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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Marsicanus, Jul 24, 2017.

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  1. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Old Hand

    How can we use in workbench?
    In the future cloak will be droppable as other items (common, magic, rare,....)?
    Or we can tranfer bonus from other items like belt, ring,...? is a bug?
  2. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    It's a bug. The same thing is written on items under lvl 50.
    But it would be nice if I could transfer my old Karabossa cloak enchantments into the new one. :rolleyes:
  3. anolajen

    anolajen Someday Author

    hmm also augment core isnt in game yet :)
    maybe they just plan to transfer new cloak to different one ? for example dragan stats on karabossa cloak ?
    it would make sense since they have different stats and unique values
  4. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    I think it appears on the Dragan cloak too, for example. Yep, it's clearly a bug because any form of crafting requires a normal item, and there are no such cloaks. About them thinking to add cloak-crafting of any sort... I kinda doubt it.
  5. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Well you are all wrong :p
    Cloaks can be upgraded only with Soul Core transfer crafting. So i guess ... only Soul Core transfer crafting description should be shown in the item's tooltip.

    - Pristine Core transfer crafting - impossible
    - Augment Core transfer crafting - the way it was at TS it is impossible to implement this crafting with cloaks ... since it requires one unique item and one legendary item of a higher tier (one tier higher than the used unique item). But this crafting will be changed ... and I think it would be changed in this way (only my guess ... no one said it will be that way)
    Since they are changing the base stats of the regular items ... you will need one legendary item so you can upgrade OR completely change the base stats in the item.
    Example 1: RoD has damage, crit hit and resistance base stats ... but you can craft regular legendary ring with damage , crit hit and hP stats. Then you can change the base stats of RoD and have HP instead of resistance.
    Example 2: Making RoL with offensive stats including HP.
    Don't forget there are runes that can be used with rings (%HP on this item) and only tanks are using them with unique rings that are having defensive base stats including HP ... like RoL.
    And not only rings but items of all types can be modified.
    This way offensive builds would make use of the runes ... which will increase the game's income.
    - Soul Core transfer crafting - This crafting can be implemented on cloaks.
    The question is why would someone do that?
    Well ... imagine you have a cloak T0 with lousy base stats but you were lucky enough to get high random enchantments ... (ie. 3x good crit lines in case of the Undefeatables cloak which is having all random enchantments ... you can get any type of enchantment of any value in each enchantment line) ... then you get T4 cloak with killer base stats but lousy enchantments. One will say "I can always buy another cloak for drakens" ... but would you get good stats??? Probably no ... and you will spend your draken in vain. Upgrading a cloak like I described above is the most effective way.

    So yes you can only use Soul Core transfer crafting with cloaks.
    It is not a bug.
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  6. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Well, I'll be damned... totally forgot about the unique-to-unique crafting xD. My bad.
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  7. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    I alredy made some legendary for transfer,:), your "Spoiler" is much suitable for the game and has many good things.
    That old augment method with base upgrade has no logic.On the other hand the base transfer from higher rank legendary item is more optimal for game play.
    There will be some problems on some unique items like dragan pauldrons that have block rate instead of armor, they should put that blockrate below as a upgradable yelow unique enchantment, Wolf slayer mace that has critichal value on base also they need to put that value as yelow line, wolf slayer shield that has critical value on base, and that should be also a yelow unique value and probably many of them that has special enchantments as a base value should be reworked first.And they should state that a legendary item is required (to make base crafting a new full job :) ).And before that we need a Events bag and essence stack for each ess just one 9999999999 stack to empty some space in inventory for that new crafting method ;o.
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