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    In every major hub of Dracania (except Grimford) your hero can encounter a new NPC, the Prophet. As soon as the Prophet is being approached, the lighting around your hero changes to a mysterious magenta tone.

    The Prophet has several quests for you with most of them having the goal to collect trophies, which you can get by defeating worthy opponents. Once you complete the quests, you will be rewarded with a teleport item – the scroll of punctuality.

    Among the quest rewards you will also receive items, which will be useful throughout the event and will ease you to succeed in the event.

    The majority of the Prophet’s quests are repeatable and thus the rewards can be received indefinitely.

    Can alternatively all be purchased from the in-game shop

    Scroll of Punctuality
    Immediately upon right-click you will be teleported to Werian’s Sanctuary, which is now about to be besieged.
    Note: Once you right-click on the scroll, you will be teleported immediately, there is no other notification window popping up (will be fixed next time the event is on).

    Oath of Balance
    This item will allow you to call a mercenary Ranger to aid you throughout the battle against the monsters.
    Oath of Power
    This item will allow you to seek help from a mercenary Dragon Knight, to fight next to you against the monsters.
    Oath of Knowledge
    This item will allow you to call a mercenary Spell Weaver, who will aid you in the battle against the monsters.

    About mercenaries in general:
    Once called for help, you cannot position or control the mercenaries and unlike the wolves of the ranger, the mercenaries will not follow your hero, mercenaries have their own intelligence and will attack foes upon sight.

    Life Force Prayer
    On the map you will find a shrine where you can active a healing source, once every time you enter the map of the besieged Werian’s Sanctuary. The source will heal your entire party and the NPC Fighter Anselm.

    Slowness Enchantment
    This item can be used during the battle and will slowdown
    the monster mobs. This enchantment can only be used once every time you enter the map of the besieged Werian’s Sanctuary

    Good to know:
    Mercenaries, the life force prayer and the slowness enchantment can only be used once per map.

    The same rule applies for the mercenaries, there can only be one Dragon Knight, one Ranger and one Spell weaver mercenary on the map. This also applies when you are entering the map with a group. The mercenaries cannot be called once per player, the same goes for the life force prayer and the slowness enchantment.

    Upon using the Scroll of Punctuality, you will enter Werian’s Sanctuary and will discover that the area has been under heavy attack and is about to be invaded by waves of monsters. Talk to NPC Fighter Anselm to start the main quest and prepare yourself for an intensive battle.
    You will be attacked by nine waves of monsters in total and you goal is to keep NPC Fighter Anselm alive throughout the battle. If he falls in battle, then you will fail and you will have to start all over again. However, should you fail, stay in the map, as you can restart the monster waves simply by reaccepting the quest of NPC Fighter Anselm. However, if you want to use the help of the mercenaries and the shrines you will have to re-enter the map. Successful heroes will be rewarded with Insignia’s of Merits, which will allow you to progress through the event

    During the battle you can use the Prophet’s quest rewards – the oaths on the blue, red and green banner around you to receive help from the mercenaries. The mercenaries will aid you until they fall in battle.


    The life force prayer can be activated by clicking on the priest’s shrine on your left and the slowness enchantment can be activated by clicking on the scholar’s shrine on your right.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The healing prayer will work on your entire party and also heal NPC Fighter Anselm, so use it wisely brave hero!

    The final reward, once you have filled the entire progress bar, is an armor piece called – the Defender’s Belt. The complete set is a collectors piece and will be made available each time this event will occur.


    About the belt: The belt has the attribute 20% higher piece of armor value. This bonus also applies on the stats of Cyanit gems that are being attached to the item. So for example: let’s imagine you insert 5 x +10 Cyanites, then their total value is boosted by 20%
    5 x +10 x 20% = +60

    Instead of + 50, you now will get +60.

    PS: The set has no random values and no minus stats.


    The event is preferably played in groups, one hero alone will find the event quite demanding and challenging. Therefore, please team up! If you still want to achieve progress for the event you can always buy Insignias of Merit in the in-game shop.

    Enjoy the event and good luck, the sanctuary’s fate is in your hands!
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