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  1. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    The new quest chain is bugged *giggle* Long list of broken items for the next hotfix *giggle* Remember when runes were added to the game? Now they got ripped out of my equipment. I need resources to combine them because only a few of them can be equipped in the rune trinkets *not funny*

    I have some moonstones in my inventory. Are they useless now?

    The big reward for solstice this year is the lump of coal that we just got.

    They managed to *literally* make the game more grindy. Instead of combining gems and runes, you have to grind them up to make dust. Then you laboriously upgrade each gem and rune. It makes my head hurt.

    I read through the guide for this expansion. I can't get over how they pat themselves on the back throughout the whole thing. They are so proud of forcing an entirely different game on us. As with the previous two expansions, the result is that I can't do the things I did before. Can't even enter the PW dungeons.

    After saying all that, I am sure that they won't miss players like me. The people with thousands of dollars or euros or other currencies will spend it to get their characters back to where they were. Make no mistake, that is what this is about. The devs will receive a major monetary infusion in the short term, which is what matters to them. We have to remember that to the game devs, this is a business.
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  2. chiuseer

    chiuseer Advanced

    I asked my pet cat BB: Why my old gears are now garbage ? BB: Meow Meow Meow (Lazily)
    I asked my pet dog PP: Why my skills , stats are all garbage ? PP: Wang Wang Wang (Answer me without understanding)
    I told BB PP: I play games with you, spend money to feed you, and have been with you for more than 7 years
    Why don't you understand what I’m saying? what I’m thinking and what I want?
    HEY HEY HEY , Come back, Come back Don't go , Don't ignore me:(
  3. sexyscout

    sexyscout Forum Greenhorn

    you took all my enchants, all my runes, reduced my attack spped to squate. and now want to charge me for a dam multi tool every god dam time i want to collect ingreediants.; welt guees what i removed my atou renew. you want money find some one else to pay your dam saleries
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  4. linco1

    linco1 Forum Apprentice

    We already have many challenges ahead. We do not need a debuff with a duration of 20 minutes.
    10,000 andermant per equipment to have extra slots? no thanks i pass. . . .
    Many pets are useless, please return our altered crescite.
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  5. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Expert

    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    it has been a while. :)

    As all of you know, it is a very special time for the Drakensang Team.

    First of all, the Winter Solstice Festival is very close, bringing yet again joy, cookies and a tiny bit of magic to Dracania.

    But obviously, the biggest release since years is what I am talking about. It connects itself with the monument that the game has become over the last decade as we speak. The „CE“, the Content Expansion, Dark Legacy.

    It has been an extraordinary year with lots of fun and awesome moments, but with the same amount of challenges to overcome. And while we ‘re writing this letter that will find its way to all of you soon, we cannot express enough gratitude to all of you for your patience and constant support.

    Dark Legacy is finally here, changing the world of Drakensang all the way down from Grimford, to Andrakasch, to the deepest veins of the World Heart and even into the darkest corners of the Parallel Worlds. It has been a blast and honor for the team to work on such a massive update with all your support, feedback and criticism around us.

    This expansion is the biggest update in the history of DSO and without your loyalty we would not have been able to create this legacy. You have been with us for 10 years and we will be here with you for hitting the next big milestone!

    Long story short, please enjoy the release and continue providing us with your feedback and wishes! Also make sure to have a look at the awesome guide provided by our heroic mods!

    Your Drakensang Online Team

    Is this some kind of a joke? It's like they're denying the reality of what most people said before the CE and now, after the CE. This is straight from a Kafka manuscript. Yo, wake up, do a survey and then post an apology letter not this.

    Geez, how can this not be from a completely different universe? Or could this be definite proof that no one actually reads the "important community feedback"? What a slap! WHAT A SLAP!


    Oh, no. You don't get to lay this garbage on us. We didn't want it and we still don't. So just stand beside it. Don't drag us into it as if we supported it. Just like with the PvP changes - we clearly said NO and you clearly didn't give a rat's body part and then acted like it was repeatedly requested by.. no one.
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  6. Asperion

    Asperion Forum Greenhorn


    My quick feedback after few hours of gaming with the new extension:

    • I simply lost my 3 jewels of rejuvenation. I don't see them anymore, I don't understand if they have been replaced by some runes, and I didn't get any extra shiny dust for the lost.

