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    Quick Overview

    Required levels20 - 50
    DurationNovember 25th to November 28th (4 days)

    Servers: Heredur, Werian, Grimmag and Balor
    Start: November 25th, 12:00 pm noon (CET UTC+1)
    End: November 28th, 12:00 pm noon (CET UTC+1)

    Server: Agathon
    Start: November 25th, 6:00 pm (CET UTC+1)
    End: November 28th, 6:00 pm (CET UTC+1)

    Server: Tegan
    Start: November 25th, 9:00 pm (CET UTC+1)
    End: November 28th, 9:00 pm (CET UTC+1)

    What's new in this edition?
    • New Mini Arachna Doll! This edition of the event brings a brand new doll, Arachna. This companion will distract enemies by bouncing on her net, allowing you to hit them harder and giving + 400 Critical hit rate!
    • We’ve changed the way you access the various difficulty levels: there is now only 1 Realm Path for each boss dungeon or the Circus Monstrorum, but higher difficulties require more realms paths:
      • Normal: 1 realm path
      • Painful: 2 realm paths
      • Excruciating: 3 realm paths
      • Fatal: 4 realm paths
    • Since the old Realm Path (painful) items are now obsolete, a script will be run to compensate you, at a rate of 2 realm paths for 1 Realm path (Painful). Example: if you had 10 Realm path (Painful) saved up from last time, these will be deleted and you will get 20 Realm paths instead.
    • The brand new Matador Costume is here! Get 3200 Insignia of Honor, and earn the right to wear the flamboyant Matador costume. You’ll be dancing around monsters and make them see red.
    • We improved the lootlist of the minibosses, so there is less chance of them dropping white items.
    • The altars in the Circus Monstrorum are now visible all the time, though they still need to be activated in the correct order: Heredur, Arachna, Bearach, M’Edusa. Usable altars will be marked with a question mark on the minimap.
    • Bosses now have minimap markers (a red skull).
    • Using the exit after killing a boss now teleports you directly to the fairground in Kingshill.
    • We have added a new information message when you kill a boss, to let you know that the chests have spawned.
    Introduction - Story
    The folk believe that the archenemies of Dracania cannot be defeated. But resistance is rising: merry Queen Antonia has called the mightiest heroes of Dracania to come to Kingshill and prove them wrong. In return for their service, these valiant fighters shall be rewarded Insignias of Honor. Defeat one archenemy and emerge as a grand warrior, or defeat multiple or all archenemies and go down as one of the greatest heroes of Dracania!


    Starting the Event

    In order to start the event,
    you will need to head to Kingshill and find Queen Antonia. She will tell you that Realm Mage Thabo has the key to access the Circus Monstrorum – so you will need to collect some Realm Fragments if you want to get there!

    Antonia will give you an introduction quest, teaching you how to enter the Circus Monstrorum, and what to do once you’re there.

    Real Fragment prices

    Since there is now only one type of Realm Path to enter the Circus Monstrorum, the standard price is 9 Realm fragments. Higher difficulties will require multiple Realm Paths.

    New difficulty modes

    This event features 4 difficulty modes: Normal, Painful, Excruciating and Fatal, both for the Circus Monstrorum and also for the portal to the world bosses (keep on reading). Painful, Excruciating and Fatal modes will have even harder versions of the enemies but also better rewards – so choose wisely! ;)

    Inside the Circus Monstrorum

    Once you are in the circus, you will find the four pedestals of the ancient warriors (Bearach, Arachna, Heredur and M’Edusa). Activate one of these to summon them, bearing in mind that these warriors are tougher than the normal character versions found in the game!
    The order you can summon these foes is the following:
    Heredur, Arachna, Bearach and M’Edusa. You cannot summon all of them at once – you will need to finish one off before starting with the next one!
    These four enemies will drop some Insignias of Honor and other interesting items.

    IMPORTANT!Insignias of Honor are the currency you need to progress in the general progress bar of the event and can be collected always after slaying the event monsters.



    The Portal - your gate to the next challenge

    After you have finished with the Undefeatables, a strange portal will open for you. What’s this? It is your gateway to the next challenge! When you cross the portal you will face a random world boss from Dracania!

    The selection of world bosses to fight depends on your level:

    • Levels 20 to 27: Khalys
    • Levels 28 to 31: Khalys, Herald
    • Levels 32 to 37: Khalys, Herald, Sigrismar
    • Levels 38 to 43: Khalys, Herald, Sigrismar, Gorga
    • Levels 44 to 48: Khalys, Herald, Sigrismar, Gorga, Destructor
    • Levels 49 to 50: Khalys, Herald, Sigrismar, Gorga, Destructor, Balor

    Please note that the random boss will escalate to your level!


    After defeating the random boss, he will drop the so called Keys of Defeat (one key in Normal mode and two in Painful mode). On top of that, you will also get Insignias of Honor and other interesting items for your character!

    Keys of Defeat and the reward chests

    Normal Chests(The Undefeatable chest)Number of keys neededPossible random rewards
    DSO_8.jpg 1 Key of Defeat10% chance of getting a pet part
    Draken (Up to 1000)
    Gold (Up to 80)
    Insignias of Honor (Up to 300)
    Other items (equipment, gems…)
    Golden Chests (Shiny Golden Chest of Awesomeness) Number of keys neededPossible random rewards
    DSO_9.jpg 10 keys of Defeat100% guaranteed chance of getting a pet part *See note below
    10% chances of obtaining the Cut Peridot gem (first golden chest has a 100% drop of the gem though!)
    Other items (equipment, gems…)

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION!! The Golden chests will not be always a guaranteed presence after you slay the boss – they will spawn with the following probabilities: 5% in Normal mode maps and 20% in Painful mode maps.
    As you can see, the Golden chests costs way more but the rewards are also way better. Sometimes is better to keep some Keys of Defeat and go for the “golden awesomeness” but we leave that up to you! ;)

    Location of three chests inside each of the maps

    The chests will not immediately pop up in the map after slaying the world boss but you need to wander around it in order to find them – they are usually very close to the entrances. We have compiled here their exact location, for your convenience!








