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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. Antares-Girtab

    Antares-Girtab Forum Greenhorn

    Hi Haruki, first of all I'm sorry for the language I'm going to use but it's not my own so you may find stupid errors.
    The improvements you (the team) release on the test server are different from the final version, the release on the live server. Why?
    I mean, the TS should be used as prototype where you can fix errors and bug to prevent them in the live server and not as simple preview of incoming features. Also these features sometimes are quite different from their final version...

    Hoping for answer,
    cheers from Italy.
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    SUPERDOUPER Junior Expert

    bp wont do a thing about bug exploiters trust me, now they gonna push r172 as soon as posible ,new pw , new mounts, new uniques and cheapers prices and hope everyone gonna get busy with that and stop complaining, yesterday i saw many people quiting and some even are deleting their toons, its a sahme that bp pushed people to this last resort, damn shame..
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  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Yes I know ... I hope they (BP) are reading this. XD
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  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Very easy to find ... all it takes is little bit image editing and playing with few filters.
    Also it can be found by the number of XP and the gear. ;)
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  5. Lunasea

    Lunasea Forum Greenhorn

    Cannot understand why we are left to beg for roll back. No. Ban. When andermands bug with friend invitations was on, it was easy for you to see even after long time who did it, and when he would communicate with support you would remind him that there was a suspicious activity of this and that in his/her account. And now you cant see a damn history check? Are you for real?
    Tell us you are scared to loose the precious gaming community that wants to steal you with bugs and bots , tell us you have no knowledge and that you are incapable of running a respectable company towards your customers, tell us you are to lazy to even check history , but not these things...
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  6. Opalsion

    Opalsion Junior Expert

    Well, the idea behind roll back polls was after they announced they are not willing to do anything for this situation and many members hoped that this might change something. But yeah, I'll agree with you here. I don't know if or what punishment there'll be, but perma ban was the first thing that crossed my mind too.
  7. Lunasea

    Lunasea Forum Greenhorn

    Such a huge dissappointment for them to be unwilling to do so... If they go against their own rules , why shouldn`t the players do that.
    Congrats to the buggers i suppose are in order nowadays...
  8. Yash786

    Yash786 Forum Apprentice

    Hey guys.. so i logged in after about 15 days... basically because game sux to me as a F2P Ranger... I opened forum today and damn.. everyone is in flames.. just W.T.F happened.... kindly explain in full detail :p
  9. fuzball15

    fuzball15 Someday Author

    can i change my name to a pinata field marachal for free
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  10. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

  11. Red_Jaeger

    Red_Jaeger Junior Expert

    I am about to give mine for free. I am getting sick of the in-game environment. Exploiters are nearly impossible to deal with now and legit players accuse me of being an exploiter just because I have a very strong DK. A 5 y/o toon with a lot of time and resources invested over these years. Still, with nearly 50% movement speed from items alone and 6.000 base dmg, I met a few moments ago players who I was killing with one blow last week in the arena and now I was doing 500-600 dmg per hit on them, plus I couldn't get anywhere near them without running or jumping. A centurion SM had so crazy armor and running speed that I could barely scratch him, even inside a mage's singularity! In just a couple of days the difference of some toons is chaotic. I cannot play in the arena because I either cannot compete or I am accused for being a cheater myself - and I do not care that much about it because I hate the arena. But I cannot farm either because I end up playing alone and getting bored to the death, too few people are online and nobody wants to farm under the fear of a rollback. So I end up using my time to type probably hopeless posts in the forums, like this one.

    Fun fact. A guy whose name is in this list was accusing *me* of being a cheater a little while ago. I certainly cannot claim that I know that the list is in any way valid, but I found it to be rather interesting to say the least.

