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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Hiddenachievement, Jul 18, 2020.

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  1. Hiddenachievement

    Hiddenachievement Forum Greenhorn

    i just wanted to share this :)
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  2. Valhöll

    Valhöll Forum Apprentice

    You have big problems with attack speed, I think you should use pet for attack speed+buff. Remove runes for critical weapon damage, replacing them with rune for attack speed. And you have very big skill problems, you use "massacre" too often. At this rate of attack, you can only shout, you just don't have time for something else. I'd really kick you out of the party because it's more profitable to take a tank than your war. I don't remember the exact figure, but the attack speed is in the range of 3.4-3.55. I'm not trying to hurt you or teach you, I just gave my opinion, and I hope you just try, it's worth it.

    I've watched so many times how people are starting to pick up the wrong numbers. Dmg is important, I don't argue, but it has very little effect on your dps. 1. attack speed 2. chance of critical damage 3. critical damage and dmg. I think that's how you should prioritize, their percentage of total dps is not so important.
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  3. Phyrix

    Phyrix Forum Baron

    Well you have to look at his set which is q7 he needs about 2.9 attack speed to attain 6 smashes with q7
    assuming youre new if you look at his attack speed when fighting heredur you will see it doesnt go below 3.00
    and ofc if you wanted to be picky he has 3.65 attack speed during banner with his fanaticism buff on top of that
    and even if he got to 4.00 he would still only be able to do 6 smashes a second with his q7 set.

    Anyways I started a ranger on a new account because of how weak dks are
    just the other day I finally figured out why dks are so much weaker as we used to be
    idk if it is in patch notes but ive noticed defenses now scale with infernals too
    fe i do 160k smashes on infernal 1 vs the desert beetle and 100k smashes vs desert beetle on inf3
    thats a steep 60% higher defenses for normal scaling dungeons
    imagine pw, on top of the insane hp increases

    This ofc and mecs and rangers dont feel it because they have armor break built into theyr main damage skills and or dps activating skills
    and mages well they have singularity
    its their all in one skill armor break cooldown and everything else
    mages were rebalanced and dks are dog poop now
    welcome to the past 2 years for me, especially as a non q7 dk
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  4. Valhöll

    Valhöll Forum Apprentice

    There's a war at 3.1, I think you'll notice the difference in speed, and I'm not just talking about Q7, I'm talking about other skylights on the panel. 3.1 is the minimum for a comfortable game on minimums. 3.5-3.637 is the ideal attack speed.
    There is a monologue in the video, it doesn't contain insults or profanity, it's just a motivational track (for moderation).

    If I'd done a 2.6 attack speed for a Ranger, I'd have passed this location for about 10 minutes. Even with 3.077, that would have been an awful long time. If you want adequate damage, you'll have to deal with the animations of your skills. Someone may not have seen them at maximum, but they give speed to absolutely everything, not just Q7, and that's something to remember.
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