Dark Legacy CE - How to prepare

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Akageshi, Nov 20, 2020.

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  1. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    I'm sorry but I'm a little bit disenchanted by the amount of hate and disgust that the forum people are expressing about the Dark Legacy CE.

    Also I don't want to carry the responsibility for putting up advises about what to do, because people might do things that could later turn out to be wrong. Even though I was merely collecting info from people who actually have played the test version.

    I think the best bet is to just wait for @trakilaki 's conclusions. If he doesn't quit.
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  2. Ginaja1

    Ginaja1 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello Akageshi, i like your idea, so here it goes, i played on the test server for a couple of hours.

    My CE impression,

    The graphics in dungeons are slightly better
    The loading times when changing maps seem somewhat faster

    All those years i have been running short on inv space but CE frees up alot
    of this space, you really can clean out all your inventory, sell & melt since 99%
    of all items will be useless in CE. All those special and unique items filled with
    plat lines and with 100% base values = melt.

    That is about all the good news!


    All my items were stripped from every enchantment, my Uniques, Legendary, Extra Ord etc.
    nothing left -> zero enchantment on all my items, all lines removed.
    And i mean everything, items in my bank, items in my inv and also from the gear i am wearing.
    Yes, i know i have not used Pristine Core crafting on the testserver so you could say they warned me....
    I knew that i could not use any of these items in CE for ench. switching lines, but i never knew
    all my enchantments would be stripped. It is unplayable now because i am less then a noob.

    Yes, all Cores are removed, i am not sure about the Glyph conversion but it seems low

    Yes, fragments of Infernal Passage (Tier V, VI, VII) are removed

    Then there are some new items which cost an decent amount of andermant like the Multitool (to harvest herbs and orbs)
    (2k for 5) and a Opal Divider (22k) to break apart Opal into Gems, and ive seen some of these items are needed to fulfil
    the daily quests so get your wallet out.

    All Magic Cubes are lowered to Tier 0, Cube gold-worth seems the same in the CE.
    When i opened the cubes i got only items without enchantments so kind of useless (melt), although the items where
    3 times more worth in gold then on the Live server but dont know if the cubes still give andermant since ive seen nothing.

    At start i wasn’t sure but i know now my OP char on the live server is going to be buried soon, which i played the
    last years with allot of fun and invested hard earned money and precious time. Yes i am sad and angry about it.
    Playing with an OP char gave me so much fun dmg/speed wise, group, solo, Bosses all was fun.

    Droprate of gear is very low and most of the items that dropped had no enchantments on it

    Okay they changed the 3 skill hotkey slots to 5 as of today but still not enough to make it playable and fun for me

    They put Cooldowns on the most important spammable dmg spells, crazy! How big can a nerf be.

    The Colorscheme for inventory items in CE looks horrible and confusing, not only most of the new "expansion" is bad
    but they even made the things that were actually good bad...why.

    Conversion of Runes to Jewels with much lesser stats and you seem to start out with a few (gem/jewel/rune) slots
    and when you advance (or do quests) you get more slots.

    Wisdom from 200 to 300 and Level 100 character

    Mages got a new "dash into a enemy" skill... i am a mage and prefer to fight from a distance, because as it comes to tanking i am cannonfodder (even with 80% armor) i dont have the armor to dash into enemies this should be a DK skill, its stupid and weird for mages, maybe they converted my class into a Battlemage but even then....in not one game i have ever seen a Dash skill for a mage but i might be mistaken.

    Like Traki said some Runes just disappeared, stolen, removed, deleted..... call it what you want but they are nowhere to be found.

    In the CE i encountered hyperinflation, if you think now you have an advantage as "formal" OP player,
    since you grinded all those years gold, andermant, draken etc. like i did, Dream On.
    All your gold, your andermant is worth-less.
    I shopped around in Kingshill seeing most potions/tonics cannot be bought anymore with gold.
    A stack of 25x Health Tonics cost 160.000 Andermant!!! "so ludicrous as to be amusing"

    If you are happy that you saved as much as 500k Gold like me, its nothing.
    Unique items give you now like 40 gold but in CE you get a double amount like 80 gold.
    In the shop you can buy now a flask for 2 gold on the Live server but in CE the same flask will cost you 651 gold!! Insane...