    • Multitool:
    First daily challenge : Collet 25 ores.
    Now, to collect one ore or one plant, we need to use/consume a multitool which costs 500 Andermant.
    So, to get 82,5K of coins for the first level of a daily challenge, it will cost 25 * 500 = 12500 Andermant.
    To craft the simplest vigorous health potion (20% now), we have to use 2 plants. So 2 * 500 = 1000 Andermant.
    Too expensive !

    • Socketable amounts : it seems there is a bug. I have 5 splintered onyx in my inventory. For them, I can read "Socketable amount : 3/30". I can put them on an unused item I have in my inventory. But when I move to another map, they are back to my inventory. Same behavior when if I mix that with other level of onyx.
    Now, my feelings about this limitation : having this limit for jewels was manageable because jewels were rare. But now, it seems we have to extend again and again the space of our inventory just to store all our gems/runes and jewels (something we could do before by keeping items we wanted to keep).​

    • Look and feel : for the rune and jewel trinkets, I needed several minutes to understand that the ones we get are items and not empty slots because these items seem too dark.

    • Skins : Some skins are not visible in the interface, like the one for the "Power of the Alliance" or the "Path of the Untouchables".

    • Gems :
      • For the diamonds, now, we have the general ones, but we have also one type of diamonds per type of elements. Total : 6 types of diamonds (multiplied by the level of gems). For me, it increases too much the difficulty and the management of gems for nothing.

      • I noticed the introduction of the Zircon gems for the speed attack.
        I don't think it will really replace the lost of the speed attack that all the other gamers have already reported.
    • Runes : runes are normally rare (more than gems, less than jewels). Are you sure that adding the rune dust in the recipes is a good thing, no matter the amount of rune dust we get when we sacrifice one of them?

    • Sentinels :
      • I tried to kill Khepre (in Qaizah's map) in Painful mode. Impossible. No damage points seen in its life bar. Why? Do we need a new resource or essence to do it?

      • I tried to kill Azar in Normal mode. It started with a "blue" life bar. After, this bar turned like the one of a regular monster, so I continued. After a while, back to a full "blue" life bar. Why?
    • Older bugs: the "battle" achievements "Dueler" and "Sapper" cannot be won (I eon two duels yesterday). I expected to see them fixed with the new extension, but it isn't the case. So, this time, I report them.
    Please tell me if you (the admins) think I should report the bugs to the support or if this post is enough.

    Have a nice day.
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  7. JimiLBF

    JimiLBF Forum Greenhorn


    I'm at loss, all the skills, essences, potions and mount in the bar were gone.
    ° The health gems (amethyst), critical gems (onyx) or damage gems (ruby) don't grant any bonus on equipments.
    ° Runes where put back in my bag, without popup tip no way to know that there is now a trinkets tab on the character sheet to put them inside.
    ° The gardian of flames does not aggro the monsters anymore, they all rush at me, including the champions.
    ° Champions Jabbax (Ship graveyard), Brontes(Mount Suvius) did not drop anything but small money, only champions medusas
    (Ship graveyard) droped some diamonds.
    ° Diamonds droped are to be against andermagic, but diamonds already on my equipments are to be for all resistances, they do not have the same aspect despite the same name!?
    ° All the upgraded equipments have been reseted to their original level, don't know it the glyph of power I have now match the donwgrade of all of them.
    ° These are also no more Rank I form painful dongeon and cannot be upgraded anymore.

    I will wait for next patch before playing again because with the HIGH health points and base damages, high damages dealt or taken on monsters (what's the purpose of big values).


    Lépouvanteur spellweaver 39
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  8. Metal_Major_ZOD

    Metal_Major_ZOD Forum Apprentice

    Speaking as someone that has not played this game in a loing time.

    I was curious about his expasion, really was... But when I logged in I remembered why i left. Almost all of my itens gone, stats gone and all i've got as a compensation was 300 gold coins. Maybe there is some explanation somewhere in this forum, but i wont even bother to looking, its jut not worth it. To all of you that still play this i wish good luck. You wont see me here again.