    Perhaps we will end up with the nice scenario of "civil war", with eventually the cheaters reporting each other. Even if BP cannot technically catch them all, at the very least the banning of the exploiters that were caught in videos or outrageously advanced over the course of a couple of days can take place. Sure, people will start reporting legit players too that simply overpower them or have personal grudges with, and checking these players one by one will be tedious for the support guys and gals, but it still is better than nothing. I wholeheartedly believe that even if 1% gets punished, at least the remaining 99% will be very reluctant to try and share exploits in the future.
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  12. LooneyTed

    LooneyTed Someday Author


    Clairvoyants? No, not really. Just some folks who do/did what we say. Moreover, some of us know how not to mess up systems.

    We have a lot of respect for you, Miss Haruki, but perhaps that was uncalled for.

    btw, I wouldn't want your job at all this week.



    Be kind.
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  13. *Frosch*

    *Frosch* Forum Ambassador

    Is here any CM?? What about some answers?
  14. -HARRA81-

    -HARRA81- Forum Mogul

    It makes me sad that the Anniversary event had such a ending, biggest threat to it's survival so far, I think.
    You have to remove the items wrongly attained by the bug users.

    Do you want to continue in this list ? > Why nobody play Titan Quest PVP anymore ? It's full of hackers.
    Why nobody play old COD pvp ? It's full of hackers! Why nobody play pvp in DSO ? Well... you know.... It's full of hackers!
    It's time to act, before the money train leaves from the terminal DSO forever!

    People who has been using over 1keur or volunteered a long time in the "volunteers program" just gotten robbed very bad in case you didn't realize it. These people are in that money train which will leave the station for good. This has to be your NUMBER ONE PRIORITY,
    if this doesn't get fixed you will soon find out that you WILL LOSE bunch of volunteers from your project DSO and paying players.
    What you will left, is hackers.

    Thanks for listening and have a good day.
  15. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I was both criticizing and defending them throughout all this time. Criticizing someone is for the good ... it makes people correct their mistakes and improve in future. Most of those critics were not sent to the devs ... but their bosses (which don't care for anything else but the profits, anyway). Professional should not be led by emotions ... but by work and clear judgement. I am not professional I am enthusiast ... and in these sad moments I feel frustrated, angry and emotionally crushed.
    All that work, all those sleepless nights, all that effort and fanatic commitment for the game I love ... now I feel were time spent in vain.
    Should the situation stays the same ... and nothing changes ... I will regrettably have to consider all my options breaking all the ties with the game. It hurts a lot when I have to let go all my Wiki commitment in the past ... I personally think WE did a great job!!! I am proud with all of community members who selflessly contributed for the community ... and I think they feel the same. But sometimes you have to step down ... when you feel no further mutual cooperation is possible.
    I have talked to many people and they are feeling the same ... they are about to leave. I have talked to my Wiki buddy Magafounias ... I cannot speak in his name but ... the impression was he is leaving as well.

    Yet ... I never surrender and I am fighting to the end ... and I hope the devs will find best possible solution both for the community and the company.

    best regards,
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  16. HurrDurr

    HurrDurr Forum Apprentice

    wow, things look quite grim
    i'm glad for my "no-pay" and "no-arena" policy
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  17. Mesala

    Mesala Advanced

    Is it in the realm of possibility to bring back the old full inventory sort button?
    This new 1 tab sort doesn't cut it, too much time spent on moving stuff from one tab to another tab to assemble some kind of a decent order.
  18. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Only if it is as an option in the settings menu. It was unusable for anyone with a significant amount of items. I have over 200 items carefully sorted. I have all my crafting items on one page (well, 2 pages), and I don't want those to get mixed with junk items that need to be sold/melted. I have all my potions and consumables right on my front page easily accessible as opposed to buried god knows where by the auto sort tool. Long story short, no one who's been playing as long as I have would have purposely clicked that inventory destroyer button in it's previous version.
  19. Mesala

    Mesala Advanced

    Don't know, I thought the same as you, but when I got used to it, its a time saver, especially considering the gems and crafting that make holes in the inventory, then I have to move along something else in that spot. Don't even want to talk how much of a nightmare is to work with gems now.

    AND yes, I would like that sorting option in the Settings, for example switching off tab, turning on full.
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  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I always sell and re-buy the gems so they are always in my first page ready to craft/store.
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