    Gnob sells same runes (and more) as now on the Live server just for 3x the normal price like 7800 Draken per Rune.

    Grinding continues, this time for Rune Dust, Glyphs and Gear (line switch) ofcourse.

    And then there are the frustrations again like the "standard" bugs as many Nebula3 Assertion crashes/ application errors

    Yes, already mentioned in this forum this is not an Expansion but an fully new Game, with a big thank you and bye bye [EDIT]
    to all OP players who invested alot of time and money the passed years to keep this game alive. BP being so very ungratefull.

    So my conclusion can be short, all those years i played DSO with fun and never looked around for another game,
    but today after experiencing a few hours on the testserver i installed another game, for now i am done with BP and DSO.

    Almost eveything you have now (before CE) is almost useless and worthless in CE in my humble opinion.
    Even you're 5 Royal Blue Rubies and your 10 Supreme Runes of Celerity wount make any difference.
    The only items left for which you can stand out in a crowd might be your pet, your mount or your costume.

    [EDIT] killed all the fun. I really dislike most of the changes i have seen in the comming CE. =(

    1st of December CE Live launch, Noway -> it will be DOA

    And for all the damage they caused to my character and wallet, they gave me a few gold pieces as compensation.......
    hilarious i smile for not cry.

    I am far from perfect but at least i did my best to write this story and put in some effort, please correct me if am wrong on points.

    Enjoy your weekend guys, drink alot of beer which makes you problably forget DSO. =P

    "Never change a good thing-(PVE)"

    And please help me out guys, is there an easy way to upload pictures onto this forum?
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  3. silverseas

    silverseas Forum Veteran

    Mystic Cubes will be converted all to a gold rarity, which I'm assuming is the highest rarity. (My 3 days of Deluxe expired before I could get on the TS again thanks to everyone clogging the servers, so I could not farm any post-CE Mystic Cubes to compare -_-). I remember seeing on the last DSO livestream that Jesse picked up green rarity cubes.

    So if you want my opinion on the matter, low tier cubes (0-3) should be kept since the drops inside are usually rubbish anyways. You may as well see if you can squeeze some plat lines out of the new form of cubes. Mid-tier cubes (4-6) are entirely up to you. High-tier cubes (7+) should be opened. But honestly, if you don't mind the loss of glyphs, you can keep them all. Platinum lines seem to be quite plentiful post-CE.

    As for purchases... you will probably end up spending 80-90% of your gold before the update to get consumables like potions and buffs. Afterwards they can be purchased for significantly higher prices in gold, andermant, MFs, and bone coins (last one verified by a trusted friend, I don't have access to Hiraja myself on TS).

    Andermants: do not buy gems now.

    There's a few other things I cover in another video, but please remember that prices on the TS can continue to change. (eg. the cost of white rarity and green rarity bottles, vials, flasks and filter papers are the same... seems weird.)

    Ah yes, and before I forget. There are two incredibly SCAMMY looking andermant purchases I see on the Test Server. One which I tried out already, it is the Teleport Cage to turn pets into Altered Creserites. The second scammy looking one is the Opal Divider. The andermant cost of these items SEEM TO SCALE WITH PLAYER LEVEL. Yup, that's right. You played for longer and have a higher level? Pay more for the same service. I really hope they change this, it seems incredibly unfair that the longer you play, the bigger the slap in the face (well, wallet) you receive.
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  4. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Forum Mogul

    Thank you @Ginaja I am curious what game did you load today. Maybe you can post it and I will see it before the MODs edit it. :)
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  5. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Connoisseur

    Easiest way is to host it somewhere, for example here - browse your files, select it and then make sure to do this: left click it to get full sized image, then right click it and select "view image". Copy that url and paste it here into image button box.

    Advice: always host it first (before enter forums).

