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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Nov 3, 2020.

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  1. Vedmak1974

    Vedmak1974 Forum Apprentice

    The update seems to be not bad, but there are several nuances due to which the players will start to scatter! All the magic in things that were obtained with great difficulty can no longer be transferred to new things! A huge rollback is in effect for players who have been playing for several years! Most of the unique items turned into garbage, but the worst thing is the nerf of classes! You can say the players were robbed))) They stole the time they spent on endless farming! And now the interworld is only from a hellish level! Which means it will be empty for the next year!) Welcome to empty locations !!!
  2. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    my 2 cents
    After the update the skills are better, yes it looks like they changed metas of skills, some are much stronger and others are much weaker!!!
    you will still be able to use q7 gloves
    if you farmed q8 torso it will still be good as you level
    as for enchants and base values you will have to level, got to level 100 and farm the specific values you want and need
    everyone with full blue royals will be pretty OP
    as for base stats they will rocket!!! especially once you get trinkets...
    For those wondering, I am staying after CE it is amazing fun and challenging and we WONT be weak, well we will but we have our OP gems, and stats will rocket, so far the story is good too but let me demo what we can have after CE let the items speak for themselves

    DSO is a stats game and will remain one after CE
  3. couda22

    couda22 Forum Commissioner

    But there is a problem in the R245_3 - crafting Trapezoids require level 65. No single green/blue royal gem was converted at the initial deployment of R245. They disappeared instead. There is a similar problem with Supreme Rune of Focus which should be converted to cooldown jewel of purple rarity, but such jewel requires level 75. Let's hope it will be fixed before R245 hits live servers.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2020
  4. menestrelul

    menestrelul Someday Author

    Why does this Opal Divider cost so much (22.000 ander.) that it doesn't bring me anything extra, it breaks my stones to their original state. It's cheaper to buy stones and pick them up.
    Now I have to pay because I made coalescence jewelry. It is right to be sold with gold.
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  5. Irish

    Irish Forum Apprentice

    Give us back our two turrets drop and all skills for everyone, This Is What The Players Want, just got robbed of this game, spending all that time farming and spending money to get where I am now and then for you to take it all away.

    Then have the lads stream live and and tell us all how awesome it's going to be.
    Can you not see your going to loose a lot of players.

    Not a cent will I pay towards this game again if it going to stay like it is on the test server.
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  6. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    So, the biggest problem that I see right now with the CE is the conversion script.

    It doesn't work at all.

    Some people just lost their gems, jewels, runes. This is a thing to remind them about.

    The way the enchantments got converted looks like some random noise was involved. I had some items screened on my TS account before the release... on one item I had two golden resistance lines (pauldrons). 80% and 81%. One was converted to like 40% and the other to 60%. Some enchantments stayed close to their original values, even high ones (eg. I think one 71% enchantment stayed 71%), some increased (albeit only low ones, 20-40%). I didn't check too many items, but it looks just strange. This is the second thing to complain about.

    Then, I had a bunch of longbows on my TS ranger. All of them retained the 20% conc. cost reduction. Then however, when I found a new one, I found out it doesn't have the value. On top of that, some people told me that some unique bows do have that in the base values. What the... What have they just done? This is the third thing to complain about.

    After a closer look, balance isn't quite right there. Ranger has to rely on wolfs, which are quite a strong skill now. Where are the other skills? Most are too weak, and they don't synergise at all, except for the marking mechanic (without which ranger would be unplayable at all). Dwarf has different skill unlock level thresholds than the other classes - I don't know if this is intended. Mage has different mana regen from skills than stated on a talent. Bosses are way too strong. Especially the tutorial boss (Grimmag) and the first non-tutorial boss (Heredur) should be killable for a new player, otherwise every new player that comes by the game is just going to quit the same day! The other bosses should also be made easier. Highest modes can stay as they are, but the lower the mode, the more the boss should be nerfed. Also, bosses are resistant to all negative effects it seems: no stunning, no slowing, not even damage over time can be applied onto them.

