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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by Akageshi, Dec 20, 2019.

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  1. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    It has just been revealed in the last 2019 live stream that a new content expansion is coming in late summer 2020!

    What we know about it so far, is that it will not only add more content in terms of maps, but also it will change certain aspects of the game, including the difficulty scaling. A new class will definitely NOT be introduced.
    We have no more info yet sadly :{

    What do you guys expect, wish for, or what are you afraid of?
    Let's speculate and ride the hype train
    so we can eventually crash as well hahaa ... hopefully not.
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  2. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Overlooker

    Every expansion so far has done that. Usually in a way that screwed over the players.

    Last expansion, Sands of Malice, added the base values, core crafting and a new tier and infernal difficulty framework. It was disliked by players because they took everyone by surprice and thus screwed us over exceptionally. There was no time for any feedback either.
    The previous expansion, Rise of Balor, added some new enchantments, new unique items and a new reworked skill tree. They announced it in advance, like this one. Players gave lots of feedback over the months. What happened? Exactly nothing, they didn't fix a single problem.
    Before there was the Dwarf Rally and the Atlantis Expansion. They had new big features there too... and, as far as I know, they didn't care much about players' feedback either.
    Let's just hope it is different this time.

    I hope that, unlike the last expansion, we're going to get some new skills (preferably two for each class, one for level 50-55 and one for 55-60), a new soundtrack for the new maps (that's something too) and, last but not least, some really new content. Last time we just moved from Stillwater Bay to Grand Desert and got Asar that is more farmable than Nefertari... the rest of the content is almost abandoned. We kind of moved back to that content as well as to the other maps after the SND update and the resource gathering update... but, for example, Deeps of Demise are not really played and are not that interesting. For example an Infinite Dungeon (as I suggested) could come with that update. Some new repetable quests in the new content, etc. Lots of things have to come to compensate the level cap increase.

    However, I think that the most important thing in such an update would be rebalancing the sets. There won't be better time for that anytime soon. If every single character is screwed anyways (like it was the last time), nobody will mind nerfing some sets...
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  3. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum Demigod

    Hype for what? the new expansion? We know nothing about it, except that Sargon is coming back and that's it, but that's not enough to generate hype, i want to know more.
  4. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    You're right. We don't even have the slightest idea what even the general theme of the expansion will be. That's what I would have expected them to tell us. But we really do know nothing :/

    That's where people can start posting what they think would be a cool setting. Because a content expansion without a new style, maps, and mobs would not be very exciting.

    That's right. But if they manage to come up with something really good, people might not be too angry with nerfs and whatnot.
    Can the devs pull something that cool off, though?

    And that's a shame. Qaizah is actually a pretty location. You see, I like desert locations :3

    Yes I hope they do something about sets and possible builds too.
    Unique items/sets should be reworked, so they give you some new quality. Not just some additional % to crit and resist. Such items don't really feel like proper unique items.
    Then ideally, imo, one should be able to make a viable build around any unique set, provided that they do it properly.

    But I think it's not necessary to talk about this too much. Most of us here probably agree that the current meta has become somewhat boring, and the game needs build diversity.

    Seriously, if they designed like a completely different item system and it was great, I wouldn't be so mad if I had to scrap all my gear. It's a boring gear anyway.

    I'd like to see new kinds of dungeons too. Deeps of Demise has a wasted potential. Secret Lairs, same thing. Your idea of an infinite dungeon was cool.

    On top of all that, I really want a massive guild update. Not really guild wars in terms of pvp, but things like a proper guild window, better interaction options between guild members, guild bonuses that could be improved as the guild gets richer, etc. Eventually a guild residence.
  5. JohnWick

    JohnWick Active Author

    The expansion will coincide with the arrival of the game that we have all been waiting for years, I bet my hand and I am sure not to lose it.

    This is an attempt to retain players and if they want to do it well it should be an easy expansion for the players, because if they make a crap more like the last we know that few or no players are going to stay here to endure more of the same

    For my part I have decided for a long time what I will do, and more seeing how each day more friends leave the game and you are left more alone.

