Deadly screams quest in Jarlshofn

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Nexrow, Dec 15, 2013.

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  1. Nexrow

    Nexrow Forum Greenhorn

    I have done this quest before with my main character and everything was okay. But this was a few weeks (maybe a month) ago - before most of the new updates. Now, while playing with my dwarf, I have to do this quest - collect 20 feathers from Wailing Banshees and 25 signs of revenge from Nefertari Invaders in Torstrond. The first part of the quest is easy. However, what changed since my last playthrough is the amount of Nefertari Invaders in the map. There used to be quite a few of them - enough to collect the needed amount in a few rounds. However, there is currently only one of them left in the area, which makes collecting 25 items from it rather annoying. If for some reason the game developers changed the amount of certain mobs in a map, they should have addressed the corresponding quest as well. My suggestion would be either changing the amount of items required for the quest or the monster that drops it. Or you could always return to the way it was before - plenty of Nefertaris in the area.

    P.S. Sorry if this is not the correct place for a thread of this sort. But as the forum has changed, I am not entirely sure to where else I should post it.
  2. Talicni

    Talicni Forum Connoisseur

    Go to the isolated place near banshee boss in the total north of the map there you should get around 6 nefertari spawns every few mins. And for me every single on of them drops you a quest item.
  3. spiro_spula

    spiro_spula Forum Connoisseur

    They can also spawn in the area just below, near the norseman boss. At least that's where I would usually find them.
  4. Nexrow

    Nexrow Forum Greenhorn

    I know that. That is exactly where I used to find them while playing with my first character. And I was looking at those two locations with this character as well. However, as I said before, there is only one of the Nefertaris left - near the sacred stone (or whatever you call that thing) in the isolated location (I believe it is called the town of Förge). And instead of them, I get more Banshees and Norsemen spawning. I did complete the quest already (took me almost an hour), but I just wanted to inform the developers about a possible mistake they have made, or a bug.
  5. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    These guys have always had a variable spawn chance. This is nothing new or a bug. I have done this quest many times (recently did it again three times during the Dwarf Rally.) There have been times when I could not get a new new instance when only a couple were spawning that I just switched to a different toon for a while and got back to this later.

    Luck be with ye,
  6. spiro_spula

    spiro_spula Forum Connoisseur

    True, if your map instance has few nefertaris just reenter the map. You can see if it is the same map if you compare the player list (shortcut is 'f').
  7. Nexrow

    Nexrow Forum Greenhorn

    I have tried that a few times. Would reenter the map until I got a new players list in it and then check the place. But no matter how much I tried, I would still get only that one Nefertari (and a ton of people fighting to get the kill). Anyway, if what you guys are saying is true and there is no bug, but instead just a random chance of spawns, I guess I was just extremely unlucky this time. Thanks.
  8. Wiggles

    Wiggles Active Author

    The amount of them varies. I have noticed more of them around on tegan server in the mid mornings. And less later on.

    I was playing my knight, SM and, ranger one after the other and there is no set amount of spawns. And on top of that. There are more when there are less players around and that is..., in the mornings through mid moring:D
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