    On top of that, there are lots and lots of bugs. Some of the new talents don't work, some don't work properly. Some maps have bugs, mobs have bugs, like half the new quests don't work. It just looks like an early test phase, not like an update that is going live in less than two weeks!

    An update should be playable before it goes live. This thing isn't. I like the design, but the execution is terrible.
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  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You could only do that because of shrines.
    nice trolling attempt ;)
    you must be colorblind then.

    12400 andermant for a new character slot.
    First --- the old bugs are still present but they are even worse now.
    second --- yes 20% concentration cost is missing from a lot of longbows.
    The old bug is -- you can't see it when having equipped item.


    there is the 20% reduction when removing the items from the weapon slot.

    BUT a lot of other longbows are missing the reduction.
    AS it can be seen ... the majority of weapons are having NO base attack speed anymore. WTH
    Also ... the bugged bows are even worse now ... a true massacre .

    Not just gems and runes ... they are stealing enchantments too.
    Where are my enchantments??

    Someone asked about sargon's weapon ... it has been ruined as well. Unique enchantment removed as well.

    "can't be used in enchantment transfer crafting because at least one enchantment is not allowed to be crafted".
    Dude those are not my enchantments ... those are default enchantments that YOU converted in new crap ... and now you are telling me they are not good? Why did you put faulty enchantments on my items??

    Someone asked about Gwenfara's Jewels

    The joke of the century

    Not just the items are so poorly designed and can't be made difference among them ... the melting process is not even marking the item used in the process. Not just I can't recognize what is what and what item is what color ... I can't even see what items are being used while melting.


    My inventory is full with gems, jewels and runes that I can't use anywhere ... I mean not full it is overloaded with - 3 extra overflow bags.
    On live server it would be even worse.
    I made a video I will upload it later.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2020
  8. Taurissan

    Taurissan Forum Great Master

    welcome to Draken!
  9. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    I don't mean items, I mean the theory behind some mechanics, like the skilltree or crafting.

    That's a feature. You have 1,000 basic attack speed, and weapon doesn't override it - it can only add to it... and some do not.

    That's one of the problems with the conversion script again. They should have converted items properly, including balor's ring - it has dmg and andermagic resistance in one of the new unique values, so they could remove two enchantments from there and make it four like everything else. Anyways, if they are converting the items, they shouldn't lock the items they didn't convert properly.

    I don't know what they had on mind when creating that... The deeper we go, the more crap radioactive waste we're digging out.

    Faulty scripts at their best again.

    They should rework the gems/jewels/runes socket limit. It should be restricted to the equipment you have on, and it should be impossible to equip an item that would make you surpass the limit, just like now (pre CE) it's impossible to equip an item higher level than yours.
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  10. vampiro

    vampiro Advanced

    Ok, let me ask, do this mean that they are backtracking the original idea of upgrading with ingredients? No more boring ores farming?
    In that case, what's the compensation for those who spent a lot of time doing such a boring farm and now see that it's just changing and not all players need to go through this process like them?
  11. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Wouldn't call it that way.

    No more ore farming at all, unless you want to pay 500 anders for one ore dug up.

    The compensation is we could use them before and those who improve the gems after the CE couldn't. Don't look for problems where there are none.
  12. czarodziejedward

    czarodziejedward Forum Apprentice

    Quoting form a different topic.

    - 18 maps? (probably including boss rooms haha)

    Great, all of them but boss rooms will be dead after few runs during leveling.

    - "New" skills?

    Joke. The only one that is looking promising is spiked shield for tanks (not DKs, tanks). The rest is completely useless. Mechanicus' mine and flamethrower, Ranger's hornet cloud, Mage's frost charge (that deals physical damage btw) and electric brrrrr whatever's the name. All of these are BAD. Objectively bad.

    - "New" exp tree?

    Joke. This is so uninspired, uninteresting, clunky, unnecessarily complicated im just at the loss of words. Almost all skill upgrades feel meaingless (besides exceptions like wolves). Its anything but what the game needed. We needed MORE combinations, more viable choices not enforced synergies. Its the people who should be creating metas not developers telling you how to play. This never goes well.

