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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by ABARTEM, Oct 22, 2019.

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    ABARTEM Forum Greenhorn

    Craft as it is right now hardly can be named craft since is more like scam-luck feature to me so i suggesting to implement an system which is complementary to actual one and optional.
    My suggestion is like this:
    -4 pink items with 1 platinum line each will create 1 leg with 2 random platinum lines out of those 4 from pink items.
    -4 leg with 2 platinum lines each will create 1 leg with 3 random platinum lines out of those 8
    -4 leg with 3 platinum lines each will create 1 leg with 4 random platinum lines out of those 12.
    so you will need 64 platinum pink items for an full platinum leg item

    -this craft type can be used only with platinum lines or with gold lines no mixed
    -price for this type of craft should be 5x normal craft price for platinum and 3x for gold lines
    -it can`t be reverted
    -craft window will have an button to activate/deactivate this type of craft

    It is not an cheaper or faster type of craft comparative with actual one but it is an CRAFT after all and players can have an expectation horizon.
    Main focus of the game should be drop not purcase or luck since devs told us when they remove vendors from paralels so it will fit exactly in the actual philosophy of the game.


    -same as before but craft can be reverted

    -i change the definitions because was confusing about what platinum lines from crafted items will look like.
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  2. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Advanced

    Good idea, the only problem is the platiunum drop rate lol
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  3. Minister_Averax

    Minister_Averax Junior Expert

    I think it's a good idea, a more expensive and longer course in some cases, but sure! represents a goal in the midst of all this random and this uncertainty rewarded only by luck!
  4. Hiro73

    Hiro73 Forum Pro

    Currently I create a 4/4 platinum with 8 purple. Are you seriously proposing a system that needs 64 purple for a 4/4 platinum?
  5. sargon234

    sargon234 Forum Demigod

    there's an easy fix to the crafting problem: the revert back function of the crafting table should give back all the 4 items used during crafting

    that way players wouldn't be so constrained by luck, their only real constrait would be gold
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    ABARTEM Forum Greenhorn

    What part from optional you don`t understand? Been optional you can swich for the type of craft is best for you at that time.


    Well i am biggest fan of reverted all items type of craft but that never gonna happen (i hope i`m wrong). First time when they introduced crafting was revert all items type on test server which never see the live server despite huge scandal.
    i see few type of crafting:
    1.actual one from live server
    2.this one with platinum lines + craft can`t be reverted (you need 64 gold lines if you use only this type)
    3.platinum lines craft + craft can be reversed which is far better then my previous since you can use on item 3 and 4 platinum line you don`t need , so in this case you will need less good platinum lines.
    4.lose one item out of 3
    5.revert all items

    My suggestion was this one, at least this they can implement it since is good only in some scenarios. Of course type 3 or something similar in success / time+resources probably will see he live server at some point.

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  7. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    They should completely ditch the crafting RNG. It's frustrating and it's like tossing coins in a slot machine. I hate it.

    64 pink items with platinum lines, in fact 64 pink items with REALLY GODDAMN GOOD platinum lines, well that sounds pretty mad. Perhaps we can skip a step in the transfer process? Please? :/
    But as a concept, I like it.

    Because right now we have a system that has 2 damn RNG filters:
    1. RNG in gold/platinum drops
    2. RNG at the work bench.
    And those two things combined are a nightmare that takes literal aeons.

    So, your proposition is something I'd take immediately. Especially considering it's been almost a year since platinum lines have been introduced, yet I haven't crafted anything like a 4x platinum legendary.

    The main positive here is that getting good enchantments would be a matter of dropping good pinks, rather than dropping good pinks AND wasting money at the work bench to no avail knowing that maybe you will never get anything good EVER.
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  8. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Why do you suggest that getting close to absolute topend is the way to go... Get out of the box as it's wrong direction. Correct direction is ensurance that NOBODY will get the dream. If you want to fight against rng you can make hell lot of restrictions and still lose the fight or you can let it flow, overlow and win with rng by itself fighting fire with bigger fire. If you can improve the system to the point where topend dies still from rng and lowend is secured by safetynets you are at home. Noone yet invented better scheme of mechanic to deal with rng in games and i'm sure you can adapt it also in DSO. All restriction systems lose against rng overlow mechanics as they are simply inferior and no matter how you improve them they have to lose. It's simply impossible to find better tool to fight against rng than... rng itself. That's why any sort of securing golden or platinum lines in current system is just wrong direction. It might be slight improvement but in bigger picture it's totally irrelevant resource waste as there is one serious pool and this is switching to superior rng managment.
    But yeah populists always win anyway :D Golden and platinum lines for everybody!:p
  9. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Ok, so platinum lines only for the best of the best. And that'd be perfectly fine with me if the best weren't really gang bangers and other EDIT , or insomniacs who have nothing else to do than play DSO.

