Destructor and Nefertari

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by raider, Aug 23, 2020.

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  1. raider

    raider Forum Pro

    Well, until these, there are some farmable Bosses that can be enjoyed, but sadly these were such disappointments..

    I mean.. I liked the "Dwarf maps" with all the metalic sounds and stuff but the Boss, Destructor is meh.

    I appreciate the creativity of the usage of Ram, then destroying Generators one by one every "round" and all that but what's the point?! Isn't this game all about rush, rush, and rush more now?!

    That's said, if your intention was to make people go there for Quest or Daily challanges only, then you done well :rolleyes:

    > Then we have Nefertari the temptress.. within Agathon's Ally Hall, on a perfect location..

    There is a catch.. If you are entering the Normal mode.. You need a key, every single time (except the very first when the quest arrives), that requires 450-500 kill.

    Again, what's the point?!
    I mean I most likely would Level up many times if I bothered to get a lot of keys to "farm" it. That is if I can find someone to go through the same process.

    Now idk whats the next Boss in the next continent but I lost my hope..
    Game is just pushing you to be max Level asap..

    But hey at least I can still farm Gorga (with 0 xp gain) for some Gems and Items to sell/melt/upgrade :p
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