Does DK actually care about this games future?

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by EriduSerpent, Jul 31, 2021.

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  1. EriduSerpent

    EriduSerpent Forum Apprentice

    I have only been playing since May, before that my mum played the game for a few years.
    She stopped because she said the game creators had lost their focus, it was no longer about the players and the story, it was now all about money.
    She understood that they needed to make money but said they decided to make it by treating their players like idiots. Over charging for game items, making it so you paid more to join events, paid more than you could hope to get back in rewards. Drop rates, chests etc became bad, bosses weren't worth killing.
    She couldn't be bothered to put up with it.
    I began playing it as I couldn't play most of the other good games because I'm useless with controls, I can only use my mouse due to a disability that I have now.
    The game is fun, interesting and the graphics are very good, I enjoy playing immensely.
    I even got my grandson into it.
    But everything my mum said is true, on the forum so many cite the same complaints.
    The comments are clear, some several years old, some only several days old.

    Players will pay if they get treated fairly, most of the players stay or pop in just because of the time and money they have invested and they begrudge wasting it.
    New players come, spend money, see the problems and leave...some stay hoping the game creators will listen.
    On Apr 05, 2012 it was reported that Bigpoint has announced that Drakensang Online has reached more than five million registered players worldwide since August 2011.
    I am guessing there's 1/5 of that number now.
    There does not seem to be many active players in the towns, this has been commented on by other players.

    So my question is this:

    Do they not realise that listening to their customers/the players,
    will actually benefit them. What is better, 3 million paying a little
    a month/a week knowing that they are actually getting something in return
    for their money...or 1 million paying a lot more money, then filtering off
    when they realise their money is being taken for nothing. In the end hardly
    anyone paying for anything, the game ends.

    What about charging 2 euros a month for anyone who wants to play?
    5 euros for premium level and 7 euros for deluxe.
    I mean to be honest you do not get a lot of added benfits to justify
    the prices you charge now.
    Lower the cost of Andermant, people will buy more and spend more.
    YOU will quadruple your players and your money, the game will survive!
    People like to collect mounts, sets, so charge less, they will buy them quicker.

    You have so many players hoping that you will see sense and save the game,
    players who enjoy the game so much...but you are flushing it down the toilet.
    None of us want you to work for nothing, we know you need to make money, we know
    how much time is spent on a game like this, what is needed to keep it going.
    WE APPRECIATE & RESPECT those points.
    But we do not understand why you do not appreciate and respct us.
    We are willing to pay if there is quality behind the game.
    But charging us for crappy items in chests, charging us to do everything with hidden costs, reducing drop rates, changing the values on items, making things hard to get...well that is just STUPID. You are treating us like fools and soon any player loyalty, any feeling of enjoyment will end. You will have hardly any players.

    You could make this a great game again, if you stop being so blind and greedy.
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  2. Strit555

    Strit555 Forum Apprentice

    You should add a Plz at the end my friend ...

    Game without pvp its already dead... In that moment current game is pay to play without a goal and that goal is a pvp ..
    Good players in game they just looking their good stats and streaming ..that's all

    At my good ages in this game .. good players they born from arena..Glory and Honor didn't bugged and pvp tree works at pve...

    I stop the game cause my really good work i couldn't use it no were ... just farm farm farm....

    Sorry its pathetic and psychotic
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  3. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Regular

    Making people pay to play this game would probably break it, 7.99 for the benefits are actually quite reasonable (could be cheaper) considering how much you actually get for it.

    Drakensang has been quite.. meh since they removed xp block (for me personally anyway) But for most people it definitely went downhill with the release of dark legacy :l, i dont think anybody asked for 100 levels but we did ask for more build variety so everyone wasnt running kara + dragan set lolz
    PvP is a joke, its a 1 hit fest (from when i last played a few months ago)
    i've said many times that they should create a seperate server which could be a classic dso server which is dated back to 2014 when we had level 45, old dragan, old moon events.. There could be so much potential in that and it could earn them a lot of money (more than the cost of actually making the server i think) so it would benefit them too :) but they've said they will never do that which i and many people think is quite upsetting lol

    Also you are completely right with this post other than asking for a subscription based game
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  4. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    The game "as is" is not worth a subscription cost. That is why my subscription (premium) ran out and I paid for another game that I am very much enjoying.
    In the new game, my toon is a _Hero_.

    In Drakensang, a long time ago, my toon was a hero.
    Then they nerfed him, and I kinda recovered him, but not to hero status...
    And again they nerfed him, and again I kinda recovered him, but still not to hero status...
    And then did a Content expansion and months later with some recovery they made it impossible to solo improve. He'll never be a hero again. And with life suddenly not allowing me to log in every day, that was the end of any possible improvement

    Many have bleed out from the game and now most of my play time there's nobody to play with, or not enough to be strong enough to get anything... or improve anything....

    I tried last Saturday to do some time. Spent 3 hours in the game and got almost nothing for the effort. Went back to my other _satisfying_ game.
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