Cannot Redeem Ultimate Game Card Balance

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by BIPzer, Dec 11, 2013.

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  1. BIPzer

    BIPzer Forum Greenhorn

    I just bought a Hero's Pack for my SW with a $20 worth of UGC, after the transaction I am told thru email that I still got $14 balance. When I try to buy other items, I cannot do so because there are no options in using the damn balance. :(
  2. synje

    synje Forum Apprentice

    I'm having the same problem.
  3. synje

    synje Forum Apprentice

    Ok i figured it out. If you want to use the remaining balance, choose the pay by cash option. Your remaining balance will show and you can use it to pay.
  4. Keysersoze

    Keysersoze Forum Greenhorn

    a link would be nice as i cant find it anywhere and cannot use the last of my ugc currency

    You have a PayByCash balance of 9.46 USD.

    To use it:

    1. Go to the Bigpoint site
    2. Select PayByCash as your payment method.
    3. You will see the balance on your account.
    4. You can then apply it to your order.
    ok so no.2 isnt possible cant find the link on this page anywhere and the balance on my account? i didnt have a bigpoint account until about 5 min after i got this email when i created it so begs the question where the change from my last 5 game cards have gone?

    and just as a side note why the heck should i have to earn privileges to post forum threads? ive spent real dosh on this game i should have basic access to things like that ugh
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  5. aniof1989

    aniof1989 Forum Greenhorn

    Are you sure its gonna work sir? Cuz i cant choose or even click any pay buy cash button please help anyone
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