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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by vanhel56, Jan 5, 2020.

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    Hello everyone, since the New Year’s event I have a bug that manifests itself whether I am in group or solo. When I enter the event map, I can’t know when it happens but the game makes me stop all the mobs and members of my group. However I can still move on the map and activate my combat actions. If you watch the 2 videos, you will see that the game is very bug, but that it does not come from my network connection because we can hear one of the members of my band on discord talking. On the second video we can see that when I point my mouse cursor on the cape of the event the backdrop is staying frozen.

    But still, despite its bug I can still write about the chat, and apparently the members of my groups see me moving when I did the test on the beginning of the map.

    Of course I tried to uninstall and empty the DSO cache, as well as control the version of java/ directx/ nvidia.

    Despite this, the game still makes me the same bug.

    (Link to the videos)

    Sorry about my handwriting, I’m French.

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