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Dear forum reader,

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Dear Heroes,

    1 of you can win a unique prize: A mini figurine of boss monster Dragan of the Damned! The figurine is 8 inches tall / 20 cm tall and custom made.​

    dragan copy.png
    How can you win?

    You have to submit a video to us where you defeat boss monster Dragan in the event Curse of the Black Knights as fast as you can – the fastest “Dragan-Killer” will win the figurine.

    Participation Rules

    What to submit

    Record a video with FRAPS or another screen capturing software and post a link to the video in the thread Submissions: Dragan Figurine Contest. Also make sure you post your Username and the server name you are active on.

    Deadline: 28th of April 6pm (CEST UTC+2) - the event ends on the 27th but you might need more time to edit the video and upload it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    But Dragan has an animation when you enter, the animation lasts quite a while,
    so from which point of time will you count the time?

    As soon as Dragan jumps back to the platform (when he basically finished his transformation) that’s when we will start counting the seconds/minutes you need. (see picture)
    image005 (2).jpg

    Can we fight in groups or do I have to defeat Dragan alone?

    We love group play but since there is only 1 figurine that can be won, you will have to solo this one – we are sure you can do it;)

    Do I get extra points if I defeat Dragan in difficult mode?

    No, unfortunately not – the task is to find the hero who defeats Dragan the fastest – whether you chose to do that in normal or difficult mode is up to you. But consider that Dragan is easier and - more importantly - faster to defeat in normal mode.

    What happens if two or more heroes defeat Dragan in the same time frame?
    In that case we will look at the fight itself – who of the heroes did it more elegantly and gave us a better show. Also, deaths, use of health potions, evading attacks and more elements will be taken into consideration.

    How will we know who won?

    Your community manager Greg will announce the winner via on the 30th of April live :) .

    Good luck everyone!
    Best regards,
    CM Greg & DSO Moderation Team
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