    I hope with all my heart that it is a good expansion, that it has something worthwhile, a skill tree much larger than the garbage that is now, that they add nice maps to play, new sets and new weapons for each class and that by In the end, let's not depend on the same thing all the players, but seeing how the company works and the case that makes the players sure that I just abandoned and lost the time I spent here.
  6. linco1

    linco1 Forum Apprentice

    For me it would be the maximum level increase from 55 to 60, I'm not against but due to the high investment I made with set sargon and the recent premium event, it would be a big frustration.
  7. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    I was under the impression why they left is because none of their crafts was not valid anymore, look increasing the level cap imo is not so bad to speak, however when you change how enchants work and every little item you have has to be done totally from scratch that kind of is a no no a very very big no no imo
    Imagine they didnt increase the level cap, but now all your crafted enchants are greyed out and they put damage in rings and crit % enchants in armor
    do you think for even 1 second the game will survive?
  8. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Overlooker

    Most people would stand this... Most people wouldn't take it as bad if they had to redo their equipment to play some new content. The problem was, they couldn't do what they used to do before the update.
    Mages and rangers couldn't farm PW anymore in the mode they used to. Those who used to play in painful had to leave PW completly for a time. Why? Monsters suddenly got more HP because you can have defence in base values so you can dedicate the enchantments for offence. Also, with increasing levels, people lost their hard-earned critical hit rate... because the conversion denominator simply skyrocketed.
    Knights couldn't survive where they used to survive... even with ordinary mobs. That was because of the base values that gave a significant boost to defence... so monsters' damage was buffed significantly. Also, block rate suffered the same fate as crit rate, because it shares the conversion method.
    Dwarfs in the meantime had to redo their equipment, but they mostly could farm what they used to... because they didn't depend on crits.

    How many dwarfs quit, and how many of other classes? Tanks didn't get a real nerf. They quit in large numbers however, because they didn't know that rebuilding became very simple for them (gain q3 shield and the rest equipment with ok base values). Rangers got hit really badly; mages not so much, but rebuilding wasn't simple either, unlike for knights.

    All in all, the surprice was the worst part of the whole thing. If we had known what was going to happen for a few months before the updates and not for few weeks, we wouldn't have been hit as much as we were.
  9. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Well meet r220 xD
  10. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Old Hand

    The dwarves had the damage bug which was fixed in 2 years and after many complaints!

    But there is still something that does not come back in fact they have the highest damages!

    First of all they have to balance between the classes in damage!

    What does it mean to start on equal terms at the beginning of the new expansion which they never did!

    That was the reason why many players have left and with the next one if they do nothing they will empty the server!
  11. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    I kinda agree with your logic here. It makes sense. If they want to retain players, they should not change how the game or items work.

    However, if they just add in a few new maps and uniques, players will rush through them in 2 days and we'll be back to boredom.

    Now, what I mean by boredom is not that there is nothing to do, but rather that the game runs on repetitive grind and pretty much one meta build. I'm hoping they will do something about that.

    I don't think new level cap is necessary, but even if they don't increase it, something else will be added instead. Similar to the new wisdom "tree" we got, which I tend to call a 'soft level cap'. Items did not get any nerfs back then, as far as I know, but we had to grind them wisdom points to get strong enough to compete where we had no problems before.

    Updates of items in general, be it due to new level cap or due to new itemization system, are kinda frustrating. Playing an online game like this makes me anxious because I'm forced to invest my play time into items that may drastically change the way they work any time. So we are risking every day that our farm turns out to be in vain.
    However, I'm not happy with the current itemization. I would not even be against massive changes in regards to items. Knowing that these changes affect everyone in the same way, I'd feel like it's quite fair. A painful step done in the name of a better and more fun system.

    I agree with you, it would be painful.
    But I think we should take it. There needs to be not one ideal way of crafting and not one ideal build. The current system allows for various builds, but they make no sense as they are simply weaker than the meta build :[

    I wish, in case of any big changes in itemization, that there was a way to compensate appropriately for all the wasted gold and hours with crafting.

