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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Aug 22, 2019.

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  1. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    You see, the game is a huge grindfest, so its special anniversary festival has to be a festival of grindfest, aka Festival of Grinding Festival. Looks like a phrase Department of the Redundancy Department would use? It should. Such a department makes no sense whatsoever for many reasons (and with various meanings of the word "redundancy"), and so do many things present in this game.

    Anyways it's still slightly better than last year. The only problem this time is that this event is done right after the undefeatables, which consumed lots of realm fragments. This means we actually have to farm tons of openers and grind the basic arena, in order to use our remaining fragments only to collect the remaining few chests, as we can't do this way the whole event. Not even saying that it takes highest modes to finish even the first progress bar, and if one finishes one - one usually finishes the whole thing. That means the event is really not accessible to weaker players.

    Another notable thing here is that this event can consume even over 3 rows of our precious inventory space. Man, inventory space here is no longer even P2W: even with deluxe we lack space, while we should be able to manage our inventories without problems even without premium membership. Without this event and these chests many of us are playing with one last row of inventory, kept by applying harshest conditions on any new potential crafting ingredients (not keeping any but the highest lines, which in practice we do not get, so we don't get cluttered any more).

    While writing this post, I noticed that @dkarl had similar thoughts:
    We're on a different character development level, but we both notice almost the same things.

    Now, I'm not going to do these progress bars (unless maybe the chips rain down from the sky). I could do the inf3 arena. Perhaps not solo, I have enough friends & guildmates for this relatively simple task... but I am not going to. I am not going to farm all the openers for all the eggs for all the chips for all the chests for all the progress bars (like, do you see that's too much of grinding stacked?). I am not going to waste my time on something that is crossing the line. I am not going to grind until I fall down to the ground. Not this day. In the limited time I am currently spending in game, I am going to do some runs here and there, collecting egg openers along the way. Hopefully I will have collected enough by the end of this event to have done a few egg-opening runs on leftover buffs from the previous year. Maybe I will manage to collect enough CoT to buy something good. I'll probably do a few runs in the arena just for the sake of it, keeping the rest of my chips for the future, that might bring something better.

    *entering the waiting-for-good-features mode*

    TL;DR: This event has crossed the line of grindfest. This time the rewards are good, but mindless grind is too much, egg-opener drop is too low, chip drop from bosses is too low, and on top of that I have better things to do with my free time than farming to death in this game. Seriously.
  2. vegetadavid

    vegetadavid Forum Mogul

    I agree with that, without frags it's now rly complicate... after opening 80 eggs i dont get any truth cristal bonus so i dont know if they supprimated the drop or not.

    I think that we can finish the event in around 20 hours with 4 000 frags in inf3.
  3. couda22

    couda22 Forum Commissioner

    CoT buffs do not drop from eggs any more. It's not possible to get them at all.
  4. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Considering that you can only get chests for one progress bar per Arena run, it's absolutely ridiculous that all bars are not open from the beginning. I'm coming into this with 81 arena chips from last time and by the time I finish "Duria", at the rate I'm going, if I get to the end of Duria, I should have enough chests to walk right through all the other progress bars without any more Arena runs.

    That's absolutely STUPID.

    All the progress bars should have been open so that people could do which ever one they wanted. Or all of them simultaneously as they get the Forfeit Chests (seeing as you can only get one kind of chest per run).

    Instead, what is going to happen is a huge amount of the community of players are not going to finish "Duria" and be stuck with 9+ stacks of (aptly named) Forfeit Chest that are forfeiting 9 spaces of inventory forever. And on that day the DSO programmers names will become curse words. The world will learn the meaning of "Geez, it's another Jesse rig!" And that word which used to mean "a stupid lazy job" (which we can't say because the stupid lazy people can't read a dictionary and instead take fake offense over skin color which is completely unrelated to the word) will be replaced by either the word "jesse" or the phrase "DSO Dev".
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  5. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Yeah, i've basically given up on either grouping up or even trying thanks to this mechanic.

