Deeps of Demise. Ninth floor. Khamis

Discussion in 'Quests' started by detao1, Dec 20, 2021.

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  1. detao1

    detao1 Forum Greenhorn

    I am trying to do the quest 'A task for the best 8/9' but I cannot find Khamis. I have worked my way up from the 7th to 9th floor 4 times looking for this mob, and each time I have done it I clear every room so as to not miss Him/Her. Can anyone tell me if I am missing something. On the other floors the named mobs were there waiting for me. Should I log this as a problem?
  2. remei

    remei Junior Expert

    It's not a problem, you are just unlucky - none of these monsters for quests are guaranteed to appear every time, so you just need to keep trying.
  3. OopsFoos

    OopsFoos Board Analyst

    No, everything is fine, the elite guard on the quest does not always come across from the first call, you need to try again

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