problem with killing boss bc he heal himself too fast so its simple = its to high difficult for u = go down 1 mod or play in pt
  7. Czzaccz

    Czzaccz Someday Author

    i use singularity on the boss so that he dies faster and ive never had any problem with boss healing
  8. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Forum Connoisseur

    u can kill boss faster if he is in singu(or not if he's immute) but u dont reg ur skills faster
    best way is stay in the singu and have boss in singu ;p but its need some char power or some practice to do(to not die ;p)
  9. Valhöll

    Valhöll Someday Author

    If you're talking about the big Lor Tak guard, that's the mechanics used there from the beginning. Only a group went there, and everyone used the skills with anti-stun effect; jumping, teleportation and so on. Some of the members of the group will survive and bring others back to life. Solo can be played, just get away from him when he throws blades, using teleportation with anti-stun (~from a distance equal to the radius of the arena his invisible swords will not hit you).

    You can dodge the blades, you can't see them, but watching the guard you can know exactly when they will fly, and you just need to use your skills with anti-stun. You just need to practice in a group.

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