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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Perfect[IoN]1, Mar 25, 2018.

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  1. Perfect[IoN]1

    Perfect[IoN]1 Junior Expert

    so ive spent 400 realm frags on this defeat the undefeatable's and im disapointed by what i got

    41 mistic cube's All extraordenairy items.. not very mistic if i know what the reward will be
    found 2 of Every pet (meny doubled) never 3rd / 4th (waste of space 10 space's = no cigar)

    so now im farming frag's for 3rd part (cleared full temple sector for 3 realm frags)
    what is going on.......
  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    400 fragments?
    We are spending 30K+ realm fragments.
    As for the loot ... well if you want leg items and mystic cubes you should go infernal.
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  3. Perfect[IoN]1

    Perfect[IoN]1 Junior Expert

    what a load of toddle.. ive nearly finished the event and i keep geting duplicated pet parts because the drop rate for 2 parts on every pet is reduced..
    and by the time ive farmed the fragments i need.. i will be level 55 from 41 -_-

    There is no Infernal what the hell can i do
  4. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    Wait next event (and go 55).
    I got the pets with 2 events :)
  5. Perfect[IoN]1

    Perfect[IoN]1 Junior Expert

    when im level 55 i wont be able to kill infernal because i will be to weak..
    and what about the fixed mistic cubes 41 all perple items.. im now selling for 5gold when droped in event
    how the hell can they explain this fixed loot prospects


    who els found the parts im missing more than once..
    ive thrown away so meny dupelicated parts
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  6. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    Well you
    My first priority in game was lvling up to max lvl.
    You should get stronger in time. Just lvl up and you will find better loot.
    And open some inv spaces.
  7. Perfect[IoN]1

    Perfect[IoN]1 Junior Expert

    clearing temple sector : monster level 40 - Hero level 41
    Fragments : 3 (Drop rate of fragments reduced)

    cant level up, or ill never win another duel again, (unable to do daily quests)
    cant have 10 slots used for pet parts till next event waste of space.. who is to say this wont repeat next time

    admit it.. there is need for change here.. Gnob could sell parts
    total waste of time and investment, event is fixed

    this does not work.. been level 55 will not help my cause because then i have to loot infernal mode and die 100 times investing ander for might spirit gaurds (he who follows the crowd goes as far as the crowd)
    im not stupid ive been conservative for good reason,

    finish collection bag / pvp then level to 55, and farm for 12years to catch up seems how it is
  8. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    Ok, stay noob forever then :D
    Everything i will say to you, will probably go to waste so i won't spent my time saying more helpful info.
  9. Shansurri

    Shansurri Active Author

    1. Eventing tends to level you up faster, so that's a decision you have to make. You can't blame a two week event for taking two weeks. True?

    2. This was simple math. You run the event once, you check your progress, you divide total amount needed for the event by that progress, you get total runs needed, multiply by nine you have the realm frags needed approximately. I'm not even good at math. As passes go, these event is WAY cheaper and easier than farming for pearls to get into the Dragan minis. I still have nightmares on that one.

    3. If you are a member, you are able to roll over your dailies to choose plays instead of wins. Even outside of membership, you may just have to spend the anders to get those 'plays' instead of wins.

    4. Why are you arguing with every bit of advice offered by the vets on this board? I get it, they aren't always the most sympathetic bunch, but they DO know the game.
  10. Perfect[IoN]1

    Perfect[IoN]1 Junior Expert

    my personal experience aside im seeing manipulation
    41 cubes all the same
    realm fragment drop rate reduced to 1 per drop

    these statistics are edited or manipulated to not fit the parameters of discriptions

    only noobs refer to other players as Noob.. and your helpfull infomation would lead me to joining PVP Balancing topics as i learned from the twinks xp is not your friend
  11. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    from the twinks or as a twink ;) If you are not already concerned about pvp balance then you must at least be in the quasi-twink realm. Any other type of player will readily say that pvp is unbalanced at all levels.

    XP is your only friend in this game. Want better loot? Then level up. Simple as that. The higher the level/tier of gear has a better chance of better lines. This is just life in the post r185 era. As far as RFs go... no you are not supposed to get a lot of them playing lower level normal pve maps.

    Also my bit of advice (feel free to ignore) is do not open cubes below lvl 55.

