Bug with damage of dragonknights

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Primomen, Oct 14, 2018.

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  1. Primomen

    Primomen Forum Greenhorn

    Hello guys

    I think i find a problam with the damage of dragonknights in the system.

    Avarage i have a damage of 31k with a critical damage of 333%. When i look to my stats if i use blue essence and a7 buff it shows that smash have 106-139k damage.

    when i calculate this i should make critical shots from 352-462k damage.
    sadly on map it shows me 200-250k damage. i discussed this already with a fiew people and they told me it also depends on the monster armor and resist, also if smash is physical or resist damage. so i tryed this out and it seems i make everywhere the same damage 200)250k.

    this looks a little like the bug of laser what is fixed by now.

    when i go to support they give Always cheap responses to be done with it.
    is there anyone with the same problam? pls discus it.
    many greats, Primo
  2. gbit

    gbit Forum Ambassador

    let's take your damage with smash, blue essence and Q7 buff, so 106-139k, as you say (smash does physical damage)
    the 333% CD is +333% on base damage, so the multiplier for base damage is 4,33 and with this you will have 459-601k damage
    the output damage shown in game is the effective damage you deal to monsters and depends from mob's armor.
    perhaps this would help you...

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