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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Oct 16, 2019.

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  1. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    Damn, my favorite DtU boss goes "bore me to death" mode :( :D


    I forgot that all forms have armor!

    I've used to kill this "different" one in 1,2 shots but have to escape "spiky" huge crit hits.
    Now ... more like Heredur .
  2. Remus-Adrian

    Remus-Adrian Forum Greenhorn

    Great Event!!!

    In what Universe are you living, Big Point?

    How can you imagine new players can do even 1 single boss without buying mighty spirits? or using their credit card?

    I have a spellweaver level 85 ( wisdom lvl 21) and I've been playing for almost 3 months. So, noob here.

    I ve spent 15-20 min and 5 mighty spirits doing the first boss, Heredur. On NORMAL mode.
    The next was Arachna... I spent another 15-20 trying to kill her ... and I said I had enough.

    I know this game is a pay to win one. But this is not possible anymore. I wont buy any andermant or any premium membership because you dont care at all about players. I dont care about any bonus codes either!!!

    You [EDIT] everything with this CE and Dark Legacy... I cant progress with my main quests... because ... hey.. you dont even know when the Sargon event will be....

    Many many many side quests are bugged.... Regular monsters on maps are immune almost all the time ... they have teleport ability...

    So, I would like to play a nice game ... without paying even 1 cent... Instead, Ive paid a few quid and now wasting my time here , on forum, explaining why you, Big Point suck....

    Why dont you try your updates and hotfixes on TS and after everything is alright update the Live Server?

    No thanks at all!!!
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  3. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    I'm with you as are the vast majority of remaining players. (All 19 of us :)) I logged in, ran through on "Normal" to feel things out and BP did not disappoint. My toon is at best mid level on the scale and something that once took maybe < 7 minutes per run now takes almost double due to boss shields and higher hp.

    At 130 progress per run (with lair) on normal I will only have to make 77 runs:rolleyes: to complete the first bar and an additional 177 runs:rolleyes: for the second bar. So, 64 hours of playing time should about do it. (Where is the BARF emoji)

    I have not bought Premium or Ander in over 8 months. Even the last time I did it was for a single month for an event that was going on (don't recall which one) where it would benefit me. I once bought it steadily for several years but have decided I will give them nothing until they change their ways (Not holding my breath)

    BP has been circling the bowl ever since the CCP took it over.

    BP has once again forgotten to flush:D
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  4. ViktorG75

    ViktorG75 Active Author

    Before CE I played NORMAL without essence with one hand, literally. Now, at level 79, with an essence of 300% it lasts three times longer.
    Pure waste of time and resources.
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  5. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Well I have gone from soloing Infernal 4 before the CE. To dying in excru... doing painful in 10 days doubt can even finish first bar.

    I am not wasting my time and resources dying in Ecru for lvl 110 gear.

    This event was so popular and you have destroyed it. Before the CE there would be two pages of groups on Tegan, that is huge for Tegan. Today there is half dozen groups. Your CE is the worst thing you have ever done to this game.

    This event is a total waste of time now.
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  6. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    Hi again. When i saw all changes they, BP, had done i could imagine that a lot of things mentioned there are not gonna work properly, and all event aren't gonna be the same again, just worse event with less rewards, like in moon events, and DtU is not gonna be different... and here, reading to all of you, it seems i'm right. I'm glad that i don't waste my time with this game anymore... seeing the last hotfix that it has been for nothing cos they said: in this hotfix we wanted to correct a list of bugs, they didnt get it and they only managed to make it more loatheable... and i'm weary of this game now

    Thanks BP or Devs...
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2021
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  7. surtur

    surtur Forum Greenhorn

    Sorry about my level of English, it is not my mother tongue.

    They should have fixed and adjusted the skills before pulling more events, it's a mess. As a ranger what I have seen is the following: - The hunting trap cannot be used with many bosses, simply because you put it on it and it does not touch them. - The explosive arrow does not work correctly, even if you put the symbol that you have broken his armor, you still take his life. They take out a patch that they say critical and they do not fix this and on top of that they say that they have solved it, I think they do not test what they do, they only make my ranger class or others affected by other things fall behind and the supposed balance between classes break even more. For my part when the premium runs out I will not renew, I will not help a game that does not take care of its players / customers.
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  8. lhuqe222

    lhuqe222 Forum Apprentice

    Please excuse me for my English, but it's not my mother tongue.
    Google trad translation.
    Occupational:steam mechanicus
    Difficulty level:painful
    Game seniority of 5 years
    I gave up
    Humiliated steam mechanicus
    In what Universe are you living, Big Point?
    Humiliated steam mechanicus
    It's fun???????
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  9. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Just a question.

    I've gotten both Jewel of Encouragement and Jewel of Contribution in earlier editions of the event. Then I stopped forever with this event that really ***** (personal opinion).

    In that time the jewels couldn't be equipped both at the same time, so I've opted to use the first one and the other remained somewhere in my bag.

    Several time ago it disappeared from bag, no idea why, probably due to my mistake but anyway, I do not have it anymore.

    Question is if after CE they could be equipped and used both at the same time, or they are still alternative as it was before.

    Last edited: Jan 24, 2021
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  10. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Glad i skipped this trash.
    It's as trash as whoever made this joke of an event.
  11. gbit

    gbit Forum General

    If I 'm not wrong, I' ve read somewhere (don't remember where) that you can equip both of them now....but if someone else can confirm this, is better (I have only one of that jewels).
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  12. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    Hi gbit. In the last DtU I was able to equip both gems but it only worked the first I equipped. I don't know if they change it now.
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  13. Shine2

    Shine2 Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello there. Yes- it is possible to equip both of them now;

    kind regards
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  14. InDiCaT0Ra

    InDiCaT0Ra Forum Greenhorn

    Why others are getting more keys than me in both event bars? Im level 100 too?
  15. wojtekwjk

    wojtekwjk Regular

  16. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    Hi @InDiCaT0Ra the bar of progress if different depends on the number of point you have like achievement. It's a rule from last moths of 2020 and maybe there are still on.

  17. luishorus

    luishorus Padavan

    I, hi have a small question for the devs: is still possible to fabricate the undefeatebles cloack in the workbench,if not wi does the tissue still droped? Once again you just make a copy paste from the event and you dont spend a litle time to check those small details.
  18. cogix

    cogix Regular

    I know that I can equip both of them, but only one jewel is active (you can see by moving the mouse over the trinket)
    I submitted a ticket to the support team long time ago about that, but it looks like it is not fixed.
    If it is meant to work only one of them, why to equip both?
  19. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Duke

    both of them work ;)
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  20. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    Hi EmilyRose, thanks for the info cos i think when they appear for the first time only one could be equip cos only one wakrs to. I suppose they change it later being able that both of them work at same time. I checked by myself in case it was that my chars didn't work propperly and in that case i would have sent a ticket to suppor, but i see it's not necessary.

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