    About CE, well :
    • everyone who used to play with buffs and tonics - better buy them before it came live.
    • if you have plans tiering runes to mighty/supreme - maybe you should wait, achievements will be added and those will be needed to unlock smth
    • Make gold & glyphs reserves as possible.
    Another advice: DOCUMENT EVERYTHING before CE so you'll know what "disappear" (look for rune dust) or how much glyphs you got for cores etc.
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  6. Evilsheldock

    Evilsheldock Forum Apprentice

    being as this thread is for helping to prepare, i thought too reply to this, the enchantments from old items (plat lines) were not removed from the gear, the new default view is to include those enchants into the base values lines, changing settings in-game to another view of equipment will reveal those enchantments again .. Dont Destroy Your Plat Lines !!!!
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  7. Epilarxos

    Epilarxos Forum Greenhorn

    We have Lesser Runes (Rune of Vigor or Rune of the Wisdom Seeker etc) we get from Secret Lairs or Dragan event. Will we get dust after CE or must upgreat before?? Do we have any information???
  8. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Junior Expert

    Is better to buy now from Emilia runes, upgrade them to mighty or supreme and melt after CE for dust? I think this is a good choice... mhmm, what do you think?
  9. Ginaja1

    Ginaja1 Forum Greenhorn

    Thank you Dzungla ^.^
  10. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Forum Mogul

    Thank you for sharing :)
  11. Tshill

    Tshill Forum Greenhorn

    Do you know what happens to the royals of the magical COAs (opals) when they are dismantled? Normal royals or trapeze two?
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    FAALHAAS Forum Pro

    Call me a pessimist, but this all looks awefull to me. Is there anything nice about this CE?
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  13. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Overlooker

    The design. Perhaps the story, but I didn't really test it so as not to spoil it for myself.

    Bugs are the nemesis of this game again it seems. Even the conversion scripts don't work properly.
  14. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    But those resources are dropping form monsters too.
    There is no point keeping high tier items ... or any item at all.
    I was at TS for a second time (since the last few minutes journey) Level 61 and level 73 items could be melted for EXACTLY SAME amount of GoPs. That is the new Newton's 5th Law in DSO - "no matter on which side you turn your butt is always from behind".

    For the rest of the suggestions ... I can't say they are good but I won't comment on anything so far.

    They do work properly ... only the devs are writing them faulty.
    Today I logged in on my SW , for a first time after few months ... the situation is the worse than I thought yesterday.
    I did record a video - I will upload it without editing on craptube.
    I don't think this new game is going to hit live servers any time soon.
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  15. Javah

    Javah Forum Commissioner

    I agree. I thought of commenting too, reading these long treatises on philosophy, but then I decided to hold back ... saying what (maybe) we both think, wouldn't be helpful for anyone. I would like only to suggest people that whatever very costly and/or drastic they plan to do before CE, it is still time to wait before do it.

    I will sin of optimism, but I believe that underneath they are ready with something reasonably stable to put online. Whatever we see on ts, I expect it does not reflect the last available stage of development. For many reasons. That said, I will be wrong.

    Please let me know when/where, ty.
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  16. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Exactly what I thought :)
    He is only collecting what other people are providing ... but there is still time to do anything. I am sure there will be many many changes until the last moment .
    On top of it , i have no knowledge on the content. I only had poor info from the info people were providing here on the forum ... and it turned out it is misleading, since the things are different on the test server. I will make up my mind later and provide my opinion on this topic short before the changes get to live server ... so they would have no time to change things out (a lot of snitches out there :) )
    I haven't published my "tips and tricks" in the last few events because they are too good to be sacrificed and get changed before the new game come to live server. They would be much helpful later on XD
  17. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Overlooker

    I hope so.

    FTFY :D
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  18. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Here it is ... no cuts, no edits. Long unedited version.
    A one real mess.

    Nope ... it was good, there were no errors :p
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  19. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Looking like this is a possible to do list:

    1) Delete game
    2) Move on with your life
  20. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

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