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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by CutRate, Mar 7, 2015.

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  1. CutRate

    CutRate Forum Greenhorn


    I am running the Mac client.

    Here is the problem:
    Whenever I try to buy anything I get an error message.

    How to reproduce:
    1) Click on “Shop” in game.
    2) Click on any item
    3) a new window pops open with items I can add to my cart.
    4) Add an item and add it to my kart.
    5) Click “Proceed to checkout”
    Takes me to a page where the only option is “Pay with Kongregate”.
    6) Click on “Pay with Kongregate”
    What happens

    A smaller popup window titled “Info!” appears. The body states “An error has occurred”.

    I contacted BigPoint, but they said I need to contact Kongregate.

    I submitted this via Kongregate's contact form (twice) and have received no response.

    I posted this to Kongregate's tech support forum and was told I need to post here.

    I just want to give you money. I didn't even have a Kongregate account when I signed up for Drakensang. I only created one after I thought I needed it in order to get this working.

    My wife has already bought something from you guys via PayPal and that is all I want to do.

  2. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Hello CutRate :oops:

    Thank you very much for the detailed explanation of your problem, but I am afraid there is nothing we can do, apart from asking you to patiently wait for an answer from Kongregate.

    It is the only solution I am afraid, especially since you have mentioned contacting our Support as well. As you say ... all you want is to give Bigpoint money, so if there would be anything that can be done on our side, it would definitely be done, since it is in our company's interest :) . If you see the Kreds however displayed on check-out, your account is somehow connected to Kongregate, so I hope they will help you clear things out very soon.
    Best regards,
  3. CutRate

    CutRate Forum Greenhorn

    Thank you for your prompt response. It is disappointing to hear. I will wait on Kongregate.
  4. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Hello CutRate,

    You are most welcome - and I wish you the best of luck with your inquiry.
    Best regards,
  5. Kawelin

    Kawelin Forum Greenhorn

    I have similar problem as CutRate. I play on Windows and after entering shop I get this message: "This pack is currently not avaible. It's possible that you already own this pack or it's not available in your country."
    I played this game from Kongregate 8 months ago and there was no problem with buying anything from shop. There was also no FastPay option so I think that maybe there is an issue.

    DSO and Kongregate support confirmed that problem is tax issue that appeared since new year. At the moment none of sides can resolve it so kongregate players can't buy anything from shop.
    Special thanks for help for Alexander and Chloe from DSO Support and Ragnar B. from Kongregate Support.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2015
  6. crusanderth

    crusanderth Forum Greenhorn

    Good morning/afternoon,

    I have the option to buy a pack but every time I click it, the pop-up doesn't load. Kongregate website it is being blocked... Now to fix it, I have removed the pop-up blocker and I have deactivated in Firefox. It didn't work, so I turned to Google Chrome, and NOTHING.

    I just changed to IE and NADA, ZERO, the damn pop-up doesn't show up. It doesn't give me an option to buy anything.

    The pop-up keeps disappearing in-game and on the actual website.

    How can I fix this??


    I have the same ISSUE!

    The pop-up from Kongreate does not appear, it appears and it closes down again. How did you guys fixed it?
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  7. Kawelin

    Kawelin Forum Greenhorn

    Problem is not solved yet. What I wrote in 17.03.15 is still actuall. I'd propose to start playing on main DSO site or on other gaming site (like me).
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