    If I were to design my own ARPG, I would probably make crafting skill based. You'd have a crafting skill that would improve every time you would attempt a craft, even if it failed. Then upon hitting the crafting skill cap, you would be getting perfect results at least 80% of the time.

    But anyway, I don't understand DSO enough to give any reasonable suggestions. I just wanted to support ideas that might improve crafting, because crafting as it is, is just a very hungry slot machine :/
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  10. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Improving item quality supossely by progress bar even with failure is implemented in some arpg's. Not bad one but still it's grind type of draft - mechanic is same as guaranteed platinum and goldens lines as proposed upper just other execution. In DSO you could implement it as well by means of guaranteed pick of all highest enchantments in draft pool once items on 1 and 2 slot hit the bar mark. Definitely doable.

    I agree overall craft needs sth fresh but i like word "fresh" much more than "grind".

    I had very good idea - i think - just after platinum lines to improve draft based on overflow system and borrowing some mechanic from poe with adaptation to current DSO draft system. Slightly complicated but not that much work for devs and making the cut. Tomorrow afternoon i will try to recall details and if I manage post it here but not today as i'm busy and at evening gonna be tired as hell

    Edit: Craft suggestion.

    I couldn't recall all niuances - especially double extra shielding mechanic which is huge shame as it was best part- but basics i finally remember. Gonna write it in steps, i hope will make sense after all is read. Everything is connected and needed. Not many points but it's complicated to put together so you have to use your imagination.

    1. From now on legendary items can have up to 6 enchantment lines. 70% for 4, 25% for 5, 5% for 6 or sth very similar. Craft on legendaries with more than 4 avg. enchantment may produce 5 or 6 lines with 25%-50%-75%-100% chance (17,18,19,20 and 21,22,23,24 enchantments). Similar to sockets.

    2. Put new higher enchantment line. It's as high as platinum difference to gold one, appears only in legendary items that have 5 or 6 enchantments, it's not obtainable in craft and can't be transfer on legendary craft. Applies also to no. 3 instance. It's however transferable into uniques. Occurance same as platinum line.

    3. From now on reversing craft outcome on legendary items keeps you only 1-st legendary item. Highest enchantment in pool is guaranteed to pass - one and only one. Lower quality items still standard reverse.

    4. From now on when you craft on legendary item and you obtain more than 4 enchantments besides guaranteed highest enchantment pass you are also guaranteed to get lowest enchantment pass so 5-th enchantment is always added as lowest one in pool. Additional block of possibility to create 5x golden/platinum lines.

    5. Crafting pinks into legendary may generate 5-th additional enchantment line but never 6-th. Odds are based on number of golden and platinum lines in new made legendary: 4 - 0%, 3 - 25%, 2 -50%, 1- 75%, 0- 100%. This allows to generate 5 line no golden/platinum legendaries on demand which can be used to generate 6 enchantments legendaries and those further to craft 3 golden/platinum + 2x non legendaries on legendary craft, makes managable to craft 3x golden/platinum + 2x non legendaries from pinkies and blocks possibitility of crafting perfect 5x golden/platinum legendary.

    6. When you transfer enchantments to unique item you transfer up to 5 enchantments (4 if you don't have 5) and if legendary item has 6 it picks 1 highest value and 4 random ones. This allows you to have 22% for transfering 5 enchantments of your pick. You may reverse the outcome when you lose only gold - cores coming back.

    7. When you transfer legendary into unique price in gold is increased to prize of legendary craft.

    I hope you can make out of it bigger picture :rolleyes: System helps achieving similar todays highend craft values due to 5 enchantments while extremelly decreases chances to get anything close to 5 golden/platinum lines. Sth as good as 5 enchantments with 2x platinum and 2x gold should be already considered very very high. Nevertheless for people who are perfectionist there is still possible to obtain 4x platinum +1 gold line though chances are TRULLY astronomical. 5x platinum is basically impossible.
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  11. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Is this suggestion an April fool's joke :)
  12. Phyrix

    Phyrix Forum Baron

    Has to be an April fools joke :D
    However DSO is full of April fools jokes:
    Mortis set has to be a joke right :D
    The fact that herald set is the only meta another joke :D <- oh and according to cm it is unbalanced but hey so is the whole game.
    The difficulty scaling for non herald set users, another joke :D
    The progress bars scaling is just another cruel joke.
    So what did I do?
    I quit DSO :D
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