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Discussion in 'Guild Discussion' started by cobradirector, Mar 27, 2019.

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  1. cobradirector

    cobradirector Forum Greenhorn

    Hello all! I was wondering if anyone wanted to make an english speaking guild with me. I've come across several players lately who weren't happy that their guilds are dead or just don't talk. They seem to be a mix of new, returning or veteran players. I have a guild on my character at the moment (level 38 steam mechanicus.) Just trying to find other players to play with and who speak english without some level requirement.

    So if anyone is interested just leave a reply or you can reach me on Discord. My Discord ID CobraDirector#0789. No levels requirements, need to speak english and Discord use would be nice so we can voice chat.
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    Good luck in making your guild, but if I might offer one piece of advice, you may want to include which server you play on so that people know if they could join you. Also, it would likely help to list your in game name so that they can reach you in game.
  3. alexbosu99

    alexbosu99 Forum Apprentice

    add me, I am interested I am a 48 ranger on Heredur server
    ID: Arcasultemplului
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