Bug dmg drop without reason

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by panrig.9, Sep 17, 2021.

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  1. panrig.9

    panrig.9 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello. I have a really strange issue with my ranger(100lvl). My basic dmg is 165k (or at least it was till today). I was farming ports in brigavik and suddenly i found out that my basic damage dropped from 165k to 55k!!! I changed absolutely nothing, i triple checked knowledge tree, items, etc and i wast using any essences for sure. My damage was 165k without any buffs or anything. The most strange thing is that my dwarf (who went 100 lvl 2 days ago) has no items at all( max 3 4 legendary) but now he has more dmg than my ranger (65k). I really need my stats back cause its really unfair losing everything i fought for in a single night.
  2. Alpaca

    Alpaca Forum Apprentice

    Hi there, same problem here... happened to mid lever sw with damage drop overnight from 130k to 77k .Now I see this post hmm..

    (no, no, I aint drunk that night :p)

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