Criticism & Bad Developments, hoping for improvement for forgotten players !

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Sprokkel, Jan 23, 2023 at 3:20 AM.

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  1. Sprokkel

    Sprokkel Junior Expert

    Dear players & developers.
    I would like to highlight a few topics. :)

    Some players express themselves negatively when it comes to winter Solsice Event and/or Riot of the rocketmen as I recently read on the forum. I understand it's monotonous but the rewards are certainly not bad. Unless you're lvl 100 and have almost everything already, then those are the players who will complain. But even then, during the winter solstice, I find it a challenge to collect phestoscoins and at the same time enough to open the big gift, the content of which I think is reasonable. Moreover, it is only once a year that these events take place, so please don't tear them down and give other players their pleasure who are still under construction and who like the events. These events can stay from me.
    Possibly the same event can continue to take place but with different rewards, that also happened during the last winter solstice (because of the available Jewel) so I see that complaining as not justified!
    Opinions on this probably differ due to lvl difference and the length of time players play this game. A little respect for newcomers is in order.
    On the other hand, if I watch New Moon for example, I find the rewards very bad, if you are lvl 100 then the final price is very worthwhile, or a difference that should not be there.
    This applies to multiple events, but I cannot discuss all events at once. There must also be a willingness on the part of developers to be able and willing to see for themselves.

    Group related 'MUST' play DOES NOT always work! ;
    Developers do not realize that there are undoubtedly many players who cannot find their place in a guild, that also applies in my case, hence my criticism and I sincerely hope that something will change and that this group will be taken into account.
    Take the Realm Quartz Cavern for example, if you don't have or can't find a helping group you are immediately on the sidelines compared to players who can. In the absence of Realm Fragments, you cannot even participate in other events. As discussed above the event including desert. Because the Realm Quartz Cavern has been developed group-related, I think this is a very bad development! As I said, I have accompanied many guilds where I see that most players are all about themselves and are not there to help others.
    Every simple soul understands that you are in a guild for a reason and yet, I only come across guilds where in general little or no help is offered. Maybe developers can think about that.
    Anyone can join a random group, for example to participate in more difficult modes. However, as soon as people in the group suspect that you do less damage than them, you will be immediately removed from the group.
    Almost everyone encounters or encountered a bump in the game to get further, that is exactly what I mean, and then have to notice that you are not appreciated and are banned! That's the result of how developers have set this game up to date when it comes to group play. Of course I would like to see this change!

    The time to travel through portals: They often take way too long.
    And I know from years ago, when it only lasted 3 seconds where now I sometimes have to wait up to 30 seconds, just absurd and this should not be possible. So if any developments can ensure that people can go through the portals faster, then developments that accelerate traveling through portals are definitely my preference

    The current Daily Challenges, rewards are bad, not proportional, and choosing your challenges is a big fiasco, you are looking for a challenge and you often miss it, oops, they forgot a button to back out to go.
    Instead, you have to go all the way through all the challenges again. It costs us players time and often it is a big annoyance.

    On the one hand, returning to the group game regarding the strongest weapon available in this game. This weapon should never have been put in an event but in the game itself, for example in the parallel worlds as before. That way every soul has the chance to get that weapon.
    As if the game makers want to force their players to play every day of the year, that is madness from the top shelf.
    Everything in this game is about having the best weapon possible. It is only for the sake of convenience that people forget that players also have a real lifetime. ;)
    Moreover, such a weapon is essential to be able to do what others can do now and the forgotten group of players who just didn't have time for DSO at that moment, various for reasons related to real life, which can be anything, illness, death in family etcetera.
    Because of that choice set up by developers, without taking this loyal group of players into account, many players are put on the sidelines again. What are they supposed to do, fight with a rake?

    Finally, the current PVP sucks, and has been for quite some time. Different chars cannot be compared with each other, so the pvp battles can be regarded as unfair, not proportional.
    Thinking along with developers, I would say that there must be another way.
    For example, I once tried to think ahead myself, thinking why so many players fit into 1 guild. I had thought that one day it would come to guild battles. Whether that is possible should be left to developers, that is not my field.
    But by thinking like this, the next to the strongest can also benefit the weaker players among us, or, the chances are more equal for players and I think many players like such pvp. Probably in limited groups because everyone is never online at the same time. In addition, the current solo pvp options will be canceled for reasons as stated above.
    However, the available prizes such as costumes & mounts must be included in this so that every player has the same options. In addition, in my opinion, this is motivating group solidarity, being there for each other. That's what it's all about but what has been completely forgotten until now.
    And developers, if it's sunk in and you've developed something so beautiful that it makes sense again...seriously, we'd love to hear about it. ;)

    I'm curious about your reactions so please give your opinion, but at the same time I ask you to have some respect for players who don't have everything and are still working on getting stronger and,... too often on their own!

