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Discussion in 'Test Server' started by ManaThief, Nov 17, 2020.

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  1. ManaThief

    ManaThief Someday Author

    I thought it's not even necessary to be said, however I am quite surprised we didn't receive a character for testing the CE, I was wondering what's the logic behind it; or is it in coming "soon" phase?
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  2. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    You gotta use what you have... if you can get in. ;)
  3. ManaThief

    ManaThief Someday Author

    Well yes, after a few hours I got in and I couldn't even test the new stuff because I didn't have sufficient level, which is kind of disappointing...

    What's the point of a test server if you don't get the resources necessary to test...
  4. JASS

    JASS Forum Greenhorn

    If we get to level 60 on the test server, will we be level 60 during the update?
  5. ManaThief

    ManaThief Someday Author

  6. mariokb

    mariokb Forum Apprentice

    If you are in need of any item or need a slight character boost to try the CE or just have some general question regarding it, you could always contact a server admin and we will help you as much as we can.
  7. kanlıhançerr

    kanlıhançerr Someday Author

    That's almost what I'm thinking. The Devs expecting from us to "test" the new content when we need andermants, materi fragments, or at least a 55 level character to actually "test" the new content.

    And no sir that is simply not true
    Instead of asking or begging for items, why not just create an NPC and we can get materi frags, andermants, wisdom and xp potion? Imagine asking for these from just a few test admins and expecting to get what you need...

    I simply don't understand why they don't just give all players a mediocre 55 level account who want to test, instead of asking for QAs in the test. It is just a test server anyway, worthless. (or just delete what you gave after the CE on the test)

    Right now test server is pointless and a waste of time for both the game devs and the players because you can't test and you can't report bugs. Closing the test server or making a closed-beta test would be much more efficient than the situation we are currently in.
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  8. ManaThief

    ManaThief Someday Author

    Very well said
  9. MagicProtection

    MagicProtection Someday Author

    do you know why the devs didn't give anything to test? because they don't care if you're testing. the test server has some fixed players. that is, the developers are not concerned with testing the expansion. they only want those who are already there to test. they don't care about your desire to play and discover new things. bug reports and other tattered fanatics and addicted to test servers is what matters. the truth is that administrators and their mods are friendly only to the strongest characters, and the strongest are those who give their lives to find many bugs or to do some task frequently. a player's value is how much he serves the game, but he needs to serve a lot. if developers want, they automatically add items for testing. in fact, they have already added, but not for us. only for players that they consider relevant. this is ridiculous and reflects the status mentality in the game, balance does not exist.

    as for asking admins for items, we don't want crumbs. but there are times when not even crumbs give us when we ask, except in the rare cases when it is even humiliating. I personally saw players asking for level 55 on the test server, this is a joke there, they always laugh about it. we just want balanced conditions to test new features quickly.
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  10. ManaThief

    ManaThief Someday Author

    At this point, I would suggest closing the test server (stablebuild), reallocating it's resources to other servers (and possibly make it less potato-ish) and moving their "testers" on their private dailybuild testserver, which is probably underused at the moment.
  11. Leonodas2014

    Leonodas2014 Forum Greenhorn

    I want to ask that question how to get that 99999 matery for the mission at cardhun? I want to test but i cant bc of it
  12. ManaThief

    ManaThief Someday Author

    About that, they added code MATERIFRAGS, but that's not the point of this topic.

    The point is, the whole idea of test server is very poorly executed and a waste of resources and time at this point.

    I feel like the test server shows on a high scale formal issues this game is having, from the community point of view. It's not just about the test server - it seems like players are not welcome there, I'm fine with that, but the stuff that's happening happens on the scale of the whole game, which has some weird "kind of ideology" of a black box. The way players are treated is utterly wrong and disrespectful and shows absolute lack of any communication. The playerbase is totally isolated from the game development.

    This got slightly reduced by the community managers, however it seems to me they don't have complete information about the game, or they are not allowed to talk about it (no offense intended). Admins are actually not allowed to discuss many things about the game with players and most of them rather avoid players. The same goes probably for the support, however I cannot fully confirm that as I have not contacted the support for quite some time.

    As a result, the information that goes out from the inside is minimal, vague and incomplete (if any). This information is then presented by the forum staff, however I slightly doubt there are any active members that have an actual influence on the game. Having said that, it seems like feedback is kind of pointless. One must wonder, does anybody even read this **feedback you asked me for** when nothing changes for so long and if yes does anybody care?

    I'm sure there are some people who care, but I am not sure they have the power to do something about it.

    I have to only guess, as no data are publicly available, but I'd say the game is not doing so well, by the amount of recycled content since (included) last content expansion. Bigpoint should start listening to their player base, there has been enough mistakes made, I have no details of what are they cooking right now but it better be good, not another letdown.
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  13. JimJupiter

    JimJupiter Advanced

    dk can barely recharge his life
    paralysis is released every 30 seconds. that's a joke?
    we ask for a life charge and paralysis release for the warrior

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