    Basically your complaints are all problems you are bringing on yourself.

    Luck be with ye,
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  12. Sorry to say, but 400 realm frags is a joke to consider if you were intent on getting all the pet parts. I agree with Trakilaki and anyone who has sense, this event takes several thousand..atleast if you have none of the pets. Just think, when you get to level 50-55 and get into PW, you will will be farming cores in the event, so you will need EVEN MORE realm fragments. So farm your toosh off in preparation for the next time around. Also don't forget the other good things of the event, like items to melt/sell/craft with, gemmmms, coins, unique drop possibility, and of course cores. :) I don't think many aside from you and perhaps a few others would complain of all that.

    It may be a good idea to farm worlds on painful for possibility of higher fragment drops. I would do this as much as possible before the event ends, and get as many passes as you can. You can then use them after the event ends in hopes of getting the rest of your pet parts. Goodluck
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  13. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    There was that one nut job that said he doesn't need Draken. :p
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  14. Oh yessss! Lets not forget the incredible draken. Thats one of the best prizes.:cool:
  15. Yogo

    Yogo Forum Great Master

    Hi there. I would progress to reach level 55 if I were you. I would do all events. Collect drakens and crafting materials. I would read DSO Wiki to find out all about crafting items and about upcoming events.The rest is all down to hard work and time you put in. The 12 years you mentioned was a bit out of proportion however...yes, some players have been building their toons for 4,5 and even 6 years. These things do take time - this is the kind of game Drakensang Online is. Do not get discouraged that things are tough at the moment and that perhaps you get killed on the maps very often; just keep working, keep farming, keep collecting stuff and crafting better gear. Join a clan and get some help from other people. Drakensang Online... it's a beautiful game ... things just take time... nothing comes by easy;

    good luck and take care.
  16. kraken

    kraken Forum Apprentice

    Hi there,

    I can't agree with you at all. This is one of the best events so far in terms of gathering gems, glyphs, cores, creatres tears and ofc drakens.
    If you cant appreciate that.... And I don't understand why you say total waste of time and investment and complain about inventory space. If you would have invested, you should have opened inventory slots so you can store the pet parts. Go to map 2 and in 30-40 runs I am sure you can finish 1-2 pets at least.
    Why do you say if you are lvl 55 you have to loot infernal mode?? I prefer most of times to farm fatal. I only care about ander/cubes drops and I prefer to farm using only one skill so I can smoke/drink a coffee meanwhile :).
    You need 1-2 runs on inf modes to buy the stuff you need and that's pretty much it. It's enough to make you stronger for a while.
    Finish collection bag? I haven't finished it and been playing since 2013 (with some breaks). You want to finish it in couple of months? Do all events and buy the rest from shop/DD.
    12 years of farm? Dude, I've had a 11 months break, and come back about 3 weeks before lvl 55 was released. I was a 1H mage at that time and now, I am just fine 1 year later. When i came back I had to farm with red ess on painful, now I can solo easy inf3. So why complain so much?? Most of us have worked very hard to get were we are today. But for sure not 12 years.

    BTW, your statement "cant level up, or ill never win another duel again"...keep it that way and you will never catch up; by the time you are about lvl 50, only from your pvp, we might be lvl 60 already. And nobody forces you to choose on DQ to win matches, there's also option of just playing.
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  17. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    If you want to miss all the events and all the fun stay at low level ... otherwise level up to cap level.
    Your argument about duels is invalid. Once you get to cap level you can get even more fights than now.
    Judging by your screenshot you want to get all the pet parts in one event ... well it is doable but that is not the point of the event, getting all the parts with every possible secondary character you start to play.
    You have "nearly finished" the event but I have finished the progress 8 times on TS and live server combined. The progress bar in not the main objective ... this event is meant to be a loot farming event. There is no way you can get the parts with only 400 realm fragments ... which can be collected in 2 hours of farming. I made over thousands of runs on both servers combined and I will do over 3K more runs on live server in future ... that is a hell of a lot of realm fragments worth portals.
    400 realm fragments is a joke you can farm them in few hours ... normal maps are not meant to be loot farming maps. If you want to farm you should do them on higher difficulty or PW maps.
    Investment? 400 realm fragments?
    BTW ... Gnob is already selling them pet parts ... you only have to wait for the sale.
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