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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Disoriented_Neighbor, Nov 17, 2014.

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  1. Disoriented_Neighbor

    Disoriented_Neighbor Forum Apprentice

    Can someone please help me define "pushing." I can't seem to find a proper definition as it pertains to gaming. Urban Dictionary has failed me (I'm pretty sure it does not have the same meaning as posted), so don't look it up there.

    From my understanding, pushing is when one of your character interacts with another one of your character in order to gain an advantage. I also don't find any rule in the Bigpoint Terms and Conditions (2011) referencing this activity. I'm not doing this nor encouraging anyone else to do so, but for general knowledge, does someone know where I can find this info?

    Thanks in advanced.
  2. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    1.2.7 Users are authorized to create multiple accounts on the Portal. Several Games, however, prohibit the use of more than one Account by one and the same User (“prohibition of multi-accounts”). Detailed information is provided in the rules of the respective Game(s). Bigpoint strongly recommends that all Users with multiple Accounts carefully read the respective rules of the Game(s), because the use of multi-accounts in certain Games can lead to an immediate ban of the User.

    Furthermore, even in Games permitting Users to have multiple accounts, communication, or any kind of interaction whatsoever, between accounts of the same User is prohibited (ban on “pushing”). In particular, an Account may not be used to create advantages for another Account from the same User, for example, to transfer items or game currency from one Account to another Account of the same User, or to allow one Account to fight against another Account of the same User.

    Bigpoint has the right to terminate the contractual agreement especially for, but not limited to, the following reasons:
    • The User is late in paying fees of at least EUR 5.00 and has not paid despite having received two reminders.

    • The User knowingly violates any law or the rules of the Games and Services, and does not discontinue his/her actions despite having received a warning. A warning is not required in case of a severe offense where it would be unreasonable to expect Bigpoint to remain bound by the contract.

    • The User has not used their Account for a period of four weeks despite having received a reminder.
    Cases in which it would be unreasonable to expect Bigpoint to remain bound by the contract generally include the following:

    • The User violates criminal law.

    • The User violates the prohibition of multi-accounts which may be stipulated in the respective Game’s rules (see Sec. 1.2 above).

    • The User violates the prohibition of pushing (see Sec. 1.2 above).

    • The User violates the prohibition of non-authorized scripts (see Sec. 1.2 above).

    • The User violates the prohibition of exploiting programming errors (bugs) (see sec. 1.2)

    • The User deliberately provides false information upon registration 2, User application form) or while completing payment of Premium Features (see Sec. 7.1).
  3. Disoriented_Neighbor

    Disoriented_Neighbor Forum Apprentice

    Thank you, Mal3ficent. Links to the T&C across the forums as well as on the actual gaming page ( seem to link to outdated information. Maybe it's because I am playing EN (US), but it still needs to be updated. That's probably out of your hands, but it would be so kind of you to pass it on.

    Additional Info:
    I've seen this term misused a couple of times on the forums so I thought it would be worth pointing out. For the purposes clarification, "pushing" is not the same as grouping with another User/player who is 6 levels or greater than yourself in order to avoid XP gain or asking someone to lose a PvP match intentionally. These are just social aspects of the game that can be abusable loopholes, are difficult to regulate, but still legal. The rules against pushing only prohibit the use of 2 or more of your own accounts simultaneously.
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  4. spiro_spula

    spiro_spula Forum Connoisseur

    Forming guilds with the sole intention and purpose of doing this is completely fine, the more the merrier. 8)
  5. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

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