Suggestion Bring Back Q7 Shop!

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by iLarry, Jan 17, 2020.

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  1. iLarry

    iLarry Forum Greenhorn

    I don't think I'm the only new 55 level guy who wants to progress in the game and can't get more damage because there are no good weapons atm that you can farm with 17k dmg.. All i do is have to ask for help everytime i get in, did 200+ runs for 2 weeks, to get the bow from Q7, not a single drop, except one time the gloves.. The shop was very useful, so low dmg players can farm their way up to get the items from the shop, I don't understand why it was removed.
    Please bring that shop back, and sorry if I posted in the wrong section, it's my first time on the forum, thanks and hi all!!
  2. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Won't happen so deal with it :p There are 2 explanations why it was removed - first, official, for players request as it was just too easy where uniques didn't feel any special as in old days and second, which is conspiracy theory, that no longer you can buy fairy belt which is biggest scam ever :D Either way no bringing back shop which has both some ups and downs.
  3. Mdk3

    Mdk3 Forum Apprentice

    haha :) where those the players that already bought all the items they needed and/or are strong enough to fastfarm ?

    BTW, I'm also trying to get the witch belt. Where can I get it from ? Anyone can confirm where it is dropping ?
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2020
  4. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum Demigod

    Who are these supposed "many players"?Astroturfers and useful idiots don't count as players and even then, those who claimed that nonsense would be wrong.

    Uniques stopped being special the moment they introduced crafting that produced items that could much more powerful than unique items and when unique had to be crafted with leggendaries to have any value.
    Also, only an handful of uniques were special.

    And most uniques don't feel special because most uniques suck.

    It's not because it felt too easy getting them( as if it was too easy, you just bought the unique with farmed materi frags or drakens, which doesn't guarantee a unique with good base stats and even then, the unique still had to be crafted, so that claim is complete bogus).

    The shop itself existed as a bandaid of the real issue, which was and still is the aweful drop rates of unique items.
  5. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Could be... but in any given time you can say that and if change happen it happens ;):p

    Belt drops only from amphoras per 1 and 5 keys - better 1 - on both event and normal map. No other ways to obtain. Issue is it's 0.2% chance to get it per roll and this is why it's biggest DSO scam. Earlier you could buy it from shop now you have to spend on average 345 amphora keys to get it which is 138 000 anders. Of course you can buy keys for drakens, get some free but nevertheless it's scam territory :rolleyes: Just imagine what happens if you pick shortest straw out of 10 or 20...

    I'm not discussing with corectness of that change, i'm just answering what was the official statement given when they were removed :p
    As for private opinion I have mixed feelings - overall i think was quite good decision but there should be some backdoor left for beginners so they have easier start. It was unfortunate they haven't thought about it.
  6. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum Demigod

    It would have been a good change if they actually bothered to fix the issue, instead they simply removed it( to make people spend cash) and to appease a bunch of screeching savages who were complaining about a bandaid instead of the issue, like the useful idiots that they were, i had to read plenty of those posts of these geniuses and read their "arguments".

    And now what?Newbies are asking to get carried even more and the result is that what we have now is an even less meritocratic system than before, because at least before newbies had to farm to get the unique( which would have helped making them indipendent) but now it's pure luck.

    But this situation wouldn't have existed if they actually increased unique drop rates, which makes sense, because it's not like before when at least some uniques were truly strong and had fixed values.
    Back then, low unique drop rates made sense( although it was annoying and cancerous loot system because of the luck factor and it was completely antimeritocratic).
    Now they don't, due to the fact that uniques have random stats and on top of that, you have to craft leggendaries over them.
  7. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    I mean they are technically increasing unique lootrate, very slowly but surely. Not particular Q based, but in general increasing number of playable uniques. Idk to be honest it probably could be somewhat higher, wouldn't hurt, but not much higher.

    Though as for newbies with shop removal they screwed badly. There really should be some mechanism that allows newbies to get early access to something. Maybe even a first kill of a boss on mod I when unblocking Q should give guaranteed boss uniques. I honestly don't think it would be broken. It just sucks so much to be newbie these days :(:confused: I fully agree with you on that one.
  8. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum Demigod

    They only increased drop rates for the junk uniques that nobody needs anyway.
    Also, introducing new unique set is useless if those uniques are completely useless and can't be used to build viable end game builds.

    Th solution is very simple: increase the drop rates of all uniques, it's not like we'll be swarmed with uniques with gold base lines anyway, most uniques are trash.
    That will provide a path for newbies to self improve and get by in the game, thereby providing a sense of progress so that boredom is diminished: RPG games such as this should provide this sense of growth to newbies( end game players can't feel this, because they are end game, so they can't progress much by definition: however bonus challenges should be provided for them, in the form of bonus hard maps and bonus difficulties and such).
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  9. Bundin

    Bundin Someday Author

    With this we get only one fault, in old days the uniqe items didnt had any random stats and enchantments… thats why must the dropprate higher nowdays as in old days because u get a scrap from boss not a fix uniqe as before….
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  10. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Forum Baron

    Actually, the shortest straw analogy is completely misleading in this case.

    In the real straw draw, lets say you have a 100 people, 100 straws (99 long, 1 short). When each of the 100 people have drawn a straw, somebody _has_ the short straw.