    - Trinkets?

    Joke. Added only to add more gem slots forcing you to grind more especially with the jewels splitters that cost obscene amounts of anders. They said they are adding jewels to add more progression for the fully maxed players just to add more gem slots making their reasoning for adding this insanely creative and perspective twisting system completely obsolete? All jewels should be broken into what they were made of on release WITHOUT ANY CHARGES or this jewel splitter thingy should cost 1 copper. This is beyond disgusting what they did.

    - "New" gem tiers?

    Scam. Added only to add more progression to gems. Its insane that we're getting 300 damage rubies LOL

    We went from max polished, to max sacred, to max royal, to max magic royals then obviously since just adding exo and lego was not enough for them they had to re-do the entire system AGAIN before they managed to give players access to the final tier of gems. Its not even the fact that this system is better or makes more sense than slapping 3 gems together to create better gem. How sprinkling some sparkling grinded (into dust) gems make your gem higher rarity? Neither of them make sense. The only thing this system changes is that rarites no longer are a power of 3 and that allows them to adjust the progression curve (which they will never do since they add things and then never revisit them abandoning them entirely until players figure out how to abuse their less than smart design).

    The same thing that almost happened to infernals. Infernal 7 was released only because they knew they will be changing the system before they will release them all. Obviously to make it extra *smart* they had to devalue your infernal fragments (not even devaluing but making them straight up useless) by adding colored fragments which they will now remove :D

    And that's not the only two systems that fell victim to their miserable game design. Multiple sets were never fully released because they have absolutely NO long term plan. Defender set from invasions events? Sargon's amulet for 999 kills? Balor set (which was almost unobtainable untill late into lv 55)? Ammon's [Forgotten] Gleam set (torso and something else were never obtainable)? We're more than 5 years into reworked PWs and we're still missing Q10 - Gorga, Q11 - Destructor, Q12 - Nefertari, Q13 - Balor and Q14 - Sharr'Kharab which are RECYCLED MAPS (with some ground cracks slapped on the ground and adding some sandstorm around the map). 5 years into this system and its still not finished :D 1,5 year since herald's and medusa's cloaks were added to the game and the promise of [adding more cloaks in the following patches] that never came to existence. The fact that recolored version of bearach's cloak made it into the game quicker than the original version is just the pinnacle of silly. I know what the issue was ... the complete lack of creativity. Now I bet they will release them very soon because all they will do is slap unique values of "Increases the X talent by 2." to them and call it a day.

    - "New" gems? Ah yes, sapphires 2 electric boogaloo.

    So they removed sapphires from the game, enforced the conversion to runes TWICE (i was 1h dk at that time so i got *pranked* by BP twice since I converted my sapphires to to 1h runes and then 1h runes got converted into tier 2 universal runes) which resulted in less than half of speed I had. My things never get devalued, eh?

    - "New" crafting?

    Cool but explain to me why our currently crafted items are transferred into unusable garbage? Unusable not as unable to use by worthless. People spent YEARS and millions of gold crafting their full platinum sets just to get *pranked* while they were promised their items will not lose any value with CE because this crafting system was CREATED FOR THIS EXACT REASON?

    - "New" gui / icons?

    So bad it makes me nauseous just looking at them. This looks so bad i have no idea how this even got past the art team AND internal testing. Its UGLY.

    - Gold prices increase being comparable to venezuela's inflation rate?

    - Brilliant "multitool" addition? You mean the thing that never made sense in the first place which was the animation of gathering? Conveniently changed with a paywall item. How unsurprising.

    - Reducing drop of items by 95%?

    Amazing - impacts both gold AND glyphs amount that players can obtain. Now not only you wont be able to afford anything for gold but you wont be able to craft after your 55 --> 60 upgrade glyphs are gone.

