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  1. Invisiblity

    Invisiblity Forum Greenhorn

    Guys i have a big question for you.
    I have back to playing DSO again and well i just cant handle bosses after Dark Legacy path.

    I have created new char (acher) and just cant do bosses like before for example i just spend almost 40 mins to kill Kali for story quest.

    Heredur was just unkillable for me (he gain fresh shield after 15-20 mins of beating him)

    Is there any trick for that ?
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  2. bibere

    bibere Someday Author


    Currently a solo game hard.
    Looking for a group or stronger player in the urban chat in the game.
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  3. dkarl

    dkarl Old Hand

    Unless you have to kill a particular Boss in order to move onto the next area of Duria, skip that quest, go about your business, circle back after you've leveled up 5-10 times, have slightly better gear, access to more skills. Then go back and beat the sn*t out the old Boss.

    As @bibere said, solo play is much more difficult now in DSO-DL. Play and progress in general has been slowed down by many factors. In my mind, chief among them the nerf of Wisdom drops. The points you allocate as absolute modifiers in the Wisdom tree are your toon's primary source of strength until you're much deeper into the game.

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