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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Worst part is that right now, you get 30% HP and 30% Damage from the knowledge tree... the new system has a max of 25%/25% (assuming those increments are 1% each) and that is if you use all 50 point for those skills... Not exactly a good deal. I hope I'm wrong, but we'll see when it goes onto stable.
    I have very little to add to trakilaki's post. DesertKoala said it well when he said to look between the frustration and you will read good points. The current developers have had a couple of good ideas, but a great many have been borderline game breaking.

    The biggest problem is that they (and in some ways you CMs too) are ignoring what the experienced and knowledgeable players are saying but only picking up on the highly vocal but new/inexperienced players that don't always think through the consequences of their suggestions... Take for example the "Character Create/Delete Andermant exploit." If you had asked any of us veteran players, we'd have yelled loudly "DON'T DO THAT" or at least "Here is what you need to do so that you don't make a mess." Before you made it free to delete characters, I would regularly make a new character, play through to the second PvP quest (LVL 10, 400 Andermant for 10 wins) and then reset. I'd get the 400 ander-the 200 reset fee, and then any other ander I earned from the quests getting to LVL 10. On an occasion, one of my chests had 1k ander in it and I was excited when that happened. My point is that if you had told us with a road map that this feature was coming, that exploit would have never needed to hit the live servers.

    On that topic, I appreciate having the road map... I've actually been planning to do a write up on the upcoming features to make suggestions on how to not mess them up. If you promise to seriously consider them and actually pass them up, I'll do that write up and post it here... otherwise, I might as well not even waste my time. I'm sure that I'm not the only one that is willing to help, but the key is that those of us who know enough to help want to be taken seriously. If we'd have had the road map for the past 9 months, and we'd been able to make constructive criticism with enough heads up that it might actually have been able to make a difference, we might have avoided several of the black eyes that the players have given you and the developers over the changes you've made.
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  2. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Will talents from the fame tree, such as Magic Virtuoso, Quicker Missiles, and Higher Quality Arrow, be moved to the new experience tree?
  3. Hulk

    Hulk Active Author

    Hi CMs!
    Few questions:
    1. Is there a way to benefit non-premium players as well as them? I much appreciate the freedom what game offers, so one can farm parallel world maps months trying to get as many fragments as his/her time permit of and one can only farm a few hours of reaching the best gears (uniques, andermants, coins, runes) that is conducting from the benefits which is respected/honoured by the game's mechanism but certain points players don't want to linger on closing up to premium members! So can normal players as fast way improve as premium members?
    2.Will be newly randomized items such as uniques, legendaries? I mean reworked upgraded items to max level (weapons, gloves, boots etc.) And what the Lor'tac uniques offering (300% weapon damage) is on any other uniques or legendary but with different blessing. Simple: Legendary obsidian steel blade can cause fire blast on ground-shaking with 200% weapon damage or every long-range mobster can be stunned for 3 seconds etc.
    3.Will be new features of gems. I liked the idea when the third neutral gem combined a higher lvl gem. Will be similar gems there or new ones?
    4.Character sheet: if there will be a new skill system you can add on the sheet every skill caused damage and with a percental damage above! Nicely feature would be this because as we customize every skill for wham, its damages could be shown on character sheet! :D
    5.Ehm Drop rate so unfeasible! I want a new feature, oh im just begging :D
  4. Velociraptor.

    Velociraptor. Forum Greenhorn

    For Strength and Vitality is 2%, but if I have 30 lvl of knowledge I have 30% Bonus to Dmg and Hp. That mean, I need to spend 15 talents points fo Strength and 15 for Vitality to have bonus that I already have. But we lost points because we need 10 or more to get passive talents that we had on Experience/Fame Tree. This will make that current bonus will be lower, ergo our characters will be weaker.
    On Twitch Greg said, that we won't lose anything, but I'm pretty sure that he lied ...
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  5. shadow-whisper

    shadow-whisper Forum Mogul

    Well X*(level*level) would have been even better, so the raise per level is more significant (no, I´m not a math person lol)
    Anyway, I have a question about player names, there are some people (me included) that use mix of 2 alphabets in the character´s name, for example Xaxaxa, where one "a" is from russian azbuka, so it looks the same, but is coded(?) as different, so there can be more than one players with the "same" name on server (shame on you, those who make level 1 character just to block cool name and never use it !!!). I heard there is going to be some measures to prevent this, so I want to ask, is this true ? If yes, what will happen to those, who already have names with other than latin alphabet ?(there´s tons of those). And if you want to block other alphabets, you should keep deleting low level characters that are made just to block a popular name(from other games for example.) and never touch it again.
    Or it would be nice if there can be more than one player with the same name (with normal letters) cause I don´t want to have numbers in my nick name.

