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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Phyrix, Dec 17, 2019.

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  1. Phyrix

    Phyrix Forum Baron

    You know something we don't have in dso?
    We dont have bosses that transform into something bigger and meaner after dying.
    I think that would be pretty cool
    Example bloodmage turning into a giant white werewolf after dying <- example because well shinings is a lot of work and costs realm frags to be farmed.
    Also got me thinking on how werewolves cause bleed with their attacks.
    In certain games it is DOT that does a lot more damage than base itself.
    But adding dot to dso would not be so bad.
    Example the new gem that burns is nice, however what about frost damage over time and bleed, and poison and even ander magic dot.
    Stupid example but no one really uses the khalys helmet.
    But lets say for mages it added 100% ander magic damage over 4 seconds for magic missile and chain lightning?
    Then picture the mm being purple and the ch being purple too as a side effect of wearing the helmet.
    The dev team explicitly wanted to focus on bringing skills to the table with cloaks.
    if not helmet that would be a pretty damn cool cloak.
    But lets explore skills.
    earlier I was thinking having something that allows a dk to get 50% increased damage during furious battle cry would be pretty cool.
    Was also thinking a amulet that ads 100% bleed over 4 seconds to main attacks of classes would be cool.
    Main reason for these ideas is to get a player to attain an additional 100-200% base per second.
    On specific skills not all skills.
  2. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Forum Veteran

    Is this April already???

    Your kidding, Phyrix, right? You gotta be.

    Most of the time I die due to "DAMAGE OVER TIME". It's all over the place. Caught on fire. Poisoned to death. Etc.
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  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Are you sure?
    What about: Sargon, Gwenfara, Avalona, Mortis.
    No thanks ... keep it for yourself.
    Even the current farm is too much for me.
    You wanna more farming and time spending tasks? Buy a tractor and plow some land.
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  4. Phyrix

    Phyrix Forum Baron

    havent faced sargon yet
    gwenfara has a evil mini spirit?
    avalona transforms into igc
    Mortis you face his mount then him

    I'm talking something like dragan nearly dead, then those beams activate and make him twice as big.
    Stuff like that, I mean ofc uber strong uniques that come with it ofc, not willy nilly uniques, I mean we dont have epics and mythics in dso yet xD
    Maybe uniques should be classed too
    example a set unique, legendary uniques has 1 unique line, epic uniques 2 unique lines and mythic uniques has 3 unique lines xD
    Those are just ballpark stuff but just sayin

    --- MERGED ---

    I know we have dot effects, however they are minute.
    just a rough example here.
    Lets say dks had bleed on smash 75% of base every 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds
    Lets say there was a rune that increased hunting arrow poison effect by 300%
    Lets say that there was a ring that caused frozen sphere to do electric dot at 50% of base every 0.3 seconds for 2 seconds.
    However those are basic examples.
    Lets push this:
    Lets say there was a ring that allowed smash to do 60% bleed every 0.3 seconds for 2 seconds.
    And then there is also another ring that allows rage attack to do 50% bleed every 0.5 seconds.
    Now adding q4 as a simple example.
    firstly bleed stacks since it is different kinds of bleed.
    Same goes for poison, electrocuted should have dot too and fire ofc.

    Now whats happening is the q4 boost suddenly boosts those bleeds to 90% of base and 75% of base coming in at
    180% of base per second and 100% of base per second added with smash which on q4 is 290% of base and rageful swing bleeds 37.5% of base too.
    Firstly you get 100% uptime of the q4 buff.
    in my case where during banner and the smash speed buff and speed pet and speed physic I hit 4 smashes a second @ a speed of 3.65 attacks per second
    So thats 1160% of base excluding bleed, bleeds from different sources comes in at 317.5% of base per second.
    So now suddenly the dot and the base attack + dot = 1477.5% of base per second.
    But thats low, theres builds in other games where the dot reaches 6000% of base per second excluding main attacks.
    So now tell me do you really consider this to be an April fools proposal?
    There is this video of 1 guy with a melee build he put his dot in loop expanding the duration of the dot in the case of the video it was poison and the runes he used thus allowed him to do 1100% poison damage per second over the space of 15 minutes. in his demo video he literally died and the posion effect killed the boss for him.
    And this is exactly what I was saying too, not only does different kinds of bleed stack, but lets say you had 2x poisonous items with different poisons, would they not stack?
    Same with burn, ice and electric damage, stacked and boosted elemental and physical dot is a sure thing in games.
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