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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by StratosVorras, May 21, 2018.

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  1. StratosVorras

    StratosVorras Forum Apprentice

    hi all i think must change this to pay to much gold to remove gem and glyphs from items we pay premium and for that must stop pay gold all the time! i change 2 and 3 times every day from 1 hand to 2 hand to play arena or i go farm, it is not fair to to pay only from 1 item for 5 rubin 5 x 18 gold and not only this we change lot of items every day to play.
  2. Moot

    Moot Active Author

    Premium membership already gives more than enough advantages, the game doesn't need an even bigger gap between f2p and p2p players, however I do like the idea of reducing the cost of removing gems from items in general.
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  3. Paavelsons

    Paavelsons Regular

    are you for real now ?? read once more what he said and what you reply. and then look that what deluxie gives 10 euros for premium is so stupid. more like i recomend deluxe wich still is rippoff. premium should be 4-5 euros and delux 10-15 euros. but those premium deluxes should get BIG MAKEOVER

    addional reduced cost gem craft + free changing gem glyphs. this glyph thingy is kinda nosense here. you upgrade your torso to 60. or you basicaly put 1 royal hp gem and armor gem in it. 250 hp or armor gem. its only good for weapon cause you can craft decent numbers of % on weapon.
    moot. and rest gamers here. what you mean pay to win and free to play ?? more like you pay for premium or deluxe p2p . all gems means payer ?? come on . in this game there cant be such thing as pay to win. its more like you pay premium/deluxe to play meaning pay to win. and still lot of players reach on endgame gear and they prefer to play solo. because they can go afk when they please. they can play when they want. hard work payd off to reach cretain stats.
    sry my head jumps one topic to another
    but yeah ... deluxe need something more more more.. for instance better chance of unique drops.

    oo ow ow now by unique talk. every unique in this game SHOULD HAVE UNIQUE VALUE ASWELL
  4. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    One way in which deluxe is worth it is that you get almost double the mystic cubes of non deluxe users.
    That alone allows you to glyph faster.
    I was deluxe for the better part of 9 months before going to premium, however with dragan coming I got another deluxe and 3 months premium.
    Nevermind the uniques or anything like that what is a worry for me is that bp is very well aware that they nerfed cube drops by accident in R207 and I have not been given anything in return for spending my money on deluxe and premium.
  5. StratosVorras

    StratosVorras Forum Apprentice

    please calm down and do not change the subject.
    not know how many hours you play, but when one does not have many hours available to the play, I believe it is very boring, first need to collect gold to change all that to arena or want to go for farm me maybe i login many times of the day and accordingly, I like to play, alone, with friends, or with lucky players.
    if i not have my gem on my items and not have good dmg or i die all the time becaouse in to the farm noone play with me again!
    I suggest that you eliminate it or reduce it below the middle, or make it free to the premium players.
    it is to much to pay 1000 gold every day only to change gems and glyphs!!!!!!
  6. Iselda

    Iselda Advanced

    Non-premium players pay far more than that every day and yet they don't complain. If you want this 'removal' system to be cheaper, then at least ask for it for everybody not only the greedy premium-users with so many advantages.
  7. alchimista

    alchimista Forum Pro

    Once upon a time, we were not even able to remove gems once stuck inside items.

    God bless Devs for those few amounts of golds required
  8. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Might aswell want every unque drop from PWs to be guaranteed with gold lines + a couple of royals every day

    Im one of the OG players who play since the start of level 40. If Deluxe for you is A ripoff here is a life hack for you DONT BUY IT.
    You are the one who spends the money they are not forcefully taking them from you .
    My glyphs are lv 60 withouth deluxe i craft for the normal cost , PAYING SHOULD NOT BE A MUST it should be in case you want to 1) support the game because you like it 2) pay because you dont have a lot of time to compensate and thats it.

    Demanding paying to make you from 0 to 100 for mere 21 euros is just insane.
    There should be a difference between people who work hard and those who just pay its bonkers and stupid. Whenever they give 3 day free normal premium im full of loot because it gives s much more priviliges. And you want boos for the boosted version of the premium.

    All i see is unreasonable and unlogical way to make the game full P2W.
    U recently won 1 million andersmants with such cash you can make your character that much more powerfull so dont ask for boost in the paying section.

    If you are gonna demands such things look from the two sides, of the paying and non paying and maybe from a third perspective. The

    game is logically hardly ever being streamed because of the P2W part making it hard to be exposed to bigger audience through streams.
    Good old times man i remember them as if it was yesterday ;D
  9. StratosVorras

    StratosVorras Forum Apprentice

    I do not understand why we all stuck to the premium I do not care what it does, and if there is a lot, it's a bit, I will say it again, there are players who are interested in it pvp some like play only pve, they are players want to play both! me i login i go farm whene i boring i want to go play arena and if i tired in arena i go relax again in to the farm, why i must pay so much gold every day????
    stop talk about premioum i just say it like idea, pls focus if it good to we pay so much gold to change glyphs and gems or no? and not what give prem, if it is good or it is not good.....
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