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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. jayr3d

    jayr3d Regular

    Honestly @Allogeneous and @YouWinOrYouDie @CMClayton this game could be alot better if you just fix the difficulty of the PW, reprice gems/refiners/anders the rest i see potential i feel it might needa lil tweek but those are the main things we cant get strong if we cant farm... or farm in peace where we can enjoy and not rip our hair out... i like to farm solo and now its impossible...
  2. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    I think that this game is false advertising as a Free to Play MMO it should be called a Pay to Play MMO

    1 If you are total F2P as I am not a Premium or Deluxe Premium or you buy Anders occasionally player once you go into the new PW's after this latest release you will sit there and go *** seriously ???
    Maps I could solo Pre 185 now I need Blue Essence occasionally to get through the map
    As for Grimm he was my last boss for daily yesterday so I ran whole map got to Grimm watched him use the old level 2 and 3 skills and smash me
    I am Free to Play but I have been playing 4-5 years all my gear is level 53-54 Gems are ok but not amazing 0 Royals 1 Sacred all of which have been farmed I am atm level 53 Ranger Marshal
    I don't mind farming but to farm for 6 months after every release from 40-45 then 45-50 to get you back to where you were before the release is not fun
    After this release I think it will take 12-18 months to get back close to where I was because I have lost interest in grinding to improve myself when the developers take know notice of the playing community and just destroys our toons with there updates
    I am glad I have not spent on this game makes it easier for me to check in and walk away
    I feel sorry for the Free to play players leveling to 55 and walking into the new PW's I think you will loose alot of players as they hit 55 and they say why have I wasted my time doing this
    I have enjoyed this game up until this update now the fun is gone and to grind for grinding sakes ?? Yeah no you can keep that I would rather spend time with my family than waste hours a day grinding on this game
  3. awaroa

    awaroa Advanced

    I have enjoyed this game up until this update now the fun is gone and to grind for grinding sakes ?? Yeah no you can keep that I would rather spend time with my family than waste hours a day grinding on this game[/QUOTE]

    grinding is a b**** of a job if you are not enjoying the grind. So what about if you think like this instead of grinding 10 hours to get something in the game . do 1 hour of overtime/grind at your job and pay for that something in the game.Its win win for you and bp you save your self 9 hours of grinding and bp gets some dosh. Because if every player was F2P there would be no drakensang
  4. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    We have full moon this weekend, can anyone tell me if they going to put lv55 base white on this unique? Because is not worth to farm essence if they keep them blank or with old lv55 base.


    Thank you.
  5. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    grinding is a b**** of a job if you are not enjoying the grind. So what about if you think like this instead of grinding 10 hours to get something in the game . do 1 hour of overtime/grind at your job and pay for that something in the game.Its win win for you and bp you save your self 9 hours of grinding and bp gets some dosh. Because if every player was F2P there would be no drakensang[/QUOTE]

    Decided to respond to you
    It is a personal choice for each player to spend or not to spend on a computer game from your response I am guessing you are a spender ??
    I did not say every player should be F2P and to those who wish to spend good luck to them

    So to answer why I will not spend real life $$ on this game I will give you an example
    1. Every update needs a hotfix to fix bugs lag etc in the game most of the time these are not fixed from this it suggests to me either the developers are incompetent or the Quality Team that checks before an update is implemented are incompetent
    So seeing as you have thrown the do 1 hout OT and spend that on drakensang line at me I will throw this back at you I work 12,13,14 hour shifts already so if the people that work for me in our industry devlivered poor unprofessional work consistently they would be moved along because if they delivered poor work they would put others that have to use it in harms way
  6. -{Gabriel}-

    -{Gabriel}- Active Author

    Why do the developers at DSO punish end game players with the level updates by destroying our Stats but leave the twinks that hide at 10-20-30-and now 40 alone to destroy new players that enter the game ???
    Does not make sense to me
    Is there any official DSO person that looks at forums anymore ??
    The Mods don't count as they can not give an official answer or can they ?? If one of them can put your hand up so the questions can be directed at you :)

    Challenge for bug.point do a survey see how many players are sick to death of twinks :p
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  7. -Skygazer-

    -Skygazer- Advanced

    Mr Clayton,
    I have a short memory, can you kindly remind me what this thread is called?
    ....Thought you were the only one to know the answer.....
  8. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    These type of players have indeed made many new potential players/payers quit the game definitely.What BP did wrong here is that they allowed low ranks to have items with great stats and did not put a lvl limit to how far each item can be upgraded at their ranks like we lvl 55 have.At lvl 55 u can get only +5 lvl on each item.This shouldve been introduced for low ranks aswell.Not doing this made low ranks get 2k dmg on weapons...80% on all stats ...crazy hp and more.Do really low ranks need 2handers with 2k dmg + on them when mobs/bosses barely have few k hp?No wonder they kill most bosses in few hits even without essence lol.

    Lvl 55 shouldve had 80% dmg on 2handers from each option max, lvl 50 max 70%...lvl 45 max 60% ..and so on (as for example).Giving a low rank the opportunity to craft a 2hander with 4x80% dmg (for example) just so he could 1hit pretty much everything in arena and while farming is a mistake.This is why the pvp is so messed up at low ranks, this is why new players dont really stay and play more after they met a twink with op stats in arena and also this is why there are players who 1hit every boss with blue essence lol. Maybe its time for BP to finally nerf some of the twinks items and stats and not only nerf the items of old lvl 50-55 players.

    Also would like to congratulate you for killing the blue essence/ander drops and increasing the difficulty + "nerfing" us players with the new lvl cap.Good stuff like essence/ander was reduced....stats too...difficulty was increased.This is only good for warriors (who dont really use essence when tank bosses) and dwarfs (who barely use few hundred per kill) while the rangers and mages will probably have to even pay to farm in the future if this issue is not adressed.