    In DSO you have 100 people, 100 straws (99 long, 1 short):
    • 1st person draws from 100 straws
    • 2nd person draws from 100 straws
    • 3rd person draws from 100 straws

    • 99th person draws from 100 straws
    • 100th person draws from 100 straws
    And most likely _nobody_ has the short straw, as it's still in the stack waiting for the 1,000,000th person that hit the jackpot at their local lottery.

    It's not how many times you draw a straw... it's whether or not your lucky enough to get the short straw on any one of the draws you make, whether it be 1 draw or 10,000 draws.

    And so far I've not had a single unique survive more than one refinement. The second time, if not the first, has always resulted in 29k glyphs.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2020
  11. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    If you think that "most likely" in your example after 100 rolls with repetition you still not gonna hit shortest straw than we have nothing to talk about ;)
    Btw. I used metaphor for lowroll not highroll.
  12. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Forum Baron

    I've already seen the 100 rolls not hitting the shortest straw...
    That's why after 14 months I still don't have a platinum line on my weapon... I've not gotten the short straw.

    I wish I could add ", yet." to the end of that statement (which stands for "your eligible to"), but I'm not certain that I am.
  13. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    You never can be certain about anything when it comes to rng. I have seen not hitting 40% in 80 rolls in a row and there are worse.
    I haven't said you will see shortest straw, i have said "most likely" you will see it in 100 rolls with repetition at 1% odds. 63,5% definitely counts. Coming back to the belt - in group of 100 people there will be most likely sb who never gets the belt without very heavy purchases even if he spents every draken, ander and every free key he obtains during whole DSO career. Take note on difference between "most likely" and "may" which is crucial. That's why I named it as a "scam" altough I know it's somewhat pejorative in this instance. Chance for belt is simply just too low.
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  14. Phyrix

    Phyrix Forum Baron

    No, no, no....
    Dude really?
    You are literally blaming not getting Q7 set as only having 17k damage?
    Let me teach you a little trick, you get what you want and need by farming.
    Firstly is your weapon crafted with 300% damage on this item 4x gold?
    Am asking this because if you have no craft then even getting q7 is not quite as powerful as you would want it to be, actually uncrafted you might lose damage.
    do you have a torso crafted with 4x damage gold and up?
    what about your belt? you have 1 crafted with 4x damage lines?
    next up yes getting q7 is a niche, however I have 3x 4 gold line weapons all idoti
    1 includes a t0 prem wep
    its nothing compared to my q8 t8
    it will be nothing compared to q7 either
    However, they are crafted uniques and 2 of them is the uniques a new player would play with untill you get what you need
    same goes for bloodrune which I dont have yet and my 3rd 4x gold is as a backup for whatever be it q7 or the new dragan weapon
    Just in these sentences there is lots of reasons why your damage should not be limited to 17k
    So my answer to you is simple
    stop making excuses
    stop crying about being a noob and bad rng
    go farm....
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  15. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Forum Baron

    I found the short straw! Or at least one of them. I'm currently... for the last 2 years... been using Bearach Staff and Belt. My current staff I got as a T4 with Damage(94%) base line. I crafted enchantments and tiered it up to 6 and put it on. Then later to T7, then to T8. My belt I bought when we had the Boss merchants as the third T7 in one run (first two were real bad, 3rd was tripple base gold lines) and it's been T8 long time.

    Now I'm looking for Herald's staff and gloves. Well, last week (Thursday, I think) I got the gloves (T2) and they were kinda bad.
    I mean damage(x%), health(9x%), and armor(10%), bad. So Friday night I decided to "Refine" it. Got 55 of them puppies.

    1st refine attempt: damage(4x%), health(3x%), armor(3x%). -- hey it didn't turn to glyphs like half the stuff I've tried to refine.
    2nd refine attempt: damage(x%), health(8x%), armor(11%). -- and hey the first item to survive a 2nd attempt. Woo-hoo. It's crap!
    3rd refine attempt: -- man am I pushing my luck....

    Short Straw !!!! Bingo !!! Ding !!! Ding !!! Ding !!! -> Damage(43%), Health(93%), Armor(99%). -- YES !!!

    Now, @iLarry , this is how it goes these days. It will be 200 Materi Cores / 200 Pristine Cores to put enchantments on it and then 1950 Materi Cores / 1950 Augment Cores to get the Gloves from T2 to T8 (my current gloves are T6, so can pause there for the switch).

    Saturday morning... Short Straw !!!! Bingo !!! Ding !!! Ding !!! Ding !!! -> Dropped Herald's staff (T2) with base Damage(99%) line

    There's another 2150 Materi Cores / 200 Pristine Cores / 1950 Augment Cores I'm going to have to farm. But for those base values, it's what it takes.... sometimes. :)

    I've another item that's going to take the 2150 / 200 / 1950 to get it from T2 to T8 as well (more gold base lines). And all this is on top of the almost 3000 Augment cores that I already need to farm. --- Anyone know where to get 10000 Augment Cores cheap??? --- :)

    Not to mention that I've one more item I'm looking for that I've never gotten a decent drop of... Sigrismar's Weapon Adornment. *sigh*

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