    If all the bars were open i would be okay with forming a group and going for it. But as i am inventory space limited, i'll rather not have to deal with getting the wrong prog reward and cluttering my inventory. So instead im doing fatal solo on my dk and inf 2 solo on my mech, bar by bar, using direct passes (duria at the moment)
  6. Mamihlapinatapei

    Mamihlapinatapei Someday Author

    At the moment, in the "festive arena" the sight of mini-bosses is lost. I aim the sight exactly at the mini boss, but the shots fly anywhere but not at the target. Will it be fixed? I’m even silent about the mechanics of this holiday ... Give at least the opportunity to hit (

    I don’t know how things are with two-handed wars, but the long-range battle is broken.
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  7. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Boring Grindfest
    Progress is absolutely ridiculous
    Another fail by bug.point
    Got better things to do with my days off than play this dumb boring event
    Good luck to anyone who can stay awake
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  8. rcch

    rcch Advanced

    I'm on positive side with this event. Rewards on last progress bar are ok. New arenas with 5 waves HUGELY better than last years

    I do not like the fact that we do not get truncheon and COT as a drop from arenas.
    Too many progress bars and therefore grinding.

    Have not yet done (most likely I will not even bother) any COT chasing... too much grinding would be needed to get any usefull amount of COT from eggs
  9. -.SeReNiTy.-

    -.SeReNiTy.- Someday Author

    Firstly, I have already completed the event. Fortunately, I had 130 chips for the arena and I spent them first. After opening all the boxes I had, the remaining progress was made through the entries being made in the progress, and only then were fragments used to end the event. Around 500 fragments.

    The event has undergone significant changes. First, I must praise the reduction in the length and difficulty of the arenas. Secondly, the progress drop due to difficulty seems to me adjusted. I believe that, in general, playing in inf4 at this event was a waste of resources. Thirdly, it seems to me important that they have concentrated the final drop of items rather than each round, reducing the weight of lag and nebula errors during the arena. Finally, it seems positive to me to reduce the piñatas opening costs, as it was also harder to get the sticks. Even where there was an increase (Gnob, for example), useless rewards (to colour your items) were eliminated. So it seems to me that the rising cost has been adjusted.

    The negative aspects are many and result from a great lack of rigor in testing. These are basic things that have not even been changed. Just a few to list:

    1. The description of the golden pinata is wrong, misleading players. The gold drop is not 250 but 2000 and the runes are 4 and not one. This information may, at the outset, determine whether or not it is useful to do the event, as the information gave a wrong indication.

    2. It is unbelievable that in the final boxes that give the progress (different number depending on the difficulty) the following information "contains crystals of truth" was not added in the description. I didn't notice, given that the drop was so low, that it was dropping crystals of truth, since this information was not given, nor in the item description. In fact, it is dropping crystals and, worse, I could have used the buff +10 and open all the boxes only at the end and not depending on the bar where I was. I lost over 30,000 crystals with this and, of course, sticks for pinatas. Of course, I can even acknowledge my mistake in not giving importance to the crystal drop (which would force me to have to keep the coin purse constantly open to see), but I further acknowledge the lack of rigor in adding this information to the description. from the box. I am saddened by this situation that reveals amateurish behavior.

    3. The drop of truncheons in the boxes is ridiculous. To complete the whole event, with about 2000 boxes, I got ... 130 piñatas sticks, excluding the 80 that I got with the opening of 7 golden piñatas. It seems to me out of place.

    4. The drop of egg openers and crystals is terrible. Even in buff, the drop of crystals leaves much to be desired. I was able to make less than 2,000 crystals in 10 minutes. The egg openers drop is not adjusted to the crystal drop / egg opening cost. Still, the drop in arena chips is high.

    5. The event prizes are weak except for the most advanced bars (top level stones and joker gems). The event should have allowed for more drakens (just over 3300). The piñata drakens drop I got was a total of 7, about 4250. Overall, the event is good for drakens, although in each progress bar it could be better. There was no investment in providing new rewards. There were emotes and mounts that most players already had. In my case, all the pets, mounts, and emotes I earned were sold because they were repeated. Not to mention the experience buffs ... How about replacing this by clovers, which suits all players?

    6. I must also criticize that the Helios Event Arena is by far the most difficult and, it seems to me, a bit exaggerated. It is an intermediate arena in the event whose difficulty is not comparable to other bars in the same difficulty mode, even if the goal was to create a different environment. It is very disproportionate. Is it to adjust to the current state of PvP? :D

    7. Considering the current lower crystal drop possibility as well as eggs openers, it seems to me that stick costs (when bought with anders and Cots) are high. Also, I don't understand the limitation of buying these same sticks at 5 per day. I think it's unnecessary.

    8. After so many years with the same special rewards , when will something new come ? I've been waiting for this for years ...