    Seeya :D
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  2. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Commissioner

    You can play very well alone if you can see the game as a challenge with yourself and the monsters and not with the others playing.
    If you play alone you don't have to prove anything to anyone, you don't need the most powerful weapon in the game, go as far as you can and there will be no one who judges you slow and inadequate.
    If you choose group to play, then you'll have to adapt to the others, you can meet those who are stronger than you, but also those who are weaker, you have to play without complaining and be satisfied with what you find.
    If they kick you from the group because you don't do enough damage and slow them down, then you look for another one, not all people are the same...
    Guilds have members who like to play in groups, they can be formed by members who have the same strength and who accept players to grow.
    If you are constantly looking for someone who is stronger than you because you want everything immediately without struggling, then you won't get any fun from the game, just stress ;)

    FAALHAAS Forum Great Master

    If you on Heredurrrr, I can invite you in our guild. Most of us dont really care much about your DMG unlesss we do mortis.
  4. ~Providence~

    ~Providence~ Someday Author

    This is now my favourite piece of criticism on the forum. :D Points out important flaws but stays respectful, down to earth and rational, those are my favourite, cause these are the ones that actually reach more ears. If only more people could leave criticism the same way.
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  5. ☆Đдяkאєşş☆

    ☆Đдяkאєşş☆ Junior Expert

    Unfortunately Emily, even if I agree, it's not that simple, I've taken back an old pg of mine for about a month that I haven't used for years and it's really difficult to farm or find unique ones that can help you face major challenges. The community is really crazy and minimal, they repeat the same maps until they drop and they even tell you how to play.
    this is the real problem of the game, not managing things for a progressive increase in skills to be able to face your favorite challenges alone. If I hadn't found someone and a guild almost by chance I would have been left with zero gold, no weapon etc etc, I was completely stuck. It's hard for the old pgs but even more if you want to change and start over, Big Point doesn't listen and meanwhile the community decreases and stops on the same things as if they were to win the Olympics, leaving out the fun.
    We have complained in the past but I didn't expect it to get any worse. I don't mention Pvp because I've lost hope for years now :(
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  6. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Commissioner

    I don't do pvp anymore, I had a lot of fun when the characters in the arena was a little on par and more than the items, the player's ability prevailed, the new expansion with level 100 ruined everything.
    Now they promised us improvements, but I doubt it very much .
    I don't expect anything from the new developers, except a different game that at least manages to enjoy us based on their personal gaming experiences.
    They lack the original foundations of DSO, the ones on which the game was born and raised.... if you don't know the history you can't improve the future...
    Unfortunately as the game stands now, a new player or those returning after a long absence are at a huge disadvantage if not helped.
    The farm is really painful, it seems to be in full famine, and this doesn't help or amuse...
    Even if they won't be able to give us back what we have lost, I hope at least in something that will help us to look forward ;)
  7. Sprokkel

    Sprokkel Junior Expert

    Thanks everyone for the responses,
    Emily, I also just play alone and I struggle every day but if I can't increase my dmg it results in not being able to destroy Q-bosses, and that kinda pisses me off.
    I have a hell of a lot of ghlyps, gold, pets, as for my gems, I have yet to do the entire Imperials phase. In summary, I am now hopping around with my eternal 1H from the desert with a dmg of 263K.
    That's compared to what I see on youtube, among other things, and that's players who have that weapon (Grimace) and they do 600-800K dmg.
    I think that's a significant difference and it's purely in 1 weapon.
    I also had several other 2H weapons, for example from Bearach, but they were destroyed by the previous release of DSO.
    I'm not just looking for stronger players to throw what I'm looking for into my lap, I'd rather see the developers realize they're making mistakes with their developments because from this point on I can't improve myself for a long time. I've made enough attempts to create or join groups but those groups almost always fall apart after a few minutes and I'm tired of that after years.

    General; What do you think of my pvp show as I explained it? Or maybe you have an idea in a different variant.
    How long does it take you to travel through portals?
    Finally, I will try to be patient until the moment that I too get opportunities that unfortunately I don't have now.
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  8. cogix

    cogix Padavan

    I agree about this and I pointed out to developers in the past too, but no answer.
    During that event I tried with my 4 toons, no luck at all after purchasing all possible entrances (except the 5k anders one).
    Some people got lucky and got more than one weapon, I got 0.... is it important? well, my best 2h weapon lvl 145 has 99% base damage at 13k... the event weapon the lowest dmg (at lvl 145) is 13k and it is up to 26k dmg (if I am not mistaken).
    This can create quite a bit difference since now players with such weapon can easily do solo all the maps, while other players have to find groups if they want to progress faster at higher levels and this is also for farming gems and boxes... and we are stuck with 1 event per year with such weapon.
    Other events, except some runes or some jewels are just not worthy (except Dragan with mythic items).
    And you can notice that by watching how many players are connected during those events and disappearing after that
    I agree too when you said that almost all rewards are considered useless at this point... you get the anniversary weapon, you get some items from Dragan event and then you are done.

