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Discussion in 'Dragonknights' started by Marow8, Nov 16, 2019.

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  1. Marow8

    Marow8 Junior Expert

    Hello everyone,

    I came back into the game few weeks ago, been gone for a few years now (originally started playing in 2012). I'm now lvl55, I play in solo, and I don't really know what to do now in terms of equipment and basically everything, I'm a bit confused with all the tier thing/new crafting methods.

    Could somebody explains me briefly how the "tiers" things works and why is there so many differrent difficulties in dungeons ? And also is there any guides that could help me (I didn't find anything on the forum) ?

    And also what kind of stuff should I look out for ? Is there any "go to" items or sets ?

    I really want to go back seriously into the game but so many things have changed that I need a little help.

    Thanks in advance !

  2. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Hi :]

    Equipment has base values and enchantments. The higher the tier, the higher the base value range. E.g. Damage: T1 30-40, T2 35-45, T3 40-50, ... up to T8 which is the highest possible now.

    You get higher tier equipment in harder difficulties. T7 is the main drop in Infernal 4, where you have a tiny chance of dropping T8.

    The tier can be increased by using Augment cores. These can be purchased in the Splintered City of Cardhun for materi fragments.
    (Not long ago we could use these to buy unique equipment right after killing any parallel world boss, but this has been removed, so uniques have to be obtained from drop just like in the old days.)

    There are 2 main kinds of dungeons: Normal scaling dungeons and Parallel World dungeons, AKA PW or "Q's".

    In the normal scaling dungeons, which are simply the dungeons in which the main story line takes place, you get crafting ingredients of different rarities depending on the difficulty by collecting them on the maps and as a drop from bosses. Killing everything on a map spawns a map sentinel that drops keys of prowess. These keys are used to enter non-parallel world boss battles in different difficulties.

    The parallel world dungeons do not yield any crafting ingredients, only materi frags and materia cores, on top of usual drop of equipment, and of course PW boss unique items.

    There are different kinds of cores. All of them are used in crafting. The aforementioned Materia Cores are necessary when crafting the PW equipment; Draken Cores are used for event equipment like Dragan's set; Tellurian Cores are for crafting non-PW, non-event equipment; Pristine Cores and Soul Cores are used for all kinds of gear to transferring enchantments; Augment Cores to increasing tiers.
    By putting a piece of equipment onto the work bench, you can see which cores and how many you need.

    Crafting is about getting good enchantments.
    Blue are lower than 80% of max power; Gold are 80%-89% of max power; Yellow (or "Platinum") are 90%-100% of max power.
    Platinum enchantments can only roll on purple items and are quite rare.

    Here's a crafting guide.

    I think it should be a good idea NOT to transfer gold enchantments, but rather either wait for legendary items with 4x gold ench. to drop (which happens here and there), or just combine random purple items to get gold ench. roll randomly.

    Platinum ench. have to be transferred using the inherited method, which means combining e.g. 2 purple helmets each with a platinum ench. with 2 garbage purple helmets until you get both plat. ench. transferred onto a legendary item. Then by combining 2 legends each with 2 platinum ench. you should get at least 3x plat. legend, but if you are extremely lucky you get a 4x platinum. I assume people usually go for 2 legends x 2 plati. -> 1 legend x 3 plati.; then 2 legends x 3 plati. -> 1 legend x 4 plati.

    ^This is an extremely long process. platinums have been introduced in December 2018 and since then I haven't got a single 4x platinum legend. The best I have are 2 different items each with 3 platinum enchantments. But there are heavy farmers who probably have most of their gear filled with platinum lines.

    All classes are encouraged to go for a 2-handed build. Perhaps in case of a DK, 1-handed with a shield is also a good option(?)
    I don't play a DK, so I would suggest you go here to check other DKs' builds.

    You can see the base is all about Q7 set + Dragan set + Witch Seeker set, which is a triad that gives you damage. The rest should be more or less up to you, I would say.
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  3. Marow8

    Marow8 Junior Expert

    Thank you very much for all those usefull informations ! :D
  4. Heaven

    Heaven Junior Expert

    Easiest way for you to make progress right now is probably to get carried by someone on inf3 or 4 so you can get decent legendaries while you wait for events to get dragan/witch hunter set. If you are on Heredur, I could give you a hand, in game name is Hearttt.

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