Daily, weekly and monthly quests

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by NORDEO, Dec 25, 2020.

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    NORDEO Forum Greenhorn

    So when is this going to happen?

    The upcoming Content Expansion Dark Legacy will contain daily, weekly and monthly quests to provide short-term as well as long-term goals! The player's activity is going to be rewarded!
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  2. charleiharper

    charleiharper Forum Greenhorn

    Now that 70% of players have stopped playing. Go look for another game, the current developers don't have the intellect to create something so simple,
  3. felicito

    felicito Forum Greenhorn

    If you don't play anymore then get out here, but most people like me that play since 2014 are still playing because it's a great content expansion so shut up.

    To answer your question yes, the daily, weekly an monthly questa are in-game. You just need to look from them (they're replayable quests), for example one weekly quest is the one from Cardhun's library, where you need to clean 10 bookshelves, there are others but you need to look for them, idk if there's a list but most of them give xp.
  4. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Well, it seems that the opposite was done to activity, a player actually playing is actually punished for daring to play.
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  5. dkarl

    dkarl Exceptional Talent

    Either the developers were being disingenuous when they made the announcement or you are being disingenuous now with your apologia on BP's behalf. When players talk about daily quests, we're referring to the 3 section challenges that pop up as you first log in for the day, not repeatable quests which were in the game before the daily challenge setup was released a couple years ago.

    Putting a time-limit on a repeatable quest does not make it a daily, weekly, monthly challenge. They, like most of the "Content Expansion", were designed as an impediment to progress, not an enhancement of the game. These time-limited repeatable quests provide what as a reward? Experience and possibly a few meaningless coins. Once you hit Level 100, how do the "new" repeatable quests aide the player with their "short-term as well as long-term goals?" ANSWER: They don't. In fact, as bad as Wisdom/quality gem/rune drops are now, fast leveling is actually a hindrance to toon development, as most improvement is accomplished through well though-out Wisdom point selections; the faster we level up, the weaker our characters are relative to the mobs we face.

    The daily challenges used to be an incentive for players to log in every day, if nothing else to gain some Wisdom. Now they simply serve as reminders of what the game was and actually discourage both new and old players from continuing. Have you paid attention to the "rewards" for the daily challenges? Garbage and more garbage. No essence; minimal or no Wisdom; chests with a few scraps of Common-level junk and literally 1 or 2 SILVER, not even gold coins. True, one or two rewards might be Polished gems. However, the difficulty levels involved to complete challenges are usually much higher than usual, often at levels that are impossible for the current toon; there are so many more variations that even given the ability to scroll through the lists of options if you have Premium or Deluxe is pointless: 10 difficulty levels * ~20 world / Parallel World bosses, plus 7 levels of sentinels and 7 levels of champions … I don't have 10 minutes to scroll through that list to get to the one or two that are currently playable for my toon.

    I'm starting to be perturbed by players who support the CE as something great without pointing to any aspect of the "new" game which is truly an improvement.

    The "new" daily/weekly/monthly challenges are absolutely not an improvement in the players' favor.
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  6. Steve75

    Steve75 Junior Expert

    Haha, would you mind to elaborate to me what is great in the CE content? What I saw is that after CE many-many players came back to the game, but they stopped/quit playing after a week or 2 when they realized that the content is a half finished product full with bugs and after a certain point you just hit a wall in progress. Actually it is the minority of the players who still play a lot and thinks CE was great. ;)
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  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    How dare you question such silly questions in "dangerous times" like these pandemics.
    Authorities are taking human rights and freedoms and telling you "our actions are according to science based on evidence and scientific facts". On a simple question like "could you provide us scientifically backed evidence and the names of the scientists made those studies and researches?" you get the answer "screw scientific studies and evidence just do what i say".
    In same time we have the same behavior ... when people are telling you how much wrong you are, because you can't figure it out that you actually love the new game but you are actually not aware of it. So they are here to help you decide for you, telling you
    You see the pattern there.
    So maybe we should all just shut up ... maybe we are not aware we are actually worshiping the new game ... but we are not aware of it yet.
    It is complete horse manure.
    It is not even rewarding ... it is insulting.
    Well you are so much wrong on that one ;)
    Last week ViktorG75 shared a documentary about the latest happenings in the IT and the psychological side of the business model.
    It was OK documentary (at least that part of the movie) and I already knew a lot of the contents and the claims.
    Long story short, you should ask yourself 2 questions.
    1. why only the drug dealers and software companies call their customers "users"?
    2. what are the software companies selling and to whom?
    short answer:
    software companies are selling products, but you are not the customer.
    Free to play ... there is no such thing as "free". You provide them money even without paying for the services.
    The game is not a product, it is just a tool.
    You are the product ... they are selling to other companies.
    At the end we get to the answer "they are smart, they are just copying what others do, we are the stupid ones". ;)
  8. MademoiselleCaramel

    MademoiselleCaramel Junior Expert

    This is golden! Hats down.
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  9. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    So far we have not seen any weekly/monthly quests and the only "daily" quest has been in Telepolos for getting the 9999 demons quest. So we really haven't seen any daily quests either, as of yet.

    The "Daily Challenges" do not qualify as quests.

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