    I'll add more if I think of anything else, for now Im done. For me there's nothing good about this so called "expansion" (more like "downgrade") besides:

    - Simplified crafting
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  13. Lazycrazy

    Lazycrazy Forum Apprentice

    I just managed to log in to the test server. It would have been better if I had failed.

    What I saw was sad. The game crashed five times within half an hour.

    Aside from that, what I saw they did with the items, skills and equipment is just pathetic.

    I don’t know who thought of going in that direction, but whoever it was, totally missed it.

    I'm not sure if they're kidding or serious, but I'd recommend that they definitely change the drug dealer.


    Either way, obviously the time has come for me to get away from this game

    and incompetent developers after eight and a half years of active gaming.

    This is too much for me.

    I wish the players all the luck in real life and I hope they find some better game for fun.

    Honestly, it’s not that hard because this game has hit rock bottom.

    Goodbye Bngpoint & Bngensang.
  14. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Exceptional Talent

    Thank you for the screen shots.
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  15. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Jeebus, the number of gems in this game is crushing my inventory even more. Masochistic bullpucky. Negative points of feedback for that.

    Anyway checked out some more features. Although features is overselling it.

    How are we supposed to get to level 100, anyway. Is there a questline or something. Or do I just do the same masochistic monster hunting in great desert forever?
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  16. Tshill

    Tshill Forum Greenhorn

    Our Magic Opals must give royals + 2. If the price to disassemble them is so high then it gives us back the royals 2 that we have on for free at the release. Some have used magical royals to make their opals it's unfair.
    At the release give us back the royal stones +2 that are on our Opals and make a paid modethereafter. Please.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2020
  17. kratox43

    kratox43 Forum Greenhorn

    I think they have been exacerbated a bit with the increase in difficulty, trying to kill a boss is the normal way is very difficult, for example the boss Asar, when he tried to kill him in normal it is impossible, before when he threw the stones it only made you a little damage and you were stunned, but now it's like a meteor like the ones the herald throws, I don't want to imagine what the bloodthirsty mode will be like
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  18. Raichu007

    Raichu007 Someday Author

    What happens to old legendary utems that you crafted with 4x gold lines but didn't put on any armor piece yet? Can these be used after the CE or should I use them now? I've noticed that my boots with 4x 9% running speed are saying "this item will automatically be melted after the expansion", but it doesn't say this on my armor. I have armor with 4x gold % damage but don't want to put it on my unique armor, as it doesn't have good base stats. Should I keep it or craft it regardless???
  19. vampiro

    vampiro Advanced

    Well, I see a big problem if DSO is changing basic things that frequently, players cant trust the devs so why farming at all? You earn something by some rules then months later devs change those rules again and ease the path for the rest of the players, the most dedicated players work for the things uselessly most of the times, and some events are a proof too, the original ideas get destroyed and changed into something different and then I ask, that happened many times Im reaching the point of thinking: Should I just stop farming x months and see how they change things again, to then start farming easier ways?
    If they have some "ideas" that are not sustainable through time and never work for long terms, do you think CE is an exception?
    I think it's not. They just look into short terms patches (not solutions) that continuously get patched over the rest of patches, till infinite.

    Really disappointed, tired and frustrated seeing that DSO has no solution and they work like... pf.

    Pay to farm?
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  20. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    The time I spend the first day and the second day testing with my Dwarf on Test Server, I can tell that Dwarf as a class is doomed, Dwarf went from greates DPS the boss destroyer but slower in maps to that useless bag that can spawn one turret per type and should go melee range because of the flamethrower, radiant ruby went from 13k to 1900 so the other radiant type of stones ? May I ask then what was the point me farming so much and so long when litterally THERE WILL BE NO DIFFRENCE BETWEEN ME AND NEW PLAYER (IF SUCH HUMAN EXIST IN THIS GAME) THAT STARTED THE GAME BEFORE 3-6 MONTHS. BP is really trying to test the patiance of many old players and the way i see it it's eighter I swap to my old ranger or my mage or just quit and delete this excuse for a game forever
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