"Critical hits" for SW's?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by WhiteTiger_13, Sep 19, 2015.

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  1. WhiteTiger_13

    WhiteTiger_13 Someday Author

    How does this work for SW's in this game? :confused:

    I am used to games where "crits" are more related to melee and ranged
    characters like rangers/archers, and "magic" damage is based on the
    spells power (related to the character's magic ability and/or any upgrades/buffs to "magic")
    and the target's resisitance and/or armor.
    (and pretty much always "hits"!) ;)

    Thanks to anyone who can edumacate me on this!!! :D
  2. Shiladitya

    Shiladitya Padavan

    critical hit is basically (without any extra enchantment on your items) 200% of your base damage delivered on any of your "damage" you do on opponents from any skills irrespective of elemental or physical damage. It is basically the damage which can be seen in yellow colour on the screen when you hit an opponent with a skill. The chance to deliver that higher damage is depending on your critical hit rate which is a number/% shown on your stat window. The number can be increase by use of critical hit rate enchantments on items, generally left side items like adornment amulet ring belts etc. Unique sets like dark set or witch chaser set or post 155 helmets also give increase % critical hit value which increases your overall crit value to a higher number. That's why the new moon set is so popular because it gives a 33.3% increase in critical hit rate overall and separate crit enchantment on hat plus increased damage % too. Damage is also important along with high critical hit value to get a consistent high damage on opponent. There is another stat called critical damage which is given just below critical hit value stat on stat window which show how much % of damage does a critical deliver. Without any extra enchantments crit damage is 200%, as you keep on adding enchantments, say your ring amulet and belt gives you 35% extra critical damage in total, so your net effective critical damage is 235% of your base damage. For an SW CHV is important in many aspects unless you are one of the new full damage mode only Sw's. Arnd 50% crit hit value is good to go at all levels. Warning: the higher level you are the higher crit hit value you would need. Currently to reach 50% CHV at lvl50 you would need 5300 value on stats or there abouts. which would be achievable only if you have very good legends along with % stats like that of the new moon set.
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  3. WhiteTiger_13

    WhiteTiger_13 Someday Author

    Okay! Thanks very much Shiladitya!!

    That clears it up pretty much for me!!! :D

    Mainly it was the "irrespective of damage type" part!

    So I won't neglect CHV enchants!
    (not too sure if I can swing 50% but I'll do muh best! ;))
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