    Special rewards from this edition

    Arachna companion


    The cute Arachna pet will follow you around on her tiny legs. Enemies won’t be able to stop laughing at her, allowing you strike them even harder.
    Effect: +400 Critical Hit Rate
    Parts: eyes, legs, ears and teeth.

    How to get it? You will need to collect the four parts and then visit a workbench! Remember, you get a 10% drop chance at the normal chests and a 100% guaranteed drop chance at the golden ones!

    Special event gem - Cut Peridot
    The Cut Peridot is a handy gem that reduces your Rage/Concentration/Steam/Mana costs. You can obtain one through the main progress bar and you will also have a chance at getting them at the golden chests.

    IMPORTANT NOTE – This gem ONLY works on CLOAKS!!
    There are three tiers of this gem. You can always reach the next tier by combining three gems of the same tier in the Jeweler (you cannot use the Jewel of Enhancement as a joker gem though).
    DSO18.jpgCut PeridotRage/Concentration/Steam/Mana costs reduced by 2%
    DSO19.jpgCruciate PeridotRage/Concentration/Steam/Mana costs reduced by 3%
    DSO20.jpgAstral PeridotRage/Concentration/Steam/Mana costs reduced by 4%
    IconNameDescriptionRequired insignias of honor
    DSO22.jpg5x Spirit stonesBrings a fallen player back to life.15
    DSO23.jpg 4x Keys of DefeatYou need these keys to open the event chests.90
    DSO24.jpg 40x Realm FragmentsChange Realm Fragments for teleportation items with NPC Thabo.345
    DSO25.jpg Chameleon SkinUse this costume to blend into your surroundings and surprise attack your enemies.810
    DSO26.jpg Large Gem BagContains a normal or polished gem (randomly selected)1270
    DSO27.jpg Victory Jump EmoteYou are the toughest one around? Show it to everyone! 1855
    DSO28.jpg Cloak of the Undefeatables / Standards of the UndefeatablesItem level: 50
    50 armor value
    + 250 Health Points
    50% less time to summon mounts
    DSO29.jpg Matador
    Ready to dance with some monsters? Show them with this Matador costume. But be prepared, the red color may attract a bunch of meanies.3200
    DSO30.jpg Cut Peridot – special gemRage/Concentration/Steam/Mana costs reduced by 2%3800
    DSO31.jpg Jewel of RageEffect:
    +5% Critical Damage
    1% Faster Attack Speed
    Most notable shop offers found at the T-Shop and NPCs (Shady Jon, Sin Kendrick and Sir Hardy)

    IconNameDescriptionPrice in Andermant
    [​IMG] Small Hero PackItems included:
    - 1 Spirit Stone
    - 999 Essences of Combat
    - 5 Universal Healing Potions
    DSO33.jpg Big Hero PackItems included:
    - 5 Spirit Stones
    - 999 Essences of War
    - 10 Universal Healing Potions
    DSO34.jpg Royal Hero PackItems included:
    - 10 Spirit Stones
    - 999 Essences of Destruction
    - 20 Universal Healing Potions
    DSO35.jpg Small Annihilator PackItems included:
    - 5 Rage Elixirs/Mana
    Elixirs/Potions of
    Concentration/Steam Elixirs
    - 1 Mighty Spirit Guard
    - 999 Essences of Combat
    - 5 Universal Healing Potions
    DSO36.jpg Big Annihilator PackItems Included:
    - 10 Rage Elixirs/Mana
    Elixirs/Potions of
    Concentration/Steam Elixirs
    - 5 Mighty Spirit Guard
    - 999 Essences of War
    - 10 Universal Healing Potions
    DSO37.jpg Royal Annihilator PackItems Included:- 10 Rage Elixirs/Mana Elixirs/Potions of Concentration/Steam Elixirs
    - 10 Mighty Spirit Guard
    - 999 Essences of War
    - 20 Universal Healing Potions
    DSO38.jpg Adventurer PackItems Included:
    - 10 Rage Elixirs/Mana
    Elixirs/Potions of
    Concentration/Steam Elixirs
    - 5 Mighty Spirit Guard
    - 999 Essences of War
    - 10 Universal Healing Potions
    DSO39.jpg Insignias of HonorThis pin is earned through quests or merchants/in-game shop.Different prices according to quantities
    DSO40.jpg Realm Path to Circus MonstrorumTakes you to the Circus Monstrorum – Normal450
    (and other icons)
    Realm Path to Khalys / Herald / Gorga / Sigrismar / Destructor/BalorTakes you to the desired world boss – Normal500 per pass

    Have fun, heroes!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Why do I need Draken?
    This is our event currency. You can only win Draken during the event. They are useful in the game, as the event merchant named Gnob has a shop in Kingshill, and sells items that can only be purchased with Draken.

    * Note:
    "According to game design, the Peridot now has 100% chance to drop the first time for each new version of the event, but only if you played the event for the very first time in release 167. If you played undefeatables before R167, your database is still configured as "only once, forever". A script will be written to fix this for the next time the event is run, so that everyone has the same the first time per event 100% drop chance"

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  2. Sunlight

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    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    In this May Edition, there are some new adds to Defeat the Undefeatables Event:

    • It is now possible to get all of the pet parts during this event
    • The cloak was removed from the progress bar and added to chests.
    • The cloak has been updated to the new R185 standard, but the new version will only drop for players level 50 and above (random base stats and enchantments).

    Kind regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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