    Overall, the event has significantly improved in terms of arena performance but leaves much to be desired in basic things such as prizes and item descriptions, as well as egg and crystal drop.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
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  10. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    So U just made this hotfix announcement... Heres my feedback on that:

    • According to Player’s feedback the drop icon for the Anniversary Egg Openers was not noticeable enough. This has been improved now.
      -LoL that was like the LAST thing we wanted U 2 do!
      So fix the droprate first, then make eggopeners autopick up, and THEN make em more noticeable!!!!
      Fixing noticeability is like people complaining about drowning and U DEVs are dying the water blue, so its easier for people to see when they are about 2 drown
    • The damage and hit points of some monsters in the Anniversary Arenas were too high and are now correctly balanced.
      -Nice! GJ! -I mean it wouldave been WAY better, had U allrdy done that B4 the event started, but at least this is something!
    • Premium and Deluxe members should now receive mystic cubes from worthy monsters in the Anniversary Arenas.
      -So wheres our compensation? I mean U cheated us from those cubes we payed for and never got, right? So cough up and give us what we payed for and whats rightfully ours!

    And U call this hotfix listening to Players feedback??? PURLEEEASE! YALL NEED SUM BETTA EARS 'SALL IM SAYIN! *drops mic & exits*
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  11. ZantezukKken

    ZantezukKken Someday Author

    One of the worst thing ever..... is to change the things whyle the event is running... can't understand why there is a test server... or why DEv need 122 years to listen them, and fix the things... now that my progress is over, i just waiting how all things will be changed to made me mad about all the things i lost just cause i did it "too fast"..
  12. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    Atleast they are doing something . Looks like they are listening to us and they are trying to do something . Better later then never
    The event has 1 month duration no one is forcing you to finish it for 5 or less days
  13. vegetadavid

    vegetadavid Forum Mogul

    Concerning hotflix, could we have a correct anderman drop in high difficulties ? It's still around 20 instead of 50.

    Question for moderators, can we keep chests for next year ?
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2019
  14. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    where are the openers??? drop rates way to low.
  15. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Padavan

    Hi all.
    So my opinion for this event is good event this are my thoughts.

    Good improvment;
    - not boring.
    - you can end this event very fast, if you dont have time in 30 days i am sure anyone can do it step by step.
    - good rewards(almost very good).

    Bad improvment;
    - low drop for those eggs openers.
    - low drop from cristal of truth.
    - low piniata rewards.

    Now i see and i know a loot of player make normal arena with normal chip until they got 100-120 chest from each arena, when you make this push duria and finish then move to next arena, and you have already minim 10 chip of atlantis from duria progress bar and you keep doing this and finish this event with ~ max 5-6k frags.

    I see the chat full with 'tp dragan inf4' when dtu was running, and you now cry becose you spend all frags. and say with hate this is a bad event? I hope in next year the anniversary be at LAST like this.
    Anyway i know can be worst or why not better if the devs. want(listen from our feedback).
    Happy hunting!

    I know my english is not the best, i learn it from watching movies without subtitle. :)
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  16. ZantezukKken

    ZantezukKken Someday Author

    i did all progress without spend any Realm frag, i just got 165 arena chips from last years, i just don't know why they removed buff+2+5+10 (again one thing that new players can't get), and why they don't fix things BEFORE the event start.

    Yeah elite nobody force me to play too.. clever answer... the realty is that BP force us to save things "just in case" something change again and again whyle the event running, or one useless item/rune/gem who become studently op.. And ofc never a way to get it back when it happen..
  17. humunkulus

    humunkulus Forum Apprentice

    According your logic there is no need to make any fixes this year, event is here next year again and noone is forcing us to play it this year...
  18. bezryl

    bezryl Active Author

    im am getting really upset with these lor tac sentinals in the regular arena, you know them big guys with sword the protector guys

    they are insta killing me with an invisible attack from the other side of the map, whats the hell is this and no it is NOT the meteor circle thing they shoot that is plain as day and you can avoid it just fine

    i have tried runing away and everything there is no visual cue or sound cue or ANYTHING to let you avoid this, its just instant death, im assuming the attack is hitting over 99k(my hp atm)

    i dont care if an attack will 1 shot me, since alot do already but i do care if its an unfair ability i have NO CHANCE to avoid

    example: ranger sentinal 1 shots me most of the time with his exsplosive shot he sits there and spams but i can avoid it so im ok with it

    there have been some others with seemingly invisable damage but this one stands out the most
  19. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    sometimes i also got oneshotted by invisible attacks from those enemies
  20. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Hey there @Rafinha95 ,

    We still don't have any official information regarding Release 222. Stay tuned to Official Announcements section.
    Before start posting, please, make sure you read our forum rules. Avoid posting your questions in the wrong section.
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