    Some class balancing should be on their list too, yeah.
    It's actually always there, I believe, but I'm not positive that the devs will ever achieve a 100% fair balance :/
  12. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Forum Expert

    Hype? That is all it is hype. They have no intention of expanding the game. No new maps. no lvl 60, no gorga PW, none of the cloaks.

    They are selling event attire now. So they will just roll out one event after another. Until the players get tired of endless events and stop buying them. Then maybe you will get an expansion.
  13. PirateWoman

    PirateWoman Forum Greenhorn

    all classes have excellent damage at the 55th level, when heroes are more or less developed, they come into balance, so I see no reason to nerf anyone of them.
    I play by dwarf with friend of mine, who plays for mage, we both have middle equipment and about 10k base damage, we both clean the fatal maps very quickly, i don't see that he's slower then me in farm process.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2020
  14. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Board Analyst

    My 2 cents:
    - possibility to put up to 10 gems in objects
    - a new Cardhun with new quests to unlock it
    - chapter 8 with a new region
    - autoplay (Z) that works only in normal-fatal

    and a button that kill alla monsters on screen like that in CM's live
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  15. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Old Hand

    It is not a speech against the dwarf or another class!

    But on a bad development made over the years and that has brought many problems!

    No the pve is very unbalanced at the moment!

    But it is something you can understand when the statistics will be higher!

    The game is developed mainly on 2h for distance classes, let's not fool ourselves!
  16. PirateWoman

    PirateWoman Forum Greenhorn

    That's called balance, warriors are close combat damagers, in the base of class warrior is the equality between damage and armour, so that class is more positioned as someone who will take the damage, and damage itself, so he don't need to be having same damage power - as ranger or dwarf or mage. And i love warrior class, because all need warriors in their groups.
  17. DreamWill

    DreamWill Board Analyst

    It should be like you said, but it isn't: Dks have same defence stats of other classes, only +30% hp than mages and dwarves, which is meaningless considered the high dmg mobs and bosses have, everyone can survive only few hits.
    Then we have 1s pots that permit other classes not only to tank exactly as Dks, but to spam all time their strongest skills, before it isn't like that: others used to dodge and to wait to get the resources and spam their skills while Dks hadn't these problems so it was right it had lower dmg, currently no, there is nothing we can call balance, even between ranged classes.
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  18. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Old Hand

    Actually I think the Dk is simply rubbish right now!:cool:

    Missing both defense and attack with the 2h!

    Damage greater than the class:

    The damage is 240% on the ability, I don't count the attack speed because more or less we have arrived who in one way or another to have the same!

    The damage in the immediate vicinity I think 180 ° not 360 ° as magicians and rangers. Here it means that your damage is not even half, but much less!

    Defense from bosses:

    Here without going far, damage of 1 fireball in Q1 inf3, holding a damage with a reduction of 67.23%:


    I can also reduce my base damage and bring the resistances to 80%, but the result is still not good because with the other hell the damage will be too great!


    Damage 1,100% inf3, 1,650 inf4, 2,420% inf5, 3300% inf6, 4,400% inf7 + boss upgrades 1 per level!

    If these are the damage and the same resistances + armor with a life of + 30%, you play the game avoiding attacks, but here is the problem if you are under the boss where you often cannot!

    These are just a few things and not all!

    It counts that I have finished the real gems, the special ones, part of the items are t8, t9 and t10, lv 60, I still do not have 2 hours with platinum only but here we talk about resistances!

    I seriously think that creating a 1h set to do a few laps in inf7 is a rip-off and an unfair waste of resources, just to see other classes from the start going alone in inf6 and in the future maybe inf7! It is something already seen in times past!:cool: There are already those who go alone!:confused:

    I mean you have to cultivate with 2 hours, alone and in a group, but you can only do it if the class works.

    There is certainly not much fun to play in this class in these conditions and with this bad development!
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