    And one more, with the new wisdom tree(well, more like a mess now) all of the current talents will be available from start(which is a good change imo) ... so from the very beggining you can use fast(epic) mounts, therefore there is no point in having horses anymore.(no point in using them now also once you get the epic mount talent). So the question is, do you plan to increase the speed of normal mounts(horses, unicorn, unupgraded reindeer) to match the speed of epic ones ? It would be nice to see more variety between mounts. Who wants the dragon because it looks epic would still buy it, but I for one like to use the unupgraded reindeer but, eventhough its a fast animal ! It cant overrun heavy armored horse ? come´on. :(

    And while speaking about mounts, why did you put that stupid piece of armor on the back of lion, and the new upcoming tigers/panter? It looks wierd, would be better and more natural without it, cause they are fast animals and dont need it. :confused:

    Thanks for any answers!
  6. _Dragonscale_

    _Dragonscale_ Advanced

    Well, I disagree. I'd rather have actual skills useful in fights than "skills" that are available to all players from the beginning in other MMOs. I mean, how many other games make you farm/pay/do quests in order to get just one ability slot more in the bar, or to get the basic "Hearthstone" ability usually given to players at level 1. About mounts... epic mounts are more expensive, and thus harder (at least for new players) to get than normal mounts. But yeah, some kind of level limit for the epic mounts would be great. And cloaks, well, they still probably have the level 40 requirement, and at the point you can use them, you usually have the level 25 in knowledge anyways.
    The new skill system. It has more skills than before, and more options to choose from. IMO, it seems great, MUCH better than before. I can't see the reason for all the crying.
  7. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    Here is my question and i Provided a Picture. pictures = 1,000 words.


    This would be what i suggest for Guilds. This would be so very very awsome...
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  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I don't compare games.
    When you play "The Best MMORPG game for Browser" you can't compare it with other worthless games ... it should be other way round ... they should compare themselves with this game . Instead ... I am seeing those clueless developers are jumping on the bandwagon. They simply try to steal features from other games. Poor them.
    Crying? No I am expressing my thoughts before it is too late ... you all will be crying after. :)
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  9. _Dragonscale_

    _Dragonscale_ Advanced

    "Other worthless games" Such as the most popular MMO on the market?
    And why would I be crying? I'm completely happy with the new skill system. The only thing that I so far don't like are the new abilities. The SW's, DK's, and Ranger's ones are really lame, Steam Mechanicus' is OK.

    So now for the questions:
    1. Why were "hard mode" dungeons removed and are there any chances they will be brought back? (Though there probably was a reason they got removed, I just don't remember any.) It was way more fun to level in Prison of Souls and Dragon Caverns than in boring places like Temple Sector.
    2. Are you planning to rework the rest of the old areas and make the leveling experience better? After playing through the new tutorial and Swerdfield pastures, I can imagine new players getting disappointed in the quality of the older content.
    3. Somewhere (don't remember where) was said that the new class could release this year. Is it already in the makings?
  10. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Most popular ≠ good/best.
    Most popular means a lot of brainwashed people fall on that company's marketing. The more clueless people there are the more popular the game is. It is the same way with the music as well ... are you listening to Justin Bieber ... by any chance? :rolleyes:
    "Popular game" doesn't mean it have great features.
    You have your opinion and I will not argue with it ... I appreciate it. The more opinions the more chance to sublime the better review.
    But one thing is puzzling my mind
    How can you be happy with something that no one has seen ... yet ? Sure it was mentioned few words by CMs on the last Twitch session ... but I don't think that the CMs even themselves understood what they have said.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2015
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  11. matami

    matami Someday Author

    why didn't we get any knowledge/honor to our test server characters that we got for this? how are we suppose to test the new knowledge/fame-trees without... i just cant understand that :) or do we have to try getting it by playing? and then afterwards you delete the charracters. that doesnt make any sense :confused:
  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    That is why you got 50K andermant ... so you can buy the knowledge tree ... as for the fame tree there is no chance to test it properly on the test server.
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  13. matami

    matami Someday Author

    i thought the 50k was for stones because without some gems it's just equal useless try to test something if you have underpowered character. so 25k per characters knowledge + 25 bad legendary lottery tickets and no gems and we should be able say if something is in balance? comon :D either your way or my way you can just say that my character feels pretty weak or i cant test it att all :D
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  14. _Dragonscale_

    _Dragonscale_ Advanced

    The game has to be at least somewhat good if 7 million people are willing to pay 15 bucks a month just to play it.
    They even showed it to us. And the CMs and the game designer talked about it. So we already know how it is going to be like. And so I can also be happy about it.
  15. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I like what they have done with the experience tree based on what I've seen so far, but until I have a chance to see/play with the new knowledge/PvP trees, I don't have much favorable to say about those yet. Hopefully that comes to stable next week and we can start actually seeing how bad BP messed this up.
  16. Szmaciak

    Szmaciak Junior Expert

    Haruki and Greg could you give moderators materials about new skills/new trees to put them as FAQ at forums before it will be implement in game (at test server or normal, whatever)? I can see a lot of ambiguities, doubts about them and the same questions are repeated and... a lot off useless off topic user's chatting in topic where I want to read posts from you and answers from you not from others players.