    One last thing.When are u going to make these competitions fair for all classes? For instance the last fb competition when top 10 dragan kills got mortis mount, how many of those 10 were warriors and dwarfs and how many were rangers or mages?I guess you realise where im going with this.A dwarf kills dragan in few seconds with red while a ranger needs 2 times that amount of time/essence.

    So a dwarf has a big advantage in these type of competitions.How is that fair?At daily rewards we get 250 blue-500 blue from middle quests.A dwarf kills a tier 3 boss with those, maybe 2.A ranger kills not even one.How is that fair again?This game has become more like DWARFensang than Drakensang.Is there even a point in playing a mage/ranger anymore other than for PvP? Because for PVE you have to invest 2 -3 times more cash to buy resources to do what a class can do with farmed blue.
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  9. Guado11

    Guado11 Forum Greenhorn

    Im a little frustrated here... how can i improve my resist with regular extra or legen items if only the belt and the shoulers has inc % resist. That only leaves me the belt for me since i use the old dragan set ( im a tank lvl 55 ). 44% is what i have as resistance and i need more to be able to tank the remastered pw bosses. Can you look into that ...? i mean i feel it imposible for me to get a good % with just 1 item that offers increased %.
  10. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    You should go for q1,q2,q3,q4,q7,q8 uniques...each of them offer good ressist.U can then transfer the options from your old legendaries to these uniques then.U will easily then get over 4k-5k ressist like that.
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  11. Guado11

    Guado11 Forum Greenhorn

    Thnx for that, ive been doing that a lot "go for q1,q2,q3,q4,q7,q8 uniques" no luck on the uniques with good resist and im at 5k resist wich is 44%. My belt itself gives me 98% inc resist on item plus another 8% all resist increase and 4 of those 135 resist gems. I still need to improve there but cant find an easy way out of it using regular items.
  12. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Q1 boots gives u around 1200 fire ressistance
    Q2 amulet gives u around 1200 poison ressistance and extra 800 overall ressistance
    Q4 belt gives u 1200 light ressist and extra 800 or so overall ressistance
    Q7 glove gives u around 600 fire ressist
    Q7 weapon gives u another 600 fire ressist and another 1200 andermagic ressist
    Q8 armor gives u another 600 ice ressist
    Q8 crystal another 600 ice ressist and 1200 light ressist

    4k fire ressist overall , 2800 poison ressist , 4k light ressist, 2800 ice ressist just by having these tier 4 uniques at lvl 60 without having any gems.If u have 10-20 good ressist gems u should have like 6k fire, light...5k poison and ice...if u want more u should go for a belt with % ressist on it.But with the current dmg in arena i doubt few hundred extra ressist will help when u get a 20k+ hit.Even if u have 20k ressist u will still be 1hit most of the times if u go with 2 hander.

    If you wanna go full ressist mode then u should go for a belt with 4xall ressistance values i guess...doubt it will help much having in mind that most players already have more than 10k dmg in arena.If u are a tank and wanna go for a full ressist build then i doubt u will get anywhere by doing that.Those infernal bosses are exagerated in terms of difficulty for all warriors even if u are full lvl 60...full royal or a noobaa tank without gems lol...

    Infernal bosses for warriors are like royal gems...get all uniques...craft and get best 4x gold lines on all items, get all stats over 80% ...transfer your legendary items to uniques and u still die 1 hit ....BP logic at its best lol...infernal bosses are meant to be fought by ranged classes alone with few exceptions where u can dodge the attacks...or u can die 5-10 times per round and say the boss is easy for the youtubers xD
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  13. AnyoneUnderTheBlueSky

    AnyoneUnderTheBlueSky Forum Apprentice

    anything yours must to be wrong. in 14 skills, 4 are hyperbugged between their skills, other 6 detect invisible objets (shots)

    why no fix this?

    where we go?

    i can say how more time expend i goes to be angry and finally sad , enought to leave the game occasionaly.

    4 years guys yours have this bugs, i have hope to yours can improve but i losing my hope. the snowball effect is hurting me, actually i cant do one q solo.
  14. Arx_X

    Arx_X Advanced

  15. Guado11

    Guado11 Forum Greenhorn


    SUPERDOUPER Junior Expert

    still no word from cm clayton or any statetment what so ever, cant help wondering does anyone from bp read posts on forum or they just dont care, i personally think it the second one. why do you keep making dwarfs more and more powerfull? now with this option to convert sapphires into runes once again dwarfs are the only class who did get most of it. i saw some having 2.50 speed with 14-16k dmg and crazy amount of hp and armor . guess its easy when you dont have to bother yourself with petty things such as critical and critical dmg and your turrets are automatic and you just run, and what ....... me off is acting from bp like everything is ok while sw and ra are either force to start playing on dwarf or just simply quit, and you expcet from people to spending vast amount of money on a broken game? i personally will never spend any dime ever again on this game i would ruther flush it down the toilett,
  17. Guado11

    Guado11 Forum Greenhorn

    [​IMG][/url]greenshot[/IMG] i dont know if the picture went through but that was me 2 weeks ago. some of those stats went up thats what i have on my phone. I checked all those uniques but i cant depend on them since the update i got 3 uniques and have been untouchable items. i can tank most boses at lvl 3 now its the remaining ones that i need the resist for.
    [​IMG][/url]image hosting no account[/IMG]
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  18. GodChronos

    GodChronos Forum Expert

    Pictures don't work, try another site other then imgur.
  19. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    The problem is somewhere else XD.
  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Nothing is wrong with imgur

    This picture is from imgur is showing right ... when using properly :p
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