Annual reminder that we still don’t have a Classic/old school server for a 10+ years old game.

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by cici, Aug 5, 2022.

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Would you enjoy starting over on a oldschool lvl45 server?

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  1. cici

    cici Forum Greenhorn

    Considering the fact that the player base is in a continuous decline and ,from my experience with the community, the target audience back then was primarily unexperienced mmorpg players, for most of them being the first mmo they have ever played, it attracted thru it’s simplicity and high grinding potential. We has fewer mechanics, less crafting, less systems, less currency types yet a better pvp, a better pve , better over all game. As you can probably see, by reverting the pvp state of the game to the old one and by still using most of the old events with some changes , the devs have already agreed with some of my opinions.
    In my opinion the game is too cramped with systems, currencies and the game does not support most of them.
    I can agree with the addition of the collection bag, the cosmetics witch should be more or less hard to obtain, I can agree with the mount system but a lot of the game state is too much to handle and from a content point of view it cannot rival bigger production cost mmo’s (wont be advertising them here for obvious reasons)
    Sometimes less is more.
    • Economical point of view:
    - If it is made on a pay to play/subscription base plan it can bring around 10-15k, assuming that the monthly fee is 7.49 euro.
    - There are a lot of veterans who would return to the game and most of the people starting would need/want to get their inventories and at least a few decent gems to start with (this would be harder to determinate due to the fact that everyone has a different opinion on what’s necessary)
    - Another thing that is really important to mention is that every teenager that was playing and enjoying the game 5-6 maybe more years ago are now adults that have more money and less time therefore they can afford and will probably spend a few dollars every now and then.
    - Even if people would join the game for nostalgia this would pay for the servers maintenance for the duration of their stay.
    • From a marketing point of view:
    - Every old game that suffered severe changes had something to win and rise in popularity/player base after the old school variant of the game, for the player that have not tried the game back then it’s a new experience and for the veterans would be a pleasant experience, reliving and remembering all the good (and bad) times they had playing the game.
    - Also comparing the youtube date for the old variant and new variant the views dropped from around 70-80k (sometimes even more) to 2-3k views.
    - The old school launch should attract some attention to the game and maybe get a few new players.
    • From a technical point of view:
    - It should be a low effort launch due to the fact that they should still have the old date, and in the really small chance that they don’t have a back-up or some files saved the mechanics were fairly simple and easy to recreate due to the simple scalings.
    In conclusion considering the information stated above I see only benefits in giving to the community a simpler, older, better version of the game.
    I want to repeat myself and state that opening or using a already existing product and maybe(not necessarily adding a few features to it) should be easy, profitable and prioritized.
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  2. masteredy2

    masteredy2 Forum Apprentice

    It's been 7 years daddy...we really miss you :(
    bring old dso back!
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  3. Extreme177

    Extreme177 Forum Greenhorn

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  4. ManaThief

    ManaThief Active Author

    Congratz, you have wasted 15 mins writing this, I won't even read it, because it is very clear they won't do it. Also, the chances of anyone with influence even seeing this are so close to 0 it is negligible.
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  5. cici

    cici Forum Greenhorn

    Or mayb, JUST MAYE, the chances for someone with influence seeing this would increase the comunity would stop being negative and would just share the infomation and BE VOCAL ABOUT the changes they wanna see. What I am trying to do is giving a feedback and trying to do is simple and benefiial for me and some others who would love to have the chance of playing the old version of the game. And for some new players to get some of that experiene. I was not telling them to revert the game and get rid of their progress, I was asking for another option to play the game of the same company, paying the same company, etc. etc....
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  6. ManaThief

    ManaThief Active Author

    Oh you mean like the petition with over 400 signs? C'mon it has been discussed times and times again, they don't care, they don't want to do it and nobody is left on the forum to even consider it
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  7. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Commissioner

    You're not bringing anything new to the conversation which has been brought up dozens of times in the past.

    The most obvious response to your request: BP has no financial incentive to "bring" back the old DSO.
    Running two games in parallel means:
    • Double the development costs
    • Increases in server / bandwidth / maintenance expense (probably not double as they would likely not open 5 or more new servers to match the current # of boxes)
    • Increases in marketing / advertising expense (which is I'm guessing close to zero now :)) / customer service / accounting / etc.
    • ZERO guarantee that they'd recoup any of those expenses, let alone make a profit off of the old version
    A significant portion of the current players would shift to the old game, but what % of those are likely to spend more money on DSO-Original?

    A few former players might return to play DSO-Original, but again, will they pay anything / enough for BP to earn a profit?

    A few dozen or even hundred people signing a petition is meaningless. If you can come up with a process that allows those players to pre-pay a year of Deluxe fees, refundable in the event BP doesn't get enough pledges, and if that can be done legally and efficiently ... is that even enough? if 100% of those 400 players pays in advance, that's $170 * 400 = $68,000 ... for a year. You think that covers their costs???? And that's assuming 100% of the petitioners aren't already buying Deluxe; likely a portion of them are, meaning some of that $68,000 isn't new revenue, just shifted from DSO-DL to DSO-ORIG.

    Do I prefer the old DSO? Of course. I stopped playing 6 DL months ago. Is there a snowball's chance in heck that BP will jump on your simple plea above just on faith? Nope. None. That's not dumb negativity; that's reality.

    So, what are your ideas on how to make this worth BP's efforts? And no "But I know a lot of people who swear they'll come back!" bs. Your plan has to be backed up by data and some kind of guarantee. Find them a whale who'll commit $1,000,000 up front (with no or at best a limited refund clause, as BP will have to put money into the initial build-out), they'll at least consider the idea.
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  8. Cartizze

    Cartizze Forum Greenhorn

    no no no no.
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  9. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Add to that the possibility of not having proper license. BP as a publisher has ownership only of the name Drakensang, the game was written and developed by Bigpoint Berlin. Radon Labs went bankrupt and got acquired by Bigpoint and then renamed to Bigpoint Berlin. Radon Labs made the previous Drakensang games but when Drakensang Online was made all mechanics needed to be changed from scratch because BP has only ownership of the name Drakensang. As I can see, the game is not developed by BP Berlin anymore but by outsourced cheap labor from China.
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