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    Currency Bag
    - Guide -

    Drakensang has now a Currency Bag, which allows you to remove your currencies from inventory. With that release, you have now more slots of free space in your inventory.

    What is a currency?

    Drakensang has many virtual currencies. With them, you can buy items, gems, runes, craft your items, etc.
    At the moment, in your currency bag, you can introduce:

    • Glyphs of Power GOP.png
    • Badges of Honor BOH.png
    • Draken draken.png
    • Gilded Clover GC.png
    • Materi Fragment MF.png
    • Realm Fragment RF.png
    • Bone Coin BC.png
    • Crystal of Truth COT.png

    Where can I find my currency bag?

    Nearby Andermant and gold, silver and copper currencies. Your currency bag is displayed in the top-left of your screen with this icon: ICON.png .
    If you click on it, you will see the amount of each currency that you actually have. It will look like this:

    The maximum amount of gold you can have at any one time in the game is 922,337,203,685 (over 922 billion). However, if in possession of a large quantity of gold, the display will automatically shorten to "K" to mean "1000."

    How does it work?

    Whenever you collect one of the currencies above, in that moment, there will be a flash pop-up in the currency bag. That flash means that the currency that you collected was added in your currency bag. Don’t worry! It’s automatic.

    Beside of that, and if you are an older player that had each currency in your inventory (Draken, Gilded Clover, Materi Fragmets, Realm Fragments, Bone Coin, Moonlit Lunar Blossom or Mystical Lunar Blossom or even Crystal of Truth), you have to go to your inventory and right-click on those currencies’ icons. By doing so, you are adding them to your currency bag.

    Whenever you buy something with those currencies, automatically the value is deducted from your currency bag.
    In your screen, you can only watch one currency at once. However, you can change that and you can select another currency to be displayed. How? You click on currency bag icon ( ICON.png ) and you select the currency that you prefer to watch.
    3.png > 4.png
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