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    Dear Heroes,

    Below you can find some FAQ regarding the upcoming Defeat the Undefeatables 2.0 .

    Can players obtain the “Adornment of the Vanquisher” from Bosses or from the event chests only? And if only the chests, does the chance differ between normal and golden chests?

    Only from event chests and the golden event chests have a higher chance to drop the unique item.
    Does the drop rate of event progress in the Circus, Boss maps and the Secret Lairs scale with the difficulty?

    On what difficulty do players have to play to fulfill the active progress bar?
    1. Bar = Normal and above
    2. Bar = Painful and above
    3. Bar = Excruciating and above
    4. Bar = Fatal and above
    5. Bar = Infernal 1 and above
    6. Bar = Infernal 2 and above
    7. Bar = Infernal 3 and above
    8. Bar = Infernal 4 and above
    PS: It always makes sense to enter in the highest difficulty possible because you receive more progress.

    Can players actively decide which progress bar they want to fill?

    No, the only purpose of the slide control is showing the possible rewards the players can obtain.
    What happens if not all members in your group have the same progress bar active? For example: Player A has the 1st progress bar active, Player B has the 2nd one and Player C the 3rd one and they want to play on difficulty “Painful”. Will they enter the same difficulty (all on “Painful”) and if yes, who will get event progress?

    The group will enter the same map and in this case only Player A and B will receive progress as Player C needs to play at least in “Excruciating” mode.

    Does progress for a finished progress bar still drop?

    Yes and it will be looted automatically but you don’t receive the info message about receiving any event progress.

    Where do you get the recipe from to craft the new pets?

    We removed the recipes from older DtU events. All players that completed the very first crafting quest should be able to craft the pets.
    Is the joker item “Wishing Star” still working?

    Yes, it can be used as 1 body part.
    Do body parts of the same doll stack?

    Yes, 999x!
    Does the buff from the pets stack when playing in a group? For example: 5 times the Asar pet?

    No the status effects of the same pet won’t stack but imagine every group member is using another pet. Any boss would fall in seconds ;)!
    Where can players obtain Draken cores?

    From Dragan and Gwenfarah with 100% drop chance and also from normal event chests with a lower chance.

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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