    My only regret was speding so much time and money into this game.
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  9. ☆Đдяkאєşş☆

    ☆Đдяkאєşş☆ Active Author

    to say this is the biggest expansion is to make fun of users. you always have and the road has never changed. You have more than ever deleted all farm progress of the classes. This means NERFING not evolution. The maps are ridiculous, ugly, insignificant and without mobs. The item drop does not exist, the introduction of new gems makes everything more complicated, our inventory is full of junk. Why nerve our gems and then have to make new ones? why didn't you leave it as it was? The skills are ridiculous, there is no more variety or fun not even using the skills. There is no limit to your incompetence ever seen such crap
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  10. koudet2

    koudet2 Forum Greenhorn

    Im gonna give this here mostly for fun but it is sad fun :D
    This is my old character. I stopped playing him when level 50 was added so he was stucked at level 45 forever. He had mostly unique items.
    After this "CE" i was wondering how does he look like.... hehehe.
    Yeah. Everything. And i mean everything is gone. I did not touched it by myself. I dont even have a bow to kill mobs XDDDD

    And if you are wondering about "compensation"

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  11. SillySword

    SillySword Regular

    After the patch of CE, I find some golden/platinum lines of unique/legendary items that I made by long hard work are not transferred well. They are lowered value or lost/replaced by other type of enhancement. As for other things, it doesn't matter anymore.

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  12. Asperion

    Asperion Forum Greenhorn


    A new feedback :
    Daily Challenges : defeat 5 worthy Champion or Leader monster on difficulty Infernal.
    To access the Infernal mode, the required level is 65.
    I am level 55. So, it is impossible to access the mode to complete this challenge.

    Please review the conditions to attribute this type of daily challenges.
    Thank you.

    Have a nice day.
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  13. paul21

    paul21 Forum Greenhorn

    Christmas event will delay for 4 hours is there a hotfix between this time?
  14. callme0216

    callme0216 Padavan

    Oh yeah ,I forgot that majority of the skills are garbage by now with the stupid cooldown that they gave.. cant even spend my resources right in a battle cause the 15 sec cooldown just went to take a holiday..
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  15. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Wow, a major bug blocks on the first quest and i can't progress, good job.

    i'm impressed.
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  16. Dilemas

    Dilemas Forum Apprentice

    The game is garbage, what they done to it is... adding cooldown to frozen sphere, ***..
    logged yesterday once, after minute spending points on skills and landing first frozen sphere turned off the game and quit..
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  17. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    @silverseas What you think I didn't do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2.5 Attack speed is a JOKE that was 8 years ago. This entire new game is a JOKE... Terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, Terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, Terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, Terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible
  18. menestrelul

    menestrelul Someday Author

    I have in my inventory 4 pages full of stones. It is impossible to get rid of them, I have to wait for each map to melt them.
    We urgently need a more efficient method of turning stones into shiny dust. Something like a melter for items. Or a special inventory for stones.
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  19. lokismum12

    lokismum12 Forum Greenhorn

    Really disappointed with this update. Ridiculous that instead of 10 hot keys, we now have 8, yet they give us more skills which we can not use with less hot key space? As for my attack speed dropping drastically I’m not happy at all about that as I worked hard to earn my high attack speed rate only to have it now drop to basically “crap all”. I don’t like how the uniques have changed colours to “light blue” as it is very hard to differentiate between magic items. As for the drop rate of gear it has also dropped drastically even when fighting bosses It has gone from maybe 12 - 14 item drops to now a mere 3 or 4. The gems needing shiny dust to combine ????? What a joke!! Bringing in all the different elemental types of diamond? What is the point of having all different types of resistance for ice fire ect. When the original diamond just covers them all? I don’t see the point in having so many random resistance diamonds just a waste of space! Not happy
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  20. Irish

    Irish Forum Apprentice

    Over 6 years building up a char and spending a lot of money too, logging in everyday for a long time and some of you thought It was a cool Idea to take away everything that I have built up over many years.

    The lack of communication towards any of the players is terrible. Response rate to any of posts made by the community about their concerns is very low.

    Yes i'm PISSED, just like most of the players that put so much into this over the years. If you's sat and played the game yous would know what the game needs and doesn't need......... Adding new items, gems, runes, pets, mounts, maps, bosses, costumes and much more fixes would have been welcomed by all, yes there are some nice things that have been implemented into the game, but to take away what we like most was just wrong.
    You have lowered skills which are most important to our game play, having us spend materials on upgrading our items before ce to find out they are not worth a dam, telling us to save all plat itmes because we will need them after, well I have made a vid of all the nearly two pages of plats and after ce only 5 of them had plats on them , had to sell the rest ?????

    It would have been better if you's have of just pulled the plug on this game instead of doing what you did.

    lol dammm I thought i'd feel better after my little rant. ( Anyway It's just a game at the end of the day )

    Stay safe all, and would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas.
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