    I really hope DSO team will rework a lot about items or there will be less and less people playing
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  9. ~Providence~

    ~Providence~ Someday Author

    Personally it varies between 10-30 seconds of loading. By loading I mean either the loading screen freezing as it loads yet you can hear the map BGM, or a blank background of colour appearing with NPC's moving on the back.

    I personally don't mention anything about PvP cause I dare not to touch it.

    This makes me very curious about your build cause if I remember correctly during my personal early days after reaching level 100, I had around 250k damage with one-handed when I hadn't even unlocked trapezoid gems yet.

    I really wish I could agree with people's complaints and struggles about playing solo and increasing your toons strength that way, but I am very much the kind of person Emily mentions here. Playing solo has always been the most fun for me, I enjoy the challenge, the struggle, the sourness, cause it also makes every tiny step forward all the more satisfying for me. And you know what's funny? Not only that I never actually had any complaints about raising my toon, but I actually struggled immensely more BEFORE the DL expansion. Before it, I quit too many times cause trying to raise your character was literally depressing. DL expansion was the most fun I ever had playing.

    In come the others saying people like me are the reason BP isn't changing anything. :D
  10. OopsFoos

    OopsFoos Board Analyst

    You simply have weak stones, with a one-armed you can have 500-600k damage in the city and have 1kk+ on acceleration. The light of the wedge did not converge on this two-handed weapon...
  11. Raichu007

    Raichu007 Someday Author

    Just a few of the things that bother me in the game.

    * There is no variation in the game:
    - Daily Thabo quest only works in Hagastove, it would be nicer if you could go to more dungeons.
    - The Sargon event could use the other already existing night maps to alternate between. Farming the same map isn't that fun.
    - There are only a handful of maps in general that people farm in, despite there being so much potential. Nobody cares about Lor'Tac anymore, yet it was probably one of the best CEs this game ever had.

    * The game relies too much on being carried:
    - It is very hard to progress alone, especially on lower modes where you don't get anything useful. (Simple gems still drop in merciless, really???). To make any progress you need to seek out more advanced players to carry you to higher modes. This is easier said than done in a dying game.
    - Not to mention that it is near impossible to progress properly without the jewel of rage and 5 cooldown jewels, which are near impossinle to get (I had 4 cooldown jewels before the CE and got one from Stellar Gold. I have never dropped a single one).
    - Some items that are rather important to progress are locked behind events that only occur once or twice a year.

    * The game is plagued with bugs, some of which are almost a decade old:
    - Chatbug. Switching maps sometimes causes the chat to be non functional for a while.
    - Sometimes skills such as singularity do not appear when placed in inconvenient areas but the cooldown is still activated.
    - Getting warped into the (boss) map while entering which causes the player to die or to "activate" the map (mark it as completed), and players that join afterwards are warped to a new instance.
    - Switching to non purchased hotbars crashes the game when you have at one point had premium deluxe and you did not buy all the hotbars before.
    - Trails and alchemy circles disappear after a while. Additionally alchemy circles do not get reactivated when you mount and then dismount.
    - Very bad loading times.

    * Removal of unique features that made the game feel more alive:
    - Regional buffs with unique textures, and you unlock better ones the higher your level is.
    - Monster companions (as seen in my profile picture, you used to be able to summon some monsters as a companion that would fight for you, I believe these were rewards in one of the attack on X city events).
    - The old ice ball as well as the general lack of diversity with playstyles. While I do appreciate the ice sphere spam, I do miss using fireball/iceball/magic missile at the same time as this was more interesting.
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  12. ~Providence~

    ~Providence~ Someday Author

    While I know of everything else you've spoken of, how did I never know this was a thing?? Goddamn I would so want that back, they don't even have to be strong as companions, I would just love so much having some form of enemies following me around!
  13. Raichu007

    Raichu007 Someday Author

    They were not stront at all and rather useless, but it was a very nice small gimmick. It was lovely to have a swamp monster following you around as a pet even in cities.
  14. -Faeriequeen22-

    -Faeriequeen22- Forum Mogul

    Ahh I remember those, how were we getting them??
    Yes, these were cool! :D
  15. cogix

    cogix Padavan

    they were from lucky sphere of Allies... I still have few left in my locker...

    about the skill bug, I reported several times for DK class too: using charge, sometimes I get reverted back to the starting point and there is a cooldown started and rage used... nothing has been done to fix those bugs
  16. Chaos2908

    Chaos2908 Forum Apprentice

    Its Going to be february soon And Nothing Changes Bugs Lags When is a Better Equipment and goo set only once a years?

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