  17. CM Haruki

    CM Haruki Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Hello there trakilaki,

    well, we certainly welcome your feedback and we know you are a hard-core player who cares about the status of the game. Now, those "errand boys" that you are referring to have given a lot of thought to the Skill system 2.0 and also the new structure of the Fame and Knowledge trees so everything that has been changed, or enhanced, has been done for the good reasons (balancing, better and more rewarding gaming experience, and so on). The resulting system wants to be better than the existing one, for veterans but also for newbies (yes, we are also taking into account the new ones), and it will be enhanced with the opinions of this community so you have something to say about it once you finally test it and see how the whole system feels and actually works.

    Which brings me to the topic of...

    When will we have the new release 155 on Stable?
    When we will have the feedback threads we talked about?
    Uh, CMs, uh?

    Well, soon enough (sorry, not an ETA we can give). As we have announced several times, your feedback is needed in order to bring the new Skill 2.0 System (all the trees, for that matter) to its best potential so we will run extensive feedback threads here and also the mod team will collect all your opinions across territories. Our developers are deep into this and it's not feeble game for them - so they will read and delve into the major issues to see where they can enhance the system even more.

    I did not understand your first question anyway. Different name on a stand?
    Whot? No, Drakensang: The Rise of Balor will be present at the Gamescom with an amazing booth and next to it will be Shards of War, which is another game from Bigpoint... I hope that is clear for everyone!! ^^

    Hello there, long answer made short: the current skills of the fame tree will be redistributed, as you know. Some will be available in the experience tree (through skill specializations), some others will be available in the wisdom tree and some will stay right where they are. We will be able to provide you more detailed information in the forums and in Twitch soon (we are planning to draw one of our game designs to actually talk in dept about this for all of you).

    1. The developers develop the game maintaining that balance between premium and non-premium players at all times (otherwise it would not be fair for either of them). Meaning, we think there should be a balance between the non-premium player who does not invest monetarily on the game and the grinding or time he needs to extra reach certain milestones in the game (that the paying users get quicker and more direct). Does this answer your question? If it does not, please develop it and we will go into details about that. ^^
    2. Not uniques, no, but legendaries, yes. Lovely ones, you will see.
    3. We do not have plans for new gem features, no.
    4. Nice suggestion but not happening for the moment!
    5. Drop rate seems always so unfeasible!!

    1. Will get back to you in the future, when I have a more detailed and official answer to this. Sure a lot of people are interested in it. ;)
    2. Yes, this is definitely an issue that our level and content designers are very well aware of; funny that you bring up Swerfield pastures since this one is currently being examined. Of course, releasing Lor'Tac is an amazing feat but we are also looking back and see how to improve the gaming experience across sectors and levels. Ok, do not expect a complete rework of all maps and quests but certainly some improvements there to reduce repetition and enhance gameplay. ;)
    3. The idea goes that the new class will come this year, yes. We would certainly love that. And you too!!

    We have some feedback threads and FAQ materials (these are being translated as I write by our translation team) in the works and they will hopefully be posted during this week!! Stay tuned in the Official Announcement section!!

    Disclaimer: please note that during the following days Greg and me will be quite busy defending our booth from the hordes of MMo lovers at the Gamescom... so some of your most recent questions will be answered when we come back (on the 11th). Please be a little bit patient in that respect. ;) Thanks!

  18. French_Moose

    French_Moose Forum Greenhorn

    When is Mr Magic Picker going to be back on Twitch? That guy was cool.
  19. Hulk

    Hulk Active Author

    1 Actually, those premium members benefit lots of than non-premium players as you know better like me. ;) So i won't detail every pros of premium accounts but if the balancing was the purpose why they get more, I don't understand. Simple an example:premium player goes m2 knights but he wouldn't fear if he/she died because he respawn free and won't loss durability + inventory places for grinding and collecting hmmm... But non-premium player goes m2 knights, he/she dies at the third knight yet uncollected his/her loot (legendary, rare item). Now he/she could think upon respawning for 40 ander which he loses or get back at city but he/she could repair for 16 coppers which he/she loses. So, summerized: non-premium ply. doesn't reach certain milestones unless plays as hard as becoming "immortalized"!:D But anyway i can give tips!
    2 So legendaries will have one kind of randomized set bonus value of the 4 enchantments??;)
  20. GroKoLegend

    GroKoLegend Forum Apprentice

    Can you change so all mounts have the same travel speed? With the new skillsystem will everybody be able to use an epic mount, and its not so hard to get one, just buy two lucky mounts and your almost guranteed one epic. Thinks its better to use the mount you like the most and not compare them by stats. And then you can set so premium members mounts have an aditional 10% increased travel speed, just